Best 10 inch Miter Saw Blade in 2021- Expert’s Guide & Reviews

Whether you’re a recreational woodworker or made it a career, miter saws are an essential tool. Ten-inch miter saw blades cut through hard and softwood, making it a popular tool for many woodworking artisans.

With high popularity comes numerous options on the market to choose from. Keep reading to learn about our favorite 10-inch miter saw blades that you can find online today.

Best 10-inch Miter Saw Blade Comparison Table

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Top 10 Best 10-inch Miter Saw Blade Reviews

DEWALT 10-Inch Miter Table Saw Blade, Combo Pack

DEWALT’s 10-inch miter saw combo pack includes a 60- and 32-tooth blade for general use. Made of tungsten carbide, these saws are twice the strength of steel and last a long time. The company used computer tech to balance these miter saw blades, so you’ll finish projects with excellent accuracy.

We love these blades for our woodworking projects, but they don’t have much use beyond wood. Don’t try it on materials like laminate – the saw can start smoking! This product is also made in China, so you may need to sharpen the blades before the first use, thanks to the long journey.

  • The tungsten carbide holds the edge and keeps the blades sharper longer.
  • The blades are computer balanced for better accuracy and smoother finishing.
  • They have reduced vibration technology.
  • It comes with a 60- and a 32-tooth blade for different projects.
  • The blades may need sharpening before the first use.
  • It doesn’t work well with laminate material.

Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Miter Saw Blade

Makita makes a sharp 80-tooth miter saw using micro-grain carbide. The fully hardened steel saw plates create clean cuts and fine crosscutting. The 80 teeth create smoother cuts in wood with minor chipping, though it generates a lot of dust while working. However, 80-tooth saws are the best for miter saw jobs.

This Makita saw blade is one of the longest-lasting on the market. The blade stays sharp, and you won’t notice a lot of degradation. If you’re new to woodworking, make sure not to put too much pressure or cut too hard with this blade. The blue paint lining the inside can rub off onto your material.

  • The 80 teeth create super clean cuts.
  • Fully hardened steel is excellent for crosscutting.
  • Hand tensioned plates are balanced.
  • Micro-grain carbide lasts a long time.
  • Blue paint rubs off on material if you press too hard.
  • It smokes and burns thick wood, so it’s best to stick with thinner boards.

Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II

This Forrest 40-tooth miter saw blade is a classic woodworking blade. It provides excellent accuracy thanks to its precisely positioned teeth. The hand-tensioned carbide teeth help create such a smooth cut, and you’ll forget you haven’t sanded it already. The blade is also quiet while working.

Forrest sharpens their blades for customers. When yours becomes dull, send it back to them, and they will do the sharpening for you. While it’s an extra cost, they will also repair the blade tips if needed. It’s an excellent service that costs less than buying a new blade, ensuring that your Forrest Woodworker II lasts a long time.

  • The blade is quiet while running.
  • Precisely positioned teeth give you more accurate and smoother cuts.
  • Send the blade to Forrest for sharpenings and repairs for a cost less than buying a new blade.
  • Arrives packaged safely and preserved in oil to prevent damage while shipping.
  • Forrest gives recommendations for what type of wood, thickness, and cut types are ideal for each blade. Going against these recommendations can damage the blade.
  • Sending the blade back for sharpening and repairs can take a few weeks, leaving you without a blade.

Craftsman 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Combo Pack

Craftsman sells a 10-inch miter saw blade combo pack that comes with a 24- and a 60-tooth blade to customize your woodworking station to whatever project you take on. The induction-brazed carbide tips are durable, and the heat-treated plates ensure there’s no warping while you work. These blades are also corrosion-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about rusting.

While this is mainly a woodworking blade, it’s so strong that you can cut through nails and won’t severely damage the teeth. They’re ultra-sharp, providing clean cuts and preventing smoking. If you don’t do heavy work with them, expect these Craftsman blades to last.

The technology used to make these blades ensures that they work quieter than other tools while efficiently cutting. They won’t smoke or burn wood and can withstand heavy pressure.

  • Strong teeth can cut through nails without severe damage.
  • It comes with a 24- and a 60-tooth blade for various projects.
  • Heat-treated plates prevent warping.
  • Corrosion-resistant carbide tips won’t rust.
  • The blades come stuck together with adhesive, which is challenging to scrape off.
  • They have smooth cuts but create a lot of dust.

Freud D1050X Diablo 10-Inch Blade

This Freud Diablo 50-tooth miter saw blade is excellent for various projects, particularly ripping and crosscutting wood. Each set of five teeth is separated by a gullet, giving space for chip removal when you’re ripping wood or composites. The closely grouped teeth sections create smooth and accurate results while crosscutting.

This blade features a laser-cut stabilizer and heat expansion slots. The stabilizer keeps vibration down and reduces heat products, preventing warping. The expansion slots let the blade expand when heat builds up, so every cut you make stays straight.

The Diablo blade features a tri-metal shock-resistant blazing, which allows the carbide tips to withstand heavy pressure.

  • The gullet between every set of five teeth helps remove chips while ripping.
  • The teeth are closely grouped for more accuracy.
  • A laser-cut stabilizer reduces vibrations and cools down the blade.
  • The expansion slots let the blade expand with heat buildup, keeping cuts straight.
  • The blade is very loud while working.
  • Not ideal for challenging projects.

Concord Blades WCB1000T030HP General Purpose Blade

This Concord Blades 30-tooth saw is ideal for hard and softwood projects. This blade can rip and crosscut hardwood up to 3.5 inches thick and softwood up to an inch thick. The kerf is thin, allowing for smooth cutting and minimal waste. If you have laminate trimming to do, this blade cuts through the material with ease, unlike others on this list.

While this blade provides significant cuts for your woodworking, it’s not a long-lasting tool. The teeth are reasonably thin and wear out quickly over time. It’s an excellent general purpose blade for all your miter saw needs.

Make sure you install it on the saw correctly and use the right saw. Improperly placing the blade will make it wobble. Wobbling blades counteract accuracy and will ruin the material you’re cutting, not to mention chip the blade itself.

  • It cuts up to 3.5-inch thick hardwood and one-inch thick softwood.
  • Thin kerf gives a smooth cut and minimizes waste.
  • Can cut trim laminate material.
  • Can work on saws with RPM up to 5,500.
  • Blade wears out quickly.
  • It chips wood after several cuts.

Makita B-66977 Carbide-Tipped Max Efficiency Miter Saw Blade

This sleek blue and black Makita blade features 80 teeth and up to 100 percent faster cutting than similar blades. It can produce up to 30 percent more cuts thanks to the thin kerf and carbide-tipped design that lessens drag and reduces waste.

The teeth are specially designed to reduce pressure and load on the blade while cutting. The number of teeth is ideal for miter saw projects because it provides the perfect amount of power and speed. Combined with the high-grade tungsten carbide, this blade is meant to last. It works well for cutting all sorts of woods and thicknesses.

The blade features ATAFR (alternate top alternate face with raker) carbide tips for smooth, quick cuts. With four alternating angles followed by a flat grind tooth, you’ll notice a crosscut so soft there is no sanding needed.

  • Eighty teeth provide faster cutting than other blades.
  • Thin kerf and carbide-tipped design lessens drag and reduces waste.
  • Special ATAFR tips offer smooth and quick cuts.
  • Withstands cutting laminate and other rigid materials.
  • The cut finish may worsen as the blade wears down over time.

Freud 10" x 24T Heavy-Duty Rip Blade

This Freud 24-tooth heavy-duty blade is colorful and intense. It comes in a bright red color and features large, flat grind teeth that eliminate the need for sanding. The micro grain carbide blade is high-density and is made for smoothing out heavy-duty ripping projects. Even if your table saw is weak, and your wood is tough, this blade will cut through.

The nonstick perma-shield coating reduces drag, prevents rust, and reduces pitch buildup, helping the blade last longer. This Freud miter saw blade also features laser-cut anti-vibration slots, which reduce vibrations and movements, further extending the blade’s life and providing greater accuracy and cleaner cuts.

Freud loves to produce blades with a unique red design on the side, but it can cause problems. The red paint will rub off on the wood if you apply too much pressure while cutting.

  • They are made for heavy-duty ripping projects and cuts through the most challenging wood.
  • Large, flat teeth finish the cut - no sanding needed.
  • Nonstick perma-shield coating prevents corrosion and pitch buildup.
  • Laser-cut anti-vibration slots reduce movement for greater accuracy.
  • This blade can burn thicker woods.
  • It doesn’t work well for projects beyond ripping.

DEWALT 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Two-Pack

If your project requires fine crosscutting, this DEWALT 60-tooth miter saw blade would get the job done. It features a thin kerf for faster cutting. The computer-balanced plates provide a better finish thanks to reduced vibration and greater precision.

The teeth on this blade have a wedged shoulder design. It puts more steel behind each tooth tip, making the blade last longer and giving you better accuracy while cutting, which is especially important for fine crosscutting projects. This pack comes with two blades, so you can use it on two saws or switch them out when one needs sharpening.

While this blade is excellent for cutting various types of wood, it doesn’t do well with cutting materials like laminate. The carbide is too weak to handle such rigid materials, and it’ll chip easily.

  • Thin kerf allows for faster cutting.
  • Computer-balanced plates offer a better finish, reduced vibration, and greater precision.
  • Wedged shoulder design adds life to the teeth.
  • It comes with two blades, so you’re never out of a fine crosscutting tool
  • Yellow paint rubs off on the wood.
  • Very thin blades are not suitable for heavy-duty projects.

Freud 10" x 40T Next Generation Premier Fusion General Purpose Blade for Crosscuts

Freud’s Next Generation Fusion Blade was designed for general purposes, particularly when crosscutting. It features 40 teeth and a 30-degree Hi-ATB, perfect for cutting through materials like plywood and melamine. The double-side grind design gives you polished cuts without sanding, and the high-density carbide gives you a sharper edge for a flawless finish.

This blade also has an axial shear face grind that slices through materials with little to no resistance. It features laser-cut anti-vibration slots and a perma-shield nonstick coating, preventing rust and helping the blade last.

While the bright red design is eye-catching, it can cause some problems for woodworking projects. If you apply too much pressure while using this blade, the red can rub off onto your wood.

  • A double-side grind design creates polished cuts.
  • Axial shear face grind has little to no resistance when slicing through various materials.
  • Laser-cut anti-vibration slots reduce movement for more accuracy.
  • Perma-shield nonstick coating reduces corrosion and prevents rust.
  • Blade cuts poorly with a riving knife (which adds safety).
  • It loses the efficiency of thick woods.
  • The red paint rubs off on wood.

