Different Types Of Table Saws: Expert Reviews (2021)

With the huge variety of woodworking tools at your disposal, it may become hard to find the perfect one for yourself. However, if you’re on the prowl for a table saw that fits your needs, you’ll first want to learn about the different types of table saws out there on the market nowadays! We’ll go through a list of these different types, as each of them come with their own perks and can benefit you in different ways.

8 Different Types of Table Saws

Table saws can perform many different types of cuts on different types of materials, thus, you need to find the best one for you depending on the type of work you do. This will also factor in issues such as portability and weight of the tool as well. Let’s look into each and every one. 

Benchtop Table Saw

Benchtop Table Saw

A benchtop table saw is one of the cheaper and portable machines out on the market. This machine can easily be carried by the user to different job sites, and can be placed on both a table or the ground for easy and fast work. It comes with a motor below the table surface, and the blade comes through the center of the surface. This table saw can easily cut through softwood (such as a particle board) and even take care of harder wood as well. Definitely a great power tool to possess for the woodworkers who move around doing small tasks.

Jobsite Table Saw

Jobsite table saws differ from the benchtop table saw in size as they are a bit larger and come with a stand. However, these are much more accepted nowadays by woodworkers as they allow you to take care of your tasks with a lot more ease. Not to mention, these are still quite portable and carried to and from different work sites. What’s also great is that the stand allows for you to always have the table saw at the perfect height to work on. High quality and heavy duty jobsite table saws come with the capability of having their height be adjustable. This makes it easy for every woodworker to optimize their work at all times. 

Contractor Table Saw

Contractor Table Saw

The contractor table saw is a heavy duty table saw that does very well in making quick work of most tasks. It is a much heavier and larger table saw than the ones we have already mentioned. It comes with a cast iron base, making it a lot better suited for larger tasks. Not to mention, contractor saws are also very accurate machines which allows them to easily take care of various types of cuts with ease. With great surface area, you’ll be able to cut larger pieces and of different materials as well. Contractor saws also come with great safety features, and also a very efficient air circulation system. This allows for you to ensure your table saw will have a much longer life span with the help of the machine clearing out sawdust with ease. 

You’ll also find that despite being very large power tools, contractor saws are quite easy to move around your work site, with the help of the wheels on the bottom of the stands they come with. While they aren’t the most portable when it comes to table saws, a power tool with such a heavy base being moved so easily is definitely a great perk.

Cabinet Table Saw

Cabinet Table Saw

Cabinet table saws are the next type of table saw we’ll be looking at. Cabinet table saws are also very large in size, and come with a heavy cast iron base and a steel table surface. From the name, you can assume that cabinet saws are often used for building a cabinet. With the intricate detailing required when it comes to making a cabinet, it is impressive that a power tool of this size can easily handle such fine cutting needs. While cabinet saws are very useful to have, you’ll want to ensure you have some sort of experience with table saws before you acquire one. However, they can ensure a lot of power whenever you work, so most cabinet saws will allow you to cut through both softwood and any hard type of wood as well.

Hybrid Table Saw

Now that you’re familiar with the contractor table saw and cabinet table saw, you’ll find the perfect combination of both the contractor and cabinet saws, with the introduction of the hybrid table saw. These are a very popular tool on the market, as they function great as a table saw, by providing you with clean and precise cuts, but they also have the benefit of utilizing the perks of both a cabinet and contractor table saw.

What’s even better with hybrid table saws is the availability of an even more refined dust collection system which allows for the device itself to have a larger life span, with a cleaner working environment. You’ll also enjoy its ability to be very sturdy due to its heavy duty build. However, it won’t be the best when compared to other portable saws, as they are more to be placed on work sites. Looking for the best hybrid table saw can be a tough job, but there are tons on the market, and with proper research you can find the perfect one for yourself!

Compact Table Saw

Compact Table Saw

Moving on from large table saws like cabinet saws and hybrid table saws, we now have a portable table saw, which is the compact saw. These compact table saws are great for small tasks and large tasks. What’s great is, you can carry them around easily and make sure you can do your tasks swiftly and with ease. Despite being known as portable saws, they are bigger than any other portable table saw on the market. They are very handy for both DIYers and professional carpenters for various types of work. They come with a very sleek design, which allows for them to be used with efficiency, and you’ll also be able to make accurate cuts without any problems.

Sliding Table Saw

Sliding Table Saw

One of the largest types of table saws out there on the market is the sliding table saw. These table saws are designed to take care of large scale jobs that are too large for your cabinet saws or hybrid table saws. With the sliding mechanism, you can ensure that even if your pieces of wood are very large, you can maneuver the mechanism to ensure your table saw remains can make the cut in one go. To help the machine achieve this level of cut with precision, you’ll find that the motor includes multiple layers of induction. While these are great power tools for any woodworker to have, it is mostly necessary for people who take on extremely large tasks, and is not something a DIYer or an occasional user should have.

Mini Table Saw

Mini Table Saw

Have you ever wondered how people make very small replicas of large buildings or animals? Well, you can’t use large machines for that, rather that’s where the mini table saw comes in. Mini table saws are much smaller than any other saws out there, and can be used easily to help guide and maneuver through small pieces of wood. Definitely a very neat contraption for model makers to utilize in creating beautiful pieces. 

Important Table Saw Factors

Choosing a table saw isn’t a very easy task without the proper information. Do you need a heavy duty saw? Or do you need a very specific table saw for a very specific task, like a cabinet saw? Let’s look into some of the important factors that come into play when you’re deciding the type of table saws you need.

Table Saw Power

When it comes to the table saw’s power, you’ll need to make sure that it is good enough for whatever work you’re going to delve into. Are you an occasional user or a DIYer who takes on small tasks around the house? Well, in that case portable table saws should be good enough for you. Not only are they easy to use, they can swiftly take care of small cutting tasks around the house. If you’re more of a serious woodworker or looking to move into professional work, then cabinet saws, contractor saws or hybrid saws should be the way to go for you! They can easily take care of an array of tasks with ease, and allow you to learn the full potential of table saws. 

Table Saw Weight and Portability

Whether or not you’re someone who needs to move about frequently when working becomes a very big factor when it comes to doing woodwork. Portable saws are essential for workers who need to move around different places in order to get their tasks done. However, if you have relatively large tasks and expect to be grounded to one spot, table saws such as cabinet or contractor saws are the way to go for you. 

Table Saw Ergonomic Facilities

While many people don’t look too deep into the ergonomic perks and facilities provided by a woodworking tool, they are very important. The smallest addition of something that provides you comfort and ease when working can go a long way when it comes to the quality of your work. Not to mention, it will also reduce the chances of the user experiencing any fatigue when working. Even the smallest change such as the power button placement for the table saw can allow a lot of comfort to the user.

Table Saw Safety Features

Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to table saws or any woodworking tool. Portable table saws need to be made so that you can carry them around without having to worry about cutting yourself while you do so. Large tools such as cabinet or jobsite table saws need to ensure they come with a smooth mechanism so that you can efficiently raise and drop the blade depending on how your work is going. These can range from a variety of different aspects of the table saw, thus it is important to make sure you have a good quality table saw to begin with.

The Takeaway

We hope you have managed to come away with a good idea on all the different types of table saws, and how they can be used to provide you the best experience when woodworking. Whether you’re looking to acquire a portable one or maybe a cabinet or jobsite table saw, you’ll need to make sure that all the facilities they provide are up to the standard you need them to be. Also, it is best to make sure to spend a little extra to buy products from reputed brands, since they have the best experience in delivering the best products to consumers.

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