What to Know About 10-Inch Miter Saw Blades

What makes miter saw blades so special? Keep reading to learn more about these essential woodworking tools.

What’s the Difference Between a 10- and a 12-Inch Miter Saw Blade?

It’s no secret that miter saws are an excellent tool for angled cutting, whether you’re making cross cuts or bevels. But what’s the difference between a 10- and a 12-inch miter saw blade, the two most popular on the market?


The most evident difference between the two saws is the blade size. A 10-inch blade is 10 inches long, while a 12-inch is 12 inches long.


The size of the miter saw blade can significantly affect its speed. The 10-inch blade has a smaller radius, so it can rotate faster, or have a higher RPM than the 12-inch miter saw blade.

The best 10-inch miter saw blade runs at 5,000 RPM, producing smooth, clean cuts. Twelve-inch blades typically rotate at 4,000 RPM, ideal for more significant cuts that you don’t mind if they’re choppy.


There’s also a significant power difference between the 10- and 12-inch miter saw blades. Twelve-inch blades have more power, making them better for heavy-duty projects or cutting thick wood.

Why Is a 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade Right For You?

There are numerous advantages to using a 10-inch miter saw blade, from speed to versatility. Here are a few:

  • The smaller surface applies more pressure while cutting. 
  • It spins faster than larger blades, making it easy to cut various materials. 
  • It’s easy to store and transport with the saw.

Choosing the Right Blade

There are numerous advantages to using a 10-inch miter saw blade, from speed to versatility. Here are a few:

  • The smaller surface applies more pressure while cutting. 
  • It spins faster than larger blades, making it easy to cut various materials. 
  • It’s easy to store and transport with the saw.

Blade Thickness

Blade thickness is a vital factor when considering a miter saw blade. Thin blades cut faster, but thick blades last longer. Typically, manufacturers will describe the blade thickness using the kerf size or how thick the blade cuts.

Number of Teeth

There are numerous tooth counts on 10-inch miter saw blades, and each provides a slightly different woodworking experience. For miter saw blades, a higher tooth count will create smoother cuts. The best blades for miter saw jobs have 80 teeth.

The Gullet

The gullet is the space between the blade’s teeth. While it’s a small part of a blade, it serves an important function. It helps remove dirt while cutting, keeping your workspace clean, and avoiding a mess during your cutting process. If you plan on crosscutting a lot with your miter saw, a blade with smaller gullets is ideal.

Saw Tooth Designs

Miter saw blades come with various tooth designs ideal for different projects. Many more saw tooth designs than those listed in the products above, and each one affects the way the blade cuts into materials. These are the most common saw tooth designs:


Flat teeth are excellent for raking and efficiently removing material as well as ripping hard and softwood.

Alternate Top Bevel (ATB)

An ATB design features teeth that alternate between left- and right-sided bevels. It gives you a very smooth cut, especially when crosscutting natural wood and plywood.

High Alternate Top Bevel (Hi-ATB)

A Hi-ATB blade is similar to an ATB, except the bevel angles are a bit higher. This tooth design is ideal for fine crosscutting, especially materials coated with melamine.

Alternate Top Alternate Face (ATAF)

The ATAF tooth design features alternating bevel angles that cut at varying angles and lengths. It’s an ideal crosscutting blade for natural wood and brittle materials.

Alternate Top Alternate Face Raker (ATAFR)

ATAFR is a more modern design that features a repeated group of five teeth with a gullet between each group. There are four ATB teeth and one flat tooth in each group. The flat tooth leaves a smooth surface after the four ATB teeth efficiently crosscut the material.

Cleaning a Miter Saw Blade

Cleaning and maintaining your miter saw blade ensures it keeps working and lasting for a long time. The cleaning process is relatively straightforward:

  • Remove the blade from the saw and soak it in a bowl of warm water diluted with all-purpose cleaner for a few minutes. 
  • Remove the blade from the water and scrub out stubborn spots. Place it back in the water and shake off extra dirt. 
  • Dry the blade thoroughly with a cloth. Most durable blades have an anti-corrosion surface, but it’s still essential to dry your blade completely to avoid rusting.

Outside of regularly cleaning with water, be sure to wipe your blade off with a dry cloth after each use. This will keep it clean and prevent any debris from damaging the blade or affecting your cuts.

3 Different Types Of Miter Saws: Expertly Explained (2021)


Miter saws are one of the most common tools nowadays in the woodworker’s arsenal. Not only are there different types of miter saws, but their versatility allows the user to take care of multiple types of jobs, and this makes them one of the most desirable power tools out there. We’re here to help you look through these different types and make sure you know all there is to miter saws, before you make your ultimate choice. So, let’s get into it!

Types of Miter Saws

When it comes to miter saws, it’s not very hard to get up to date on everything about them. First, let’s take a look at the types of miter saws you can find.

Standard Miter Saw

Standard Miter Saw

A standard miter saw is one that takes care of the most obvious type of cut possible with a miter saw; the miter cut. These types of miter saws come with a miter gauge, and this allows for you to set up specific miter angles for your blade, making sure you can get the perfect cut possible.

While the standard miter saw is a great tool, you’ll find that they are very limiting when it comes to the grand scheme of miter saws. Apart from the miter cut, you’ll be able to make the basic rip cut and cross cut with the help of the saw and blade. The standard miter saw does however come with all the perks that would be available in other miter saws as well. You won’t lose out on any of the accuracy and precision when it comes to cuts, when compared to other types of miter saws.

Compound Miter Saw

Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw is far more versatile if compared to a standard miter saw. These compound miter saws come with the miter gauge as usual, but also include the bevel gauge. The bevel gauge allows for the inclusion of the bevel cut, and this involves tilting the blade of the miter saw, in order to get the desired cut with your saw.

The compound saw with the help of the bevel gauge also allows you to make compound cuts. The compound cuts are a mix of both the miter cuts and bevel cuts together. You use the miter gauge to angle the saw itself, and the bevel gauge tilts the blade to your desired angle. This allows for a very useful angled cut that comes in handy in various types of woodworking. One very common application for compound miter saws are in crown molding. Crown molding is a very intricate form of work that can be achieved with a compound miter saw, and you’d do well for yourself by learning how to cut crown molding.

Compound miter saws don’t end there however. They can be broken down into two further sub-categories, based on how versatile the user wants their machine to be. The two are:

  • Single Bevel Compound Miter saw:

    A single bevel compound miter saw includes one bevel gauge on the saw. What this does is, it allows for your miter saw’s blade to be tilted to one side (either right or left). The other side however, will have a very limited angled cut potential. While it may seem like that’s a big problem, it really is not. At most, for certain cuts, you’ll just have to flip the piece of wood you’re working on, on to its other side, to make sure you get it done right.

  • Dual Bevel/Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw:

    The dual bevel compound miter saw, as you’ll have probably guessed, has two different bevel gauges on the saw itself. This allows for the blade of these miter saws to be tilted to either side. This not only makes your work more comfortable, but it also allows for you to highly optimize your work, when compared to the single bevel compound miter saw. It can save you a lot of time, not having to flip your piece around constantly.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The last type of miter saw is the sliding compound miter saw, and this type of miter saw is both more versatile and less versatile than the compound miter saw, all at the same time. How so?

Well, the sliding aspect of this miter saw allows for it to have a much deeper cut length and also a much longer cut length. This is extremely helpful for people who work with longer pieces on a regular basis. It is basically a compound miter saw with all the perks and features, but with the added rails in order to help it make cuts on larger pieces, with ease.

The sliding compound miter saw lacks behind the regular compound miter saw in terms of its cuts. Whether you’re talking about miter cuts, bevel cuts or compound cuts, the sliding miter saw lacks the accuracy and precision that both the standard miter saw and compound miter saw have. This is because of the addition of the extra rails on these miter saws. While they help the blade slide on the saw itself to make longer cuts, it limits the saw’s ability to make larger angles when cutting. This makes woodworkers compromise whether or not they want to have a sliding compound miter saw or just a compound miter saw. This mainly depends on whether they prioritize accuracy and precision over the length and depth of cuts.

Types of Cuts

Even though we have mentioned the types of cuts that a miter saw can deliver, we’ll leave a small diagram below to help keep a reference point of all these cuts. Even though it’s only four cuts, their combinations can help woodworkers accomplish numerous woodworking tasks!

Types of Cuts

What Is The Best Choice?

There really isn’t a best choice of miter saw between these three types. When it comes to choosing the right saw, you’ll need to consider what you think is the best for you. Maybe your job requires cutting large pieces of wood, and a sliding miter is the best option for you. If you’re required to do very intricate work, then the compound miter saw (single or dual) might be the most handy one. If you’re very new to woodworking and want to get a very basic idea of using these saws, then the standard miter saw might be the right choice. However, it mainly depends on how you will be using the tool!

Factors, Perks and Features to Keep in Mind

These saws can be found in abundance in the current market, but that only means you need more knowledge of the right perks and features for yourself, to help you know the best choice out there. What are these?

  • The size of the saw you want is very important. Miter saws are very common in 10 and 12 inches. These will help you take care of most jobs that are required of professionals or DIYers. However, if you require something larger, then you can always opt for a sliding compound version as well.

  • The type of blade you use for your saw can also determine how efficient your work is. Just because you have the best sliding compound saw, doesn’t mean your work will be top notch if the blade isn’t up to the mark as well. Thus, it’s always good to make sure you have the right accessories to go with the tool as well.

  • Speaking of accessories, these saws often come with a few different tools in order to help you get your work done faster. It’s always good to make sure you’re buying a product that includes everything you’ll need or won’t (doesn’t hurt to have them).

  • The availability of ergonomic features in any woodworking tool is a key factor. These small additions on a tool can make them much more efficient and also comfortable to work with. So, it’s good to keep an eye out on them.

  • Safety features are also a very big factor when it comes to choosing your perfect tool. They not only keep you safe, but also ensure that your tool doesn’t come to any harm, both in and out of use.

  • Even though you got a sliding miter or compound version of the saw, you’ll want to make sure that the saw is optimized. Keep an eye out for how many positive stops the saw has. These are basically designed into the tool, to help the gauges stop at the most popular angles used by woodworkers. Not only will they help you save time when working, but they’ll also increase your accuracy in measurements as well.

  • Laser guides are also a very nifty feature to have on your saw. These guides help you in placing your blade perfectly on the mark you need when you’re making your cuts. Thus, they can increase your efficiency and accuracy with ease.

  • If you’re someone who works in different areas or needs to move around quite a bit, you can always opt for cordless miters as well. They run on battery power, and are easily portable. However, in general they have less power than the traditional saws, so if you need the power, it’s best to stick to the traditional ones. 

These are some pointers to help you out in picking the best miter saw out there for yourself. And if you’re someone who is new to using them, it’s always best to learn how to use a miter saw.

The Takeaway

Hopefully you’ve learned fully about all the different types of miter saws out there, and we hope you’ll be able to make the perfect decision for yourself now! They’ve become such a regular tool nowadays, that you have to think of them as an investment, and make sure you choose a saw that fits your needs the best. And it’s always good to keep in mind that buying from a reputed brand will allow you to almost always come away with a very high quality product.

Miter Saw Uses: What Are They Good For? (2021)

miter saw uses

A miter saw is one of the most versatile tools anyone can have in their woodworking arsenal. You’re already interested in them if you’ve found this article, so we’re going to write about all the miter saw uses you could probably need and fulfil using a miter saw. We’re also going to look through the different types of miter saws on the market that you can select from. There’s a few different factors that come into play when making your choice, so choose carefully!

Different Uses For Miter Saw

Different Uses For Miter Saw

When it comes to a miter saw there a few types of cuts you can make. Each of these have their own functions, and can be very useful for making various detailed woodworking sessions.


A crosscut is made against the grain of a wood piece you have, and it can be accomplished with various other tools (such as chop saws, circular saws, table saws). This provides a clean and smooth cut on the wood piece.

What’s great about using a miter saw for these cuts, is the fact that they are generally quite powerful machines. You can set one down for your work, and make sure it is stable enough for you to constantly cut through various pieces with its blade. 

You’ll also notice that with a circular saw, you’re most likely going to have to hold it all together in place for you to get the smooth cut. However, with many miter saws, you’ll find that they have a laser guide, and this comes in very handy when you’re trying to make the perfect cut. You can easily place the blade on your wood piece, and get to work without worry. 

With sliding compound miter saws, you’ll also get the ability to make longer and deeper cuts as well. Miter saws are already available in various sizes (10 and 12 inch being the most common), but with the addition of the sliding miter, you get the ability to increase the depth and length of your cuts.

Miter Cut, Bevel Cut And Compound Cut

Miter Cut, Bevel Cut And Compound Cut

Miter Cut

Of course a miter saw is the best when it comes to providing you with a miter cut. These cuts are made by the use of a miter gauge that can be used to find the desired angle for your blade when working. 

Bevel Cut

A bevel cut is made similarly to a miter cut, but in this instance you use a bevel gauge to tilt your blade to a certain angle, and ensure you get the desired cut. The inclusion of a bevel gauge on a miter saw, makes it a compound miter saw, and the compound cut will help with that reason.

Compound Cut

A compound cut is made with the usage of both miter and bevel gauges at the same time. They allow you to make intricate cuts on any wood piece you may have. These angled cuts become especially helpful when you’re trying to work on crown molding or any other complex work. Crown molding can be a very tough level of work to break into, but once you learn how to cut crown molding and get the hang of it, you’ll feel very satisfied with yourself!

Angled Cuts

Both miter cuts and bevel cuts are a staple when it comes to using a miter saw, and you’ll want to ensure that your miter saw can deliver when it comes to this. This is even more important for people who want to engage in higher level woodworking, as those jobs depend heavily on compound cuts. From trim work to taking on large projects, a miter saw can become a key part of your work, and learning the basics will only help you get better at woodworking and produce better finished products!

Different Miter Saw Types

We’ve already discussed the perks of attaining a miter saw; you will get clean and accurate cuts, along with the fact that you’ll be able to use this versatile equipment for multiple projects. However, you’ll also need to be familiar with the different types of miter saws that are at your disposal on the market.

Standard Miter Saw

Standard Miter Saw

A standard miter saw only comes with the ability to allow you to make miter cuts. While this is a great tool, you’ll often find yourself limited to the number of tasks you are able to achieve with this device. However, if you’re someone who does not need the full fledged woodworking tool, this is a great buy for you, especially because these are much cheaper than the advanced versions.

A standard miter saw however, does not come with less functionality. If you get a high quality miter saw, you’ll be treated to the same perks as any other; laser guide, ergonomic facilities, safety features and clean cuts.

Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw comes with the both a miter gauge and a bevel gauge. This allows you to make bevel cuts in addition to miter ones. However, this allows the compound saw to have one up on the standard version, as you can heavily increase the versatility in your work. They are also very easily available on the market in various sizes and with tons of features and perks added to them.

A compound saw with added features for improved optimization will not only give you great results, but will also allow you to save a lot of time. They also come in two other subcategories, which include a single bevel saw or a dual bevel saw. This can further increase the optimization in your work, as the dual bevel saw allows you to tilt the blade at an angle on both sides of the saw. Whereas, a single bevel saw will only allow you to tilt the blade at various angles on only one side.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

A sliding compound saw is basically the same as a compound saw, but it allows you to move the blade further and gives you extra depth and length in every cut you make. You can use a miter saw to make numerous cuts, and this allows you to save even more time by adding that extra feature.

While you get extra length when you use a miter saw that slides, you will end up losing some of the accuracy in every cut you make. With the addition of the rails to allow your blade to move along further on your work piece, it limits how far you can move your saw, and it can cost you some accuracy in very intricate work.

Perks for A Miter Saw

A miter saw can become extremely useful if you’ve optimized it correctly, and making sure you do so may require a few perks on the miter saw itself, or the environment you work in. Compared to other tools (circular saw, table saw, chop saw, etc) in your work site, when you use a miter saw, you can easily increase the quality of your work and reduce the time taken with some help.

  • A blade can easily determine the quality of your work, as you can find different types for different cuts. For example, a crosscut blade for crosscuts, rip cut blade for rip cuts, and so on.

  • A laser guide can make your work much easier by making it take less time and effort to place your blade on your work piece. It’ll also help you gain a lot more accuracy in your work.

  • Miter saws come with various positive stops on them. The better your miter saw, the more you’ll get. They allow for you to stop on a popular angle that is used by most users, and will allow you to make sure you always get the correct angle.

  • Safety features are not to be taken lightly when conducting any form of woodworking. Even the smallest feature, such as the placement of the power button on your saw can save you from an accident. Thus, it is important to pay attention to how adequate the safety features on your saw are.

  • Ergonomic features are also very important as woodworking can often take a long time. From the inclusion of an integrated workbench, to the addition of cushions on certain parts of your saw, the smallest change can help you avoid fatigue and work for a long period of time without any strain.

  • Additional accessories are a common thing when you’re purchasing a miter saw. Always make sure your chosen saw comes with these attachments (such as a push stick), to help your work be of a better quality.

There is always more to find out about heavy duty woodworking tools, but these are some of the most basic things to know when you use a miter saw. They will not only help you in your work, but keep you safe from danger as well. Get your desired product, and always make the cut you want!

The Takeaway

We hope this article helped you in learning about a miter saw and also gave you some pointers on how to use a miter saw. They are very versatile tools and are a staple when it comes to anyone’s arsenal, whether they’re a DIYer or a professional. From trim work to any large scale task, use a miter saw and you’ll be sure to get a great result. Also, always make sure you know the intensity of your work before getting a miter saw, as the one you get needs to factor in the blade you’ll use, the angle you’ll be needing the most and whether or not you need to make long cuts with a sliding miter!

10 Inch vs 12 Inch Miter Saw: Which To Pick?

10 inch vs 12 inch miter saw

If you’ve come to find this article, you must be set on getting a miter saw. Fortunately for you, we’ve taken the time to ensure you can make the perfect choice when it comes to picking the size of the miter saw you want. The choice when it comes in between 10 inch vs 12 inch miter saw is a hard one, but one that can be made correctly once you’ve found out all the important factors. Let’s dive into this article and find out how a 10 inch miter saw and 12 inch miter function, and can benefit you!

10 Inch Miter Saw

10 Inch Miter Saw

Miter saws in general are quite versatile, and that remains true whether it is a 10 inch or 12 inch miter saw. When it comes to 10 inch miter saws though, they are in general cheaper than 12 inch miter saws. This makes them quite more budget friendly and allows everyone a chance to get familiar with a miter saw. 

A 10 inch miter saw is still pretty good in terms of providing you with all the cuts necessary. You can easily manage all sorts of trims and molding boards, with cuts that are 6 inches in width. With these miter saws having a 10 inch blade, you’ll find that a 10 inch blade is much easier to find. What’s better is that you can find a 10 inch blade in various types of designs and also find that they are easier to sharpen.

As for making a smooth cut, a 10 inch miter saw will be able to provide that to you easily. Since they use a 10 inch blade, the smaller blade spins faster than when compared to a 12 inch saw and its blade. This allows for the 10 inch miter saws to provide very smooth cuts, and also achieve a relatively high RPM (rotations per minute) when you’re engaged in your work. 

Always make sure to get the best 10 inch miter saw out there, if that is your final decision. The market has hundreds of choices for you to select from, and you’ll need to know all the details in order to get the best one for yourself.

12 Inch Miter Saw

While a 12 inch miter saw will come in at a more expensive price in general, they do have their perks. Unfortunately, you’ll have to first deal with the problems of acquiring it at a higher price and over time managing to get parts for it, which are much harder to get when compared to the parts of a 10 inch miter saw. 

Despite being a little on the expensive side, a 12 inch miter saw allows you to work with much bigger pieces, and this makes your work a lot more easier. Whether you’re doing basic repetitive cutting work, or need to get big pieces for crown molding, a 12 inch miter saw will allow you to get bigger pieces of wood done faster.

A 12 inch miter saw being bigger, also comes with a more powerful motor that can ensure the saw runs at optimal capacity and provides you a clean and smooth cut each time. This also makes them great for heavy duty cutting needs, and you can rest assured you’ll get wider and deeper cuts, with very good precision and accuracy. 

With a 10 inch miter saw, you obviously can’t fit in a bigger blade on it. However, on a 12 inch miter saw, if you have the same arbor sizes, you can fit a 10 inch blade on it as well. With the help of the 12 inch saw and its powerful motor, you can be sure of it being very productive. It will allow you to have the versatility of the 10 inch saw, and you can be using a much more powerful 12 inch saw to do it with. 

With the various amounts of 12 inch miter saws on the market, it may be tough to find the best one. However, finding the best 12 inch miter saw for yourself is key in ensuring you get your work done the best way possible, and to your satisfaction!

Pros and Cons of a 10 Inch Miter Saw vs 12 Inch Miter Saw

Now that you know more about a 10 inch miter saw and a 12 inch miter saw, let’s list out the necessary pros and cons of each of these miter saws, and see which is the best to provide you with your finished cut!

10 Inch Miter Saw

12 Inch Miter Saw

10 Inch Miter Saw
  • More affordable
  • Much more lightweight and portable
  • Provides a smoother and cleaner cut
  • Isn’t as strong as a 12 inch miter saw, and can’t cut through thicker wood
  • Quite a powerful saw
  • Some can fit a 10 inch blade
  • Makes a deeper cut
  • Smaller blade selection
  • Not as precise (requires 10 inch blade for precision work)
  • Expensive
  • Bigger and heavier

Choosing the Correct Miter Saw: 10 Inch or 12 Inch?

Knowing the pros and cons of each of these two sizes of miter saws, you’ll want to now take into consideration the type of work you’ll be doing. A miter saw is a very versatile tool, and you’ll want to get the best one for yourself. What are the factors that you need to keep in mind?

Precision Work

Do you need to engage in work where precision and accuracy is of the utmost importance? Well, a miter saw is a great choice in that case, but what size? Well, as we have already said, a 10 inch miter saw is much more preferred when it comes to making a precision cut. They’re much easier to maneuver and the wide array of blade selection will only make your job easier.

12 inch miter saws aren’t bad, but they’re just not as precise. However, you can acquire a 12 inch miter saw that can accommodate a 10 inch blade. This will allow you to engage in precision work with your 10 inch blade, and do the heavy duty cutting tasks on your wood with the 12 inch blade. 

Size and Portability

If you need to move around quite a bit when you’re working, a miter saw might pose a bit of a problem as they have to be placed down to work on. However, if you really do need this perk, it is safe to say that the 10 inch miter saw is your best bet. 

Blade Selection

12 inch miter saws aren’t the best for precision work, and they don’t have a great selection of blades either. You’ll find yourself very limited when it comes to finding a blade for your 12 inch saw, but when it comes to a 10 inch miter saw, you’ll see that there’s a multitude of options out there, and you can find one that best suits your needs.

Miter Saw Compound Feature

A 10 inch or 12 inch miter saw is great, but what type of features does it have? Is it a compound miter saw or a sliding miter saw? A compound miter saw allows you to engage in various types of versatile work when it comes to woodworking. You’ll be able to tilt your whole saw and the blade on the saw with the miter and bevel gauge respectively. However, with a sliding compound miter saw, you’ll be able to move the blade forward in order to get even longer cuts, making it easier to do repetitive cuts. It also saves you time from having to flip around your wood pieces constantly.  Depending on the type of work you have, these features and knowing about them, might just be what helps you seal the deal!

The Takeaway

We hope we have managed to help you come to a decision between a 10 in miter saw or a 12 in miter saw. They both have their merits and they both have their faults. When it comes to a 10 inch vs 12 inch miter saw, the 10 inch will always win when it comes to precision and the availability of blades. However, the 12 inch saw is much more capable of doing heavy duty work, but can be a bit more expensive. Find the best choice for yourself, and get your woodworking needs satisfied!

Sliding vs Non Sliding Miter Saw: Best Choice For You! (2021)

Sliding vs Non Sliding Miter Saw

If you’ve come across this article, you’re already set on getting yourself a miter saw, but that brings with it another decision that has to be made. Miter saws have distinctions within themselves, specifically the discussion between a sliding vs non sliding miter saw. Both of these types of miter saws have their own set of pros and cons. We’ll dive deep into both of these tools and help you decide which one is the best choice for you!

Non-Sliding Miter Saw

Non-Sliding Miter Saw

What is A Non-Sliding Miter Saw?

When it comes to more common tasks, the non-sliding miter saw becomes the go-to choice for most woodworkers. They are especially useful if you have a big flooring job coming up. However, the basic function of non-sliding miter saws is that they allow you to make a variety of cuts with a lot of ease.

From desired angled cuts, to straight cross cuts, you will get a lot of choices at your disposal. Given that you can make cuts with ease, it will also make it better for you to know that these compound miter saws are also easy to set up and get familiar with.

Sliding Miter Saw

Sliding Miter Saw

Based on our description of the non-sliding miter saw, you can gather that the sliding miter saw has a very obvious differentiator from it. The sliding miter saw comes with the feature of you being able to slide the blade of the saw towards you. This enables you to not only gain more versatility in terms of cuts, but you can also make your work much more efficient. 

Being able to move your saw around while making the cut, will enable you to cut much larger pieces. Not to mention, you’ll also be allowed the freedom of not having to flip your pieces around as much either. All in all, it is pretty similar to a non-sliding miter saw, with the added benefit of you being able to cut larger pieces with ease.

Types of Cuts for Miter Saws

Types of Cuts

Non-sliding miter saws are quite easy to work with as we have already mentioned, but you will also appreciate how easily you can achieve a few different types of cuts with them. 

Cross Cut

This is a cut on wood that goes across the grain.

Rip Cut

This is a cut that goes parallel to the grain of the wood you are trying to cut.

Miter Cut

This is a cut specialized for the miter saw. It uses its miter gauge, that sets up a specific angle for the saw, so that you can get the desired cut with precision and a smooth finish.

Bevel Cut

Any compound miter saw will have both a miter gauge and a bevel gauge. The bevel gauge allows you to tilt the blade of the miter saw, so that you can place the blade exactly where you want, and achieve a bevel cut. 

Compound Cut

The compound cut is the mixture of the miter cut and the bevel cut. Both the saw and the blade are tilted to a specific angle, and will allow you to achieve the compound cut. The compound cut is especially important when it comes to tasks such as crown molding, and makes miter saws very worthwhile for the task. You can even look into finding the best miter saw for crown molding, as there are quite a few on the market.

What about sliding miter saws though? Well, we have already mentioned that they are both pretty similar, so don’t worry, sliding miter saws will also be able to take care of all of these cuts! The one time you will face issues is when you’re trying to make intricate and delicate cuts, and in this case the sliding miter saw might pose an issue. You might feel a little restricted sometimes trying to work with such complex angles. 

Blade for Miter Saws

Choosing the right type of blade for your miter saw is very important, and we think it is one that you need to research on as well. You can look into the best miter saw blades out there to help you out, but you must always remember that the size of the blade must match the size of your miter saw. These instructions are pivotal for the usage of both the sliding miter saw and the non-sliding miter saw.

Safety for Miter Saws

Miter saws in general are a very modern type of power tool, and they are designed to keep their users safe. 

When it comes to non-sliding miter saws, you won’t have to worry too much about any danger. These are quite safe to use, and you don’t need to be an expert in woodworking to handle them. However, you should always make sure to keep yourself safe in every way possible, by wearing gloves and safety goggles, etc. The non-sliding miter saw itself will also have built-in safety procedures to help you out as well!

When it comes to sliding miter saws, they’re not dangerous, but given that they have an additional moving part added on, they are a little more dangerous when compared to non-sliding miter saws. However, it is still the same concept, and you really don’t have much to worry about with these miter saws. It’s always good to keep yourself weary though!

Prices of Miter Saws

Prices of miter saws vary from very cheap to quite expensive. However, that mostly depends on the brand you want and how many perks that specific miter saw offers. 

A non-sliding miter saw is no doubt going to be the cheaper option, and you can also find quite expensive ones. However, a sliding miter saw will definitely be higher in price. They have the added ability of being able to cut for a longer period of time and also reach a deeper cut depth.

Pros and Cons of Sliding vs Non-Sliding Miter Saw

Now that we know a lot more about each of these miter saws, let’s break down the pros and cons of a sliding miter saw to a non-sliding miter saw!

Non-Sliding Miter Saw

Sliding Miter Saw

  • Powerful saw
  • Easy to use
  • Good with very precise and complicated angles
  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • Can not be extended when cutting larger pieces
  • Powerful saw
  • Easy to use
  • Has a larger cut depth
  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • Hard to readjust
  • More expensive
  • Doesn’t work well with very complicated angles

Making Your Choice: Non-Sliding Miter Saw or Sliding Miter Saw?

With everything out in the open for you to know now, which one should you choose? Well, there are a few factors out there that should determine your choice on whether you should get a non-sliding miter saw or a sliding miter saw. Let’s look into them!

Size and Weight of the Saw

When it comes to choosing the right saw, you need to factor in how big of a saw you really want, and whether or not portability needs to be considered for you. It is a given that sliding miter saws are larger than non-sliding miter saws because of the additional parts they have. Thus, you need to really wonder if the additional weight and size of the miter saw will affect your work or not. 

Angles of the Cuts

Another very important factor you have to remember about, is the angles you’ll be cutting. As we have already mentioned, a sliding miter saw isn’t the best choice if you’re going to be cutting very intricate and complex angles. For these types of angles, the non-sliding miter saws are the better choice. 

It is good to remember though, that a sliding miter saw can extend up to 16 inches extra, and if the pieces you work with are roughly this wide, then the sliding miter saw is really the better choice for you. You will save yourself time and effort by making these cuts with one attempt rather than multiple ones. 

Size of Wood

Coming on to the size of the wood, you need to be aware of how big the pieces you’re cutting will be. If you’re going to be cutting small wood pieces (around 2 to 4 inches), then a non-sliding miter saw makes more sense for you. However, if you’re going to be dealing with wood pieces around 12 to 16 inches, a non-sliding miter saw will force you to be flipping and readjusting a lot. So, make your choice wisely!

The Takeaway

When it comes to making the right choice between sliding vs non-sliding compound miter saws, there really needs to be a lot taken into consideration. However, we hope our article delved into every issue you needed to know about!  If you are someone who delves into intricate work and doesn’t deal with large wood pieces on a regular basis, you might want to consider a non-sliding  compound miter saw. However, if you find yourself undertaking jobs that have large pieces of wood, a sliding compound miter saw will really be the way to go for you! Both these compound miter saws are necessary when it comes to woodworking, but the choice needs a lot of thought!

Shop Fox W176 57 Inch Table Saw Fence Review (2021)

Shop Fox W176 57 Inch Table Saw Fence Review

Table saws are one of the most important tools in your arsenal, but they have a lot of accessories that go alongside them. One accessory that is pivotal to the accuracy of your table saw is its fence. Knowing the ins and outs of a fence is hard without buying it, that’s why we’re going to be breaking down this popular fence, and help you understand whether or not you need it! So, let’s learn about the Shop Fox W1716.

Key Features

The Shop Fox W1716 is one of the best table saw fences out on the market right now, and is definitely a great buy for anyone. It is 57 inches in length and has a rip capacity of 30 inches. It performs as well as you would think in terms of providing true cuts, and has great durability which will help it last for a while. The other perks it has also makes it a much more desirable fence system as it helps increase its ease of use. Overall, definitely a very functional and worthwhile investment for a table saw fence.

  • Very functional and easy to use
  • Quite versatile and compatible with different table saws
  • Magnified cursor minimizes error and makes it easy to read
  • Single locking cam lever
  • Torsion box provides more durability
  • Small rip capacity limits it to small jobs
  • Can be tough to fit on to certain table saws

Shop Fox W1716 Breakdown

With some insight on the Shop Fox W1716, how do each of these pros and cons relate to the usability of the fence? Let’s look at them in-depth, and understand the importance of each of these things.

Length and Rip Capacity

The length of a fence helps determine how big of a project it can handle, and the Shop Fox W1716 has a length of 57 inches. It also has a rip capacity of 30 inches. This is a great limit to have on a fence, as you can work on multiple projects in and around the house. However, this won’t be the best fit for a professional job, that requires heavy duty cutting. It can definitely take care of most jobs though, and it is quite an impressive length for fences to have.


The compatibility of a fence is very important. If a fence doesn’t fit on your table saw, it won’t matter how good the system is. That’s why it is a great advantage that the Shop Fox W1716 can fit on to numerous types of table saws out there. It will allow you the flexibility to use it on different table saws if you’re planning to replace your current one in the future. It is a little inconvenient to fit on to some table saws, as you’ll have to drill in mounting holes. However, for woodworkers working with table saws, this will just be a minor issue. 

Single Locking Cam Lever

The cam lever on the Shop Fox W1716 is a heavy duty one, and will ensure your fence stays fixed on to its position. A lot of fences have flimsy ones that end up coming off halfway through the cuts, ruining your work. However, the Shop Fox W1716 makes it even better by making this cam lever lock, one handed. That’s right, you can easily maneuver this mechanism with one hand and make easy adjustments with just one hand. 

Magnified Cursor

The magnified cursor of the Shop Fox W1716 helps it be much easier to read and allows you to end up with better measurements with a less chance for errors. It comes with a measuring tape on the fence, that sticks on by itself with help from the pre applied adhesive on the back. This is where the magnified cursor is, and it will allow you to make the most precise measurements which will lead to precise and accurate cuts. What’s best about this is the fact that the black numerals on the yellow tape come in both SAE and metric systems. Easy for everyone to use and read!

Durability and Weight

A fence system needs to be durable in order to make sure they don’t wear out fast, and that they can handle the pressure of the entire table saw when you’re working. This comes from a range of things. Firstly, the build of the entire fence is pivotal to this. The Shop Fox W1716 is made up of a steel and aluminium lead fence body. This gives the fence system strength and durability. Alongside this increased longevity, it also has aluminium which allows for the fence to be lightweight as well. This leads to an overall decrease in weight. You won’t have to carry around the fence system, but your table saw will. Thus, the fence won’t be applying too much pressure on your table saw. Some fences can ruin the surface of the table by leaning into it too much. 

Ease of Use

The Shop Fox W1716 has quite a few features that help increase its ease of use. It has a wide right angled design, and this allows the fence to have more structural support, which in turn enhances its performance and increases the fence’s durability. You’ll also have a much easier time working with it, as it is much more sturdier than many other fences out there. 

The compatibility of this fence system is very helpful, but what’s even better is the inclusion of the torsion box. Not only does this add to the durability of the fence, but it also lets you avoid the usage of any rear locking mechanism. The torsion box coupled with your single cam locking mechanism makes the Shop Fox W1716 a very desirable tool.

Another small detail that helps the ergonomics of this fence system, is its adjustable fence wear pads. While this is not the most necessary of features, it helps to know that people can adjust it right down to any small change they need. 

Brand Value

When it comes to the Shop Fox W1716, you can rest assured about its brand value. People always want the best for themselves, and Shop Fox has quite a name in the woodworking tools market. You won’t end up with tools that don’t fit the description, and don’t work. Rather, you’ll find yourself getting hooked on to their brand, and checking out more of what they have to offer.

User Reviews

While we definitely recommend this to be a great buy for your fencing needs, you should also check out what some user reviews say about this product as well.

Shop Fox W1716 Table Saw Fence Customer review

How Does It Compare To Others?

There are a lot of fences on the market, so how does the Shop Fox W1716 compare to all of the other ones? Let’s have a look!

Vega U26, Table Saw Fence System

The Vega U26 is a very durable and sturdy fence system. It has a 36 inch fence bar, which is much shorter than the Shop Fox W1716’s, but it can still provide excellent precision and accuracy in its cuts. It also allows for very fast and smooth adjustments. You can easily get a great reading on your table saw, and make sure to receive square cuts.

Delta Power Equipment Corporation BC50T2, Top-end Table Saw Fence

The Delta Power Equipment BC50T2 is a premium fence system. It will definitely do its job right and provide you with very smooth cuts and a consistent rate. You’ll also find that it is extremely durable and will last you for ages. However, this premium product has a very high price tag, and most people are not ready to pay that for a fence system. It also comes in heavier than most other fence systems.

Shop Fox W1410, Table Saw Fence

The other option we have for you is another Shop Fox fence, and it is the W1410 version. This is one of the best fence systems out there for the money. It is very affordable, and it will provide you precise and accurate cuts. The downside is its 25 inch rip capacity, and that it only works with tables up to 27 inches. However, if those meet your requirements, then you’d definitely get your money’s worth with this fence system.

The Takeaway

Looking at everything and wrapping up, we must say that the Shop Fox W1716 is definitely a good investment and tool to purchase if you’re serious about your woodworking needs. It is very affordable, and even a novice can learn to use this quite fast. You’ll also find fastening it on to different table saws a very handy perk. Not to mention that it will last you for a long time, and over that time you’ll get very precise and accurate cuts to any wood pieces you’ll have. No wonder it is a popular item on the market! We loved it, and hopefully so will you!

Makita LS1018 10-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw Review (2021)

Makita LS1018 Miter Saw Review

Miter saws have become an essential tool when it comes to woodworking, and the product we have for you today is the Makita LS1018, which is a dual slide compound miter saw! With so many options available on the market, we will go through an in-depth breakdown of this miter saw and see if it is a worthwhile investment for you!

Key Features

Knowing more about the miter saw, let’s dive into the Makita LS1018 compound miter saw! This is a 10 inch saw with a 13 amp motor that can reach a maximum of 4300 RPMs. This is a powerful miter saw, and it can easily be used by both professionals and hobbyists. It is also a dual bevel miter saw, which means you can tilt your blade onto either side of the saw. Not only does it make it more versatile, but will allow you to work more comfortably and achieve a better finish on your work.

  • Powerful motor
  • Heavy duty yet lightweight
  • Provides accurate and precise cuts
  • Easy to use
  • Very versatile
  • Dust collection isn’t the best
  • Doesn’t have a laser guide

Breakdown of the Makita LS1018 Compound Miter Saw

Now that you have a small idea about the Makita LS1018, let’s break down everything about this miter saw, and you can find out if this is the perfect miter saw for you!

Motor Power

The Makita LS1018 has a 13 amp motor with 4300 RPMs. For a miter saw, this is more than enough as it can get you through most jobs with ease. This powerful engine makes the Makita LS1018 more than capable of being used by professionals as well. However, you can get miter saws out there with 15 amp motors as well. We still think that this definitely a very sufficient amount of power.

Portability and Weight

The portability people need on their miter saws really depend on the type of work they are going to do. However, if you’re someone that likes to (or needs to) move around a lot when you’re working, then the Makita LS1018 is definitely a great choice for you. The fact that this miter saw is built for professional work but is also very lightweight, makes this a great choice among woodworkers. The overall weight of this comes in at 43.7 pounds, and it is reasonably easy to move around.


The Makita LS1018 is lightweight, and most lightweight products tend to not have the best durability. However, this miter saw is a different case. It has a heavy duty build and can last you for a long time with its high durability. This makes the miter saw an even better choice with it being better suited for heavy duty tasks. 

Dual Bevel

The Makita LS1018 is a dual bevel compound miter saw, which makes it an even better choice. A dual bevel saw allows its blade to be tilted to both the left and right side freely, and provides the user freedom to more versatility and comfort when working. 

For the miter angles, the Makita LS1018 miters from 0 to 47 degrees to the left and 0 to 60 degrees to the right. You’ll also have 5 positive stops at 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 31.6 degrees and 45 degrees. This will allow your work to be optimized further. 

For the bevel gauge, the blade can tilt 0 to 45 degrees towards both the left and right side. You’ll have 2 positive stops in this case, with both being at 0 degrees and 45 degrees. 

Ease of Use

When it comes to miter saws, or any woodworking tools in general, one of the best selling points is their ease of use. A miter saw could perform much better than what you have, but is it easy to use? The easier a tool is to use, the better performance it will have, and the Makita LS1018 comes with numerous perks to help you make your choice easier.

One of the easy to use perks of this miter saw is the see through blade guard. It allows you to always keep track of your blade, and you’ll be able to keep track of whether or not your blade is in contact with the wood piece or not. You’ll also be able to know exactly where they connect. 

In case of needing to make an emergency stop to your work, the Makita LS1018 comes with an electric brake that lets you bring the machine to stop with ease. It not only increases your efficiency with your work, but can also act as a safety mechanism if needed. 

The Makita LS1018 comes with an oversized power button that is always very convenient to locate. This makes it easy for anyone to operate this miter saw in any case. If someone needs to make an emergency stop, you’re going to have an easy time locating the button. 

The Makita LS1018 adds further comfort for the users by having the handles be wrapped with rubber. The entire rubberized feature allows for users to have a much more comfortable time using the machine, and not get fatigued as fast. 

Accuracy and Precision

The Makita LS1018 is not only powerful, but designed to provide you with some of the smoothest and accurate cuts. It comes with a linear ball bearing technology that helps maintain the quality of its cuts. The mechanism ensures the accuracy and precision of the Makita LS1018, but is also very smooth in terms of adjustment. It allows you to make very swift and precise adjustments that ultimately reduce the risk of errors occurring. 

While the ball bearing system is great, the Makita LS1018 could have opted for a laser guide which would have set it apart even more. A laser guide would have secured the utmost efficiency in terms of precise measurements.

Dust Collection System

With woodworking, a lot of sawdust is created, and the Makita LS1018 comes with a dust collection system that will help you out with this. Unfortunately, even though it is there, the system on the Makita LS1018 isn’t the best. It will definitely get the job done for you, but can sometimes be inefficient. Even so, it is definitely good enough. You’ll also receive a dust bag with the product to help rid the waste. 


The Makita LS1018 is not only efficient in terms of precision, accuracy and power. It also allows you to get multiple types of jobs done with the help of its great versatility. This compound miter saw allows you to make all the necessary cuts, and the fact that it has a dual bevel mechanism only makes it better. It doesn’t stop there though, the Makita LS1018 is also a sliding miter saw, which means that you can gain even more versatility with this feature, and move your blade with even more ease when working. 

Brand Value

When buying a power tool, you’ll want to always maintain quality, and the best way to do so is by acquiring your product from a highly renowned brand. Makita are very well known in the woodworking tools community, and you’ll be sure to receive a great tool when buying from them.

The Makita LS1018 is not one of the cheaper options on the market, but it definitely is much more affordable than the premium options as well. What’s great is that you’ll receive top notch performance from this miter saw within a budget price, than you would with a high-end miter saw. The added ergonomic perks also make this a much more desirable miter saw.

User Reviews

Now that you have an idea of our take on the Makita LS1018 dual bevel compound miter saw, let us have a look at what other users have had to say about it. It will definitely give us a better idea of it!

How Does It Compare?

We’ve seen that the Makita LS1018 gets great ratings for its performance and overall usability. However, how well does it actually do when compared to some of the other choices on the market? Let us take a look!

Bosch CM10GD, 10 Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Glide Compact Miter Saw

The Bosch CM10GD is another great choice on the market. It comes with a patented sliding glide mechanism which helps give the miter saw a lot of versatility. However, the Makita LS1018 also has great versatility. The one aspect the Bosch beats Makita on is its 15 amp motor, which will ensure that the Bosch miter saw will be better at cutting through its pieces faster!

Dewalt DWS713, 10 Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

The Dewalt DWS713 is also another great choice for your miter saw, but you’ll also see that it is very similar to the Makita LS1018 one. The only place it really differs on is the Makita’s sliding feature, which in fact makes the Makita LS1018 more desirable. However, Dewalt is a really well renowned company, and you can’t go wrong with their products as well!

Hitachi C10FCG, 10 Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

The Hitachi C10FCG is a very dependable miter saw, and it is also very similar to the Makita LS1018. It is durable, precise and accurate. You’ll be satisfied with this miter saw when you use it, not to mention it also has a very sleek and aesthetic look about it. The Makita does trump it however in terms of versatility. This is a single bevel compound miter saw, whereas the Makita is dual beveled.

The Takeaway

Having gone through this article, what do you feel about the Makita LS1018 dual bevel compound miter saw? We definitely feel that this can be a worthwhile investment for any woodworker, based on its perks. You’ll be assured longevity thanks to the heavy duty build which provides it a strong base. However, it also maintains the lightweight feature and will allow contract workers to also be able to use it. The additional ergonomic features add to how easy it is to use and will ensure that you also optimize your woodworking time. Overall, you can not really go wrong with the Makita LS1018 miter saw, and we hope you definitely give it a shot! It’s also pretty budget friendly, so you won’t have much to worry about there. Have a great day!

Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw Review (2021)

Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw Review

While I was growing up, woodworking became a passion of mine, and I used to love doing it during my free hours. However, I would’ve much preferred to have had the tools that are available nowadays, and that’s where the Hitachi C10FCG compound miter saw comes in. Despite having missed out on such a seamless way of conducting my work, I’ll delve into why this product would be perfect for any DIY enthusiast to utilize in their work.

Why Buy a Miter Saw?

Before you want to venture into the world of miter saws and woodworking, let’s first talk about what miter saws are, and what they offer to you. Have you ever just wondered how much more satisfying it would be if you could build a little shelf for yourself without having to pay a hefty sum to a local worker? Well, with a miter saw at your disposal, that is just what you’ll be able to achieve. 

Miter saws come in various types, and they progressively allow you to get more creative with the types of cuts you can do. Let’s have a quick run down on them!

Standard Miter Saw: A standard miter saw allows you to make only the most basic cut, which is a miter cut. You can tilt the entire saw upto a certain angle, and make your desired cut.

Compound Miter Saw: A compound miter saw is one that also includes a bevel angle, which allows you to make bevel cuts. The bevel gauge lets you tilt your saw’s blade, and make the bevel cuts. When you combine both the miter and bevel angle to make your cuts, you get the compound cut!

Sliding Compound Miter Saw: A sliding compound miter saw just adds the benefit of you being able to slide your miter saw forward. This allows you to cut an even larger area in case you have large pieces of wood. 

A miter saw is an essential tool for any woodworker, or potential woodworker. So, if you’re looking to dive into this realm, you should do a lot of research to ensure you have the best knowledge of the tools required!

Key Features

We need to first be aware of all that the Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw has to offer. You’ll be able to make clean and precise cuts with this saw. The miter range will be 0-52 degrees on either side, whereas the bevel only moves to the left, but has a good range of 0-45 degree angles. You’ll also notice positive stops to help you make adjustments that are quick and clean for the perfect cut. The miter saw also comes in at only 24.2 pounds, making it quite lightweight and portable. It also includes a good air filtration system to help clear out debris.

  • Makes clean and precise cuts
  • Good range of angles for both miter and bevel
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Efficient air filtration system
  • Powerful motor
  • Large table to work on
  • Easy adjustment stops
  • Durability isn’t the best due to aluminium body
  • Poorly written manual book
  • Does not come with a laser guide

Hitachi C10FCG Breakdown

Let’s dive into the most important aspects of the Hitachi C10FCG miter saw, and let us tell you what we like and dislike about it!

Cutting Power

The Hitachi C10FCG comes with a good engine/motor of 15 amps, and can reach up to 5000 RPMs (rotations per minute). In general, this is a very powerful miter saw, and you can easily achieve any cut you want, whether it be a crosscut or a compound cut. 


While it isn’t the most important factor when it comes to miter saws, the sleek design of the Hitachi C10FCG is something you can truly admire. Most power tools usually lack any aesthetic design, however, this miter saw has a nice mixture of green, grey and the aluminium body, to provide you with something that looks fancy. 

Cutting Accuracy and Versatility

The Hitachi C10FCG allows you to make both miter and bevel cuts, as it is a compound miter saw. The miter gauge moves from 0-52 degree angles on both the right and left side, giving you leeway to make cuts with ease. The bevel gauge moves from 0-45 degree angles only to the left side, as it is a single bevel miter saw. This is however, more than enough to ensure you get the perfect level of cuts for your jobs. We have stated that this is better for DIY enthusiasts, but the angle versatility would suit even a professional contractor!

Size of the Blade

The size of the blade on this compound miter saw is 10 inches in length. This is the primary reason why we believe it wouldn’t suit professionals to use this saw. However, if you’re someone who engages in small to medium sized tasks all the time, this miter saw will be more than enough to ensure you get your work done perfectly! The Hitachi C10FCG can cut lumber of up to 4 inch times 6 inch in size!

Portability and Weight

Miter saws don’t really need to be portable, as they require to be placed down when using them. However, if you’re someone who needs to move around while working, and would like to take your miter saws to different places, then the Hitachi C10FCG being lightweight and easily portable, is a big plus point for you! This 24.2 pound miter saw is lightweight compared to the numerous number of heavy duty tools out on the market. This lack of weight mainly arises due to the aluminium build of the miter saw. 

Large Table

When making cuts with a miter saw, you might sometimes need a larger work space for wood pieces that are bigger. However, if you don’t have a larger table or your miter saw can’t fit the piece, then you’re most likely going to have inaccurate cuts. This doesn’t pose a problem with the Hitachi C10FCG because of the large table that it comes with. You will easily manage to get your work done with ease. 

Air Filtration System

Miter saws need to have an efficient air filtration system to ensure that debris doesn’t clog up the entire system. This system helps to keep your miter saw clean, but also helps in keeping the lifespan of your miter saw where it should be. With the Hitachi C10FCG, you will find a very efficient system that helps remove all the sawdust and other debris. You’ll have your miter saw running at an optimal level, and have less of a mess to clean up after you’re done with your work!

Ease of Use

No matter what power tool you are using, the ease of use is something that takes priority over most other features. You don’t want to spend your time and effort trying to work with a tool that does not provide you the proper output. Thus, the Hitachi C10FCG is a worthwhile investment, as it will ensure you have a fun and easy time working with it. One of the biggest factors that play into this is its positive stop system. When you’re trying to work, it might be quite annoying to always have to find the correct angle each time you need to make a cut. Thus, with the Hitachi C10FCG you’ll have the positive stops that stop at the most popular angles that people tend to use when working with miter saws. Not only does it give you less hassle, but you also optimize the time you work with this feature! 

Unfortunately the miter saw does not come with a laser feature which is a lot more common nowadays. The laser feature would allow you to never have to recalibrate what angle you’re cutting at, even if you changed blades. You would also know exactly where your blade would touch the wood piece with the help of the laser. Not having this is a bit of a loss on the Hitachi C10FCG.


The Hitachi C10FCG is quite a reliable miter saw, but you will realize that it doesn’t have the highest durability in the miter saw market. However, don’t worry, as you can easily make do with this product. Not to mention that you will find this to be a very worthwhile saw, comparing the price to all the benefits you get. The aluminium body may not be heavy duty, but it is definitely enough to keep you going for a while.

User Manual

The Hitachi C10FCG’s user manual in our experience falls behind the quality of the rest of the product. It doesn’t do the best job in explaining why the product is top notch. However, if you’re somewhat familiar with miter saws, you won’t even need to look at the manual. Even a new woodworker can easily familiarize themselves with how this machine works without any trouble!

User Reviews

We ourselves have had a great time using this miter saw, but we’ve also done our research to find out what the general feeling of the other users were! Safe to say, this is a great product and here are some!

Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw customer review

How Does It Compare To Others?

Let’s look at how the Hitachi compares to other miter saws on the market!

Dewalt DWS713, 10 Inch Compound Miter Saw

We won’t sugarcoat it to you, when you look at the Hitachi and this Dewalt miter saw, the Dewalt wins in a lot of different categories. However, in our personal opinion, we think that if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you don’t need to go for this expensive alternative. It comes with great perks that you could definitely use, but it isn’t necessarily needed. Why spend extra for perks that you’re never going to need? However, if you’re someone who is interested in a miter saw that can take care of heavy duty tasks, then this is definitely one you should look into!

Bosch CM10GD, 10 Inch Compound Miter Saw

Bosch is another great alternative to look at, one that rivals the Dewalt choice. They even have their patented axial glide system which helps take this miter saw’s accuracy to another level. However, you still have to make a sacrifice on money for perks that would go to waste if you’re not someone who takes on heavy duty tasks.

Chicago Electric, 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The last alternative we have for you is a sliding compound miter saw. Now, the Hitachi C10FCG is overall a better choice than this miter saw in terms of performance. However, you get the ability to have the sliding feature with the Chicago Electric chainsaw. If you are in need of some extra mobility and distance with your cuts, then this might just be what you need.

The Takeaway

To wrap it all up, we have to say that the Hitachi C10FCG is definitely a great investment. Woodworkers are always in need of reliable tools, that are also a worthwhile investment, and can also deliver in terms of performance. The Hitachi C10FCG comes at a very affordable price, and as a lightweight miter saw, can allow you to work with ease. Being so easy to use also means anyone can come to grips with it quite easily. On top of that, you can work on various projects thanks to the immense versatility that this miter saw will allow you to have. Overall, we can definitely see why this is a popular product among woodworkers, and why you would love it as well!

Best 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saws in 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw

When it comes to the world of woodworking, there are a lot of power tools that become essential. Miter saws are one of those tools. That’s why in today’s article, we’re going to be delving into the world of sliding miter saws, and help you find the best 7 1/4 sliding miter saw. Throughout this article, we will help you find exactly what you need, and know how we’ve differentiated all of these miter saws!

Best 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw Comparison Chart

Product Picture

Product Name




DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw, Tool Only (DCS361B)

Weight: 31.6 pounds
Laser guide: Yes


DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw, Cordless (DCS361M1)

Weight: 31.6 pounds
Laser guide: No


Kobalt 7-1/4-in Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Not Cordless
Weight: 29.1 pounds
Laser guide: Yes


CRAFTSMAN V20 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Kit (CMCS714M1)

Weight: 21.8 pounds
Laser guide: Yes


Evolution Power Tools R185SMS+ 7-1/4" Multi-Material Compound Sliding Miter Saw Plus

Not cordless
Weight: 24.0 pounds
Laser guide: No


Now that you know our top 5 choices, let’s talk about what put them there, and what our top choice for you is!

5 Best 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saws Review

Dewalt DCS361B, Best 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw

Our first product on show today is the best 7 1/4 sliding miter saw in our opinion, and it is the Dewalt DCS361B. This miter saw has a lot of great properties that allow it to be at the top of this list, and it will undoubtedly be the best performing one.

The Dewalt DCS361B is a very lightweight miter saw, which is key because of how easy it is to transport. It is a single bevel (left) saw, and the blade can be beveled from 0 to 48 degrees. You can make great, accurate cuts with this miter saw thanks to the help from the XPS LED laser guide. You’ll easily be able to place your blade on the wood, and make the cuts with utmost precision and accuracy. With the help of the sliding mechanism, you can get a great cutting capacity for this miter saw. What helps you even more when using the DCS316B is its 10 positive stops with the help of the movable stainless steel detent plate. 

A very important thing for these miter saws are their durability. The Dewalt DCS361B is a very durable miter saw that has a strong steel base to allow it to be sturdy and stable. The oversized bevel scale of this miter saw also helps you in making accurate measurements and avoid any mistakes. One drawback of this miter saw is that while trying to maximize lightweight features and portability, the ergonomic features of this miter saw are an issue. However, for most projects you won’t feel this issue, and this is definitely the best 7 1/4 miter saw for you!

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very durable
  • Cordless
  • Provides precise and accurate cuts
  • Laser guide makes it easy to use blade
  • Easy to use
  • Good dust bag and vacuum
  • Battery and charger need to be bought separately
  • Not very ergonomic

Dewalt DCS361M1, 7 1/4 Inch Sliding Miter Saw

Our second choice is also a Dewalt product, known as the Dewalt DCS361M1. Much like the DCS361B, they are both great choices as a sliding miter saw. However, this saw does falter with a couple of features. It does not contain an XPS LED laser guide system, which makes it lose the edge on the DCS361B. However, this saw is still definitely accurate, and provides precise cuts. It also loses out on being much heavier, making it harder to carry around.

This miter saw definitely has its positives too. The positive stops on the miter gauge are just one of those features. All miter saws have these stops, so what’s the big deal? Well, even though it is a very minute detail, the miter gauge and its positive stops are very easy to use, and the measurements are perfect to the smallest detail, so you’ll always place your blade at the right angle. It does manage to beat the DCS361B in one point however. When you buy the Dewalt DCS361M1, you get the charger and battery for it, along with the saw.

The Dewalt DCS361M1 is definitely one of the best rated sliding miter saw, and for good reason. It will perform great. In some cases, when you’re pushing the saw for too long, it might start vibrating due to the pressure. However, in normal cases of usage, this is definitely a reliable miter saw.

  • Very durable
  • Comes with battery and charger
  • Very precise and accurate
  • Great warranty
  • Cordless
  • Good dust bag and vacuum
  • No laser guide for blade guidance
  • Not lightweight

Kobalt SM1850LW, 7 1/4 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Our third product is the Kobalt SM1850LW sliding compound miter saw. This miter saw, unlike the Dewalt DCS361M1, is built with aluminum and is very lightweight. You can easily carry it around to and from your workplace. It also has a laser guide which helps you make sure your alignments and measurements are all correct, before you make any cut.

The Kobalt SM1850LW is also a single bevel to the left, and it miters at angles of 45 degrees towards the left and right side, making it easy to guide your blade with increased versatility. This Kobalt 7 1/4 miter saw is great for providing you beautiful crosscuts, bevel cuts, miter cuts and compound cuts. Of course, all these miter saws are primarily built to support these cuts, along with crown molding; but it’s good to always keep the primary factors in mind. 

To help keep your angles precise even further, the two side rails will keep you in line to make the most precise cuts. It also helps knowing this miter saw is very sturdy and durable, so you won’t worry about the tall fence or rails being loose any time soon. This miter saw does have an accompanying aluminium stand, however one drawback for the Kobalt SM1850LW is that it is sold separately.

  • Powerful saw
  • Has a laser guide
  • Tall fence and a clamp provides great support
  • Two side rails are very sturdy and increase accuracy
  • Aluminium build makes it lightweight and portable
  • Aluminium stand is sold separately
  • Not cordless like the Dewalt miter saws
  • Dust bag and vacuum are not too efficient

Craftsman CMCS714M1, 7 1/4 Inch Sliding Miter Saw with Kit

Our fourth product miter saw for show today is the Craftsman CMCS714M1. From first glance, you can see the aesthetics of this sliding miter saw is much better than most of them. However, that isn’t really what we’ll be basing our judgements on. It comes with a powerful motor at 800 RPM, and can use its blade to cut most types of wood with ease. 

With an angle of 90 degrees on your blade, you can easily make a cross cut up till 8 inches, and with a 45 degree angle on the blade, you’ll get a cross cut of 5.5 inches. You won’t have to worry about the measurements with the Craftsman CMCS714M1, as it comes with a laser guide that will easily diminish any shadows, and allow you to make the perfect cuts with accurate placement of your blade. 

It also helps to know that this is also a cordless sliding miter saw, and another positive is that you’ll receive two batteries when you purchase this saw, along with the usuals of the blade and clamps. When you work with this miter saw, you’ll also realize that this is a very lightweight and portable saw. Not to mention, it is built to reduce noise, and make it comfortable to work with.

  • Can cut most types of wood
  • Great crosscuts, good for crown molding
  • Very portable and lightweight, easy to move on job site
  • Laser guide to help blade placement
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Can sometimes be ineffective

Evolution Power Tools R185SMS, 7 1/4 Multi Material Compound Sliding Miter Saw

Our last product on for show today, is one of the best cheap sliding miter saw that you will find. It is the Evolution Power Tools R185SMS, and it features a glorious 10 amp motor, that will allow you to easily cut through your materials. And yes, it won’t just cut through wood. You’ll even be able to cut through steel, aluminium and even plastic (among other things). Without having to go through the laborious task of changing your blade, you’ll be able to use the same blade to manage all of your cuts.

This compound miter saw also bevels to one side from 0 to 45 degrees, and miters on both sides up till 50 degree angles. You’ll definitely get great versatility out of this miter saw, not to mention achieve all the cuts you’ll need. The Evolution Power Tools R185SMS miter saw comes with a dual rail slide system, which will give you a great confidence in making sure your cuts will be precise and accurate, along with the fact that the R185SMS is also very compact. 

Unfortunately this isn’t a cordless miter saw, and the cord itself is a little too long. However, that definitely won’t be a game changer. It should also be noted that this doesn’t come with a laser guide either. However, the fence system has an accurate measurement system that will ensure you get the perfect cuts you need with your blade.

  • Powerful saw, with 10 amp motor
  • One of the best budget sliding miter saw
  • Blade can cut many materials without being changed
  • Is very precise and accurate
  • Dual rail slide system
  • Very durable
  • Has a long cord
  • No laser guide

7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw: Buyer’s Guide

Sliding Miter Saw VS Compound Miter Saw

You’ve seen throughout this article that some are just sliding miter saws, while others are also sliding compound miter saws. What exactly does the compound add to miter saws?

The compound aspect of a miter saw introduces the factor of being able to bevel your blade to either one side or both sides of your saw. An introduction of a bevel allows for you to work with a lot more versatility on your saw. In small or compact work spaces, you can easily tilt your blade to a side and get the preferred cut on your piece of wood. However, to fully know about compound miter saws, you’ll need to go further into the details to find out the different types that are present!

Sliding compound miter saws, or just sliding miter saws, are miter saws that have the feature of being able to slide the blade forward. When you’re working with small miter saws (such as 7 1/4 inch ones), you’ll likely need an extra few inches in some cuts to be able to get through some pieces with one movement. That’s where the sliding component comes in and helps you easily guide your blade to get clean and more efficient cuts.

Finding your Perfect 7 1/4 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

When it comes to any power tool, you’ll obviously have the very expensive ones that can fulfil almost every need you have. However, it’s not necessary that you’ll need all of them (especially if you’re a DIYer or do minor jobs), and for that you’ll need to know what’s right for you! There’s a lot of different factors that come into play in these instances, and you’ll need to be familiar with all of them to know what they do!


A motor is a key part of any power tool, especially when it comes to sliding miter saws. You’ll need to make sure that the motor of the tool can easily operate under the workforce you’ll have. If you’re making cuts on small pieces and don’t require a powerful tool, then maybe you’ll manage with a weaker version. However, we always suggest going for a miter saw with at least a 10 amp motor, to ensure they’ll always be up to the task. 

If you do larger jobs that require a higher motor power, then you’ll have to be ready to splash some more cash to make sure you get the right one!


One of the most important things when it comes to 7 1/4 inch miter saws. With these miter saws, you’ll most likely be needing to move it around for the jobs it needs to carry out. However, there will be trade offs made with other factors when you want to achieve the best portability. You’ll need to ensure your miter saw can be moved easily, to reduce the chances of fatigue. 

This is most important for people whose work site requires them to move around from place to place. 


This is where the trade off occurs in accordance to our last factor. A lot of companies will sometimes make their miter saw very durable, in order to ensure that it lasts for a long time and can withstand heavy work. However, this can make the miter saw very heavy, due to its build, and not allow for it to be very portable.

You should always make sure to get a durable miter saw, however, it’s also important to make sure that your miter saw can be easily transported. If you don’t require moving your miter saw for work, then you can definitely look towards a heavier one, with maximum durability features.

Ability and Features for Cutting

When you’re looking for the perfect miter saw for you, you’ll need to know if it has the correct features to provide you the best cuts. Not to mention, if there are added features on the saw to help it out further. A laser guide is one such feature. It isn’t a necessity, however, with this addition you’ll be sure that your miter saw will help you out in making the perfect cuts with your measurements. Another such feature is the bevel on your miter saw. If the bevel scale on your miter saw is oversized, it will be easier to guide yourself when making measurements.

The bevel itself is also important, along with the miter gauge. Most miter saws will have positive stops, and any without positive stops shouldn’t even be considered. They provide you pre-determined popular angles to stop at, and will allow you to do your work faster. There are such intricate details in miter saws nowadays, that you’ll have to look into all the features yourself to ensure the right features are there for you! From the blade to the bevel, all of the features you need, should definitely be the priority.

Dust Cleaning System

Most miter saws nowadays come with their own dust management system, and it basically helps you keep your tool clean during work. It won’t stop a buildup of sawdust completely, but it will definitely minimize it. There are numerous ways these systems work, however, it’s best to know if the system is up to par before you acquire one. If not, you can still manage other ways! Let’s not forget, all that sawdust you collect also has its uses!


  • What can a 7 1/4 inch miter saw cut?

    This mostly depends on the build of your miter saw since the 7 1/4 inch is basically the size of your blade. If your miter saw is from a good brand and has good quality behind its build, it can cut through most materials with ease.

  • How deep can a 7 1/4 inch miter saw cut?

    Most times people buy 10 ow 12 inch miter saws, and the cutting depth for 7 1/4 inch saws can’t be compared to them. However, with sliding miter saws, you’ll still be able to get a decent cutting depth even if they’re 7 1/4 inch.

  • Can I use a 7 1/4 inch blade on a 10 inch blade?

    Yes, you definitely can! The only differences you’ll feel are the maximum cutting depth of the saw, and the fact that smaller blades are usually thinner. They also tend to have a smaller kerf. However, you’ll still get the same RPMs on the blade as you would with a 10 inch blade.

The Takeaway

Finding the perfect miter saw can be tough, but we hope we’ve helped you in this task for the perfect 7 1/4 inch miter saw. In our opinion, the best 7 1/4 sliding miter saw is the Dewalt DCS361B, as we believe it has the best to offer you. It is a very lightweight miter saw that allows you to carry it around easily, but it doesn’t forsake the durability. This way, you can have this miter saw for a long time and not have trouble carrying it around! It also has a bevel and miter gauge that can be easily calibrated, and give you great angles with positive stops and detent plates. It is also cordless, which makes it so much easier to use. You’ll easily make great measurements and clean cuts with this miter saw, so we had no other choice but to put this at the top! We hope you can find your choice too!

Best Dewalt Miter Saw Reviews – Top picks in 2021

Best Dewalt Miter Saw

When it comes to power tools, you get used to seeing some of the same brands every now and again. However, one brand has always latched itself towards the top in almost every power tool, and it is none other than the iconic brand that is Dewalt. With decades in the business, they have evolved into one of the best companies for tools. Thus we’re going to be doing Dewalt miter saw reviews today, and find the best Dewalt miter saw.

Best Dewalt Miter Saws Comparison Chart

Product Picture

Product Name




DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780)

Size: 12 inch

Type: Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM: 15 amp, 3800


DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw, 15-Amp, Single Bevel, Compound (DWS715)

Size: 12 inch

Type: Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM: 15 amp, 4000


DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw, Tool Only (DCS361B)

Size: 7 ¼ inch

Type: Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM: No-load motor


3 Best Dewalt Miter Saws Reviews

Now that we have the 3 miter saws, let’s do a Dewalt miter saw comparison among them and find out what puts them there!

Dewalt DWS780, 12 Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

In our first review, we have the Dewalt DWS780, and you’ll see this miter saw be ranked as one of the best miter saws out there overall. This miter saw stands out thanks to the various features it provides that make it the best in terms of functionality.  The aesthetic of the miter saw is just for appeal, however, it also stands to be one of the most durable tools out there as well. This is definitely our top pick!

Considering it is a 12 inch miter saw, it is definitely going to have a high cutting capacity. However, the Dewalt DWS780 miter saw can be set up in such a way that it can end up giving you 16 inches of cutting capacity. One of the best features it has. Other than that, it is also a sliding dual bevel compound miter saw. This increases its durability as it can be bevelled on both sides from 0 to 49 degrees. It also has positive stops at 0, 22.5, 33.9, 45 and 49 degree angles, to help you make fast changes. The sliding capacity also helps edge this miter saw forward, with the ability to make cuts on even larger wood pieces. 

It also comes with a feature of LED guide system, that will allow you to make the most accurate and precise cuts. The versatility and accuracy with the Dewalt DWS780 miter saw is endless. You can increase the cutting capacity, tilt your blade to both sides, and move the blade forward as well, to ensure larger pieces are properly cut.

  • Very durable
  • Portable
  • Laser guide system for precise cuts
  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • Sliding miter saw
  • Ergonomic design
  • High cutting capacity
  • Bit expensive

Dewalt DWS715, Best Portable 12 Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

In our list of miter saws, the second one for today is the Dewalt DWS715 miter saw. Unfortunately, unlike the Dewalt DWS780, the DWS715 is a single bevel compound miter saw. However, this only poses a problem if you’re dead set on getting a dual bevel miter saw. Otherwise, this miter saw definitely lives up to its name.

The best feature about the Dewalt DWS715 is the fact that it is very lightweight, which leads to it being very portable. With the single bevel feature, you can tilt your blade to the left from 0 to 48 degree angles, with bevel stops at 0, 33.9, 45 and 48 degree angles, on the most common bevel angles. The Dewalt DWS715 also has positive stops at 0, 33.9 and 45 degree angles. This miter saw is very well equipped for crown molding with the further addition of a tall fence, making it easy to work with larger pieces. 

The Dewalt DWS715 is also very powerful with a 15 amp motor that can reach up to 4000 RPMs, which will make it easy to cut through big pieces of wood. As with the previous miter saw, the DWS715 is also very durable and will definitely be worth the money!

  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Powerful miter saw
  • Has a tall fence
  • Durable
  • Single bevel compound miter saw

Dewalt DCS361B, 7 ¼ Inch Single Bevel Cordless Compound Miter Saw

Our last product on show today is the Dewalt DCS361B miter saw. Now you may be wondering why we’ve decided a 7 ¼ inch miter saw would be considered one of the best, however this is a very special miter saw. The DCS361B doesn’t come with a dedicated motor amperage, rather it is cordless, and is powered by a battery. Now Dewalt has a few in the cordless line, but this miter saw uses a 20V shared battery. It allows you to use this battery in any Dewalt product as long as they are 20V. 

While the cordless feature makes this compound miter saw special, it still doesn’t justify if the product is good. Well, don’t worry because it is! The Dewalt DWS361B is designed to give you the smoothest and cleanest cuts. This is helped by the precise miter system. It also has an oversized bevel scale that allows you to make measurements with ease. This miter saw also comes with a laser guide that allows you to increase your precision with cutting even more.

It doesn’t end there though. You’d expect a cordless miter saw to be optimized in terms of portability, and you’d be right. The Dewalt DCS361B is a very lightweight compound miter saw, and you can move with ease. However, they don’t compromise the durability of the miter saw, as you can rest assured it will last!

  • Cordless compound miter saw
  • Battery can be shared with other Dewalt products
  • Very precise and accurate cuts
  • Laser guide
  • Durable
  • Very portable
  • Has 11 positive stops
  • Will have to stop in between work if battery runs out
  • Won’t be as powerful if battery is low
  • Is only 7 ¼ inch

Dewalt Miter Saw: A Buyer’s Guide

How easy it is to Change the Blade

When it comes to miter saws, one of the biggest things to consider is if the blade can be easily changed. This can determine whether or not a miter saw is actually worth it. It is definitely handy to learn how to change a miter saw blade properly, and make it easy for yourself when it becomes necessary.

Positive Stops

When it comes to making quick and easy angle adjustments, positive stops are key. They are built in stops on your miter saw, that allow you to easily stop on certain angles. Most miter saws have the most popular angles marked as positive stops so that you can quickly fix your blade for the right cuts.

Portability and Durability

When it comes to getting the best miter saw, a lot of the times you’ll be stuck in a trade off loop. Some miter saws are better with portability while others are better with durability. However, you need to determine which perk is more important for your needs, and choose the best miter saw for yourself.

Laser Guide

While it may not be the most necessary feature, it is definitely one you should look out for. Miter saws with laser guides tend to be more accurate, as they allow you to position your blade in the most optimized stop, and get the best cuts.

Types of Miter Saws

As you’ve already seen from the 3 choices we have shown you, there are a few different types of miter saws out there. However, it is key that you know the difference between each and every one of them!

Standard Miter Saws

A standard miter saw is one that comes equipped with a miter gauge, and allows you to make miter cuts and crosscuts only. While they will get the job done for any amateur, if you ever consider to move forward with your woodworking skills, this may not be the best choice.

Compound Miter Saws

Compound miter saws have the same features and abilities as standard miter saws, just with the added benefit of a bevel scale or gauge. The bevel gauge allows you to make and set angles for bevel cuts. When you make a cut by setting an angle on both your miter gauge and bevel gauge, you make a compound cut, hence the name! Compound miter saws are definitely the smarter choice between the two, as you can always have more versatility with the compound miter saw.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws

Sliding compound miter saws are the same as compound miter saws, just with the added benefit of you being able to slide your blade further out. This allows you to have a lot more versatility when it comes to making cuts. You’ll definitely find using it much easier, especially in tight spaces or workshops. A sliding compound miter saw is definitely the best choice out of the three, but not necessarily needed.


  • Who makes the most accurate miter saw?

    While this is a very opinion based question, a big part of this answer lies in the brand of the miter saw, and the quality of its build. We can definitely say that Dewalt has a knack for making high quality woodworking tools, and miter saws definitely fall into that list.

  • Should I get a 12 inch or 10 inch miter saw?

    What size miter saw you buy mostly depends on what work you engage in regularly. A 12 inch miter saw will definitely allow you to cut larger pieces, with a higher rip capacity, and in the long run, is a better choice. 10 inch miter saws however, are also great and can easily do jobs within their range. It mostly depends on what you require.

  • Is a sliding miter saw worth it?

    If you have the money to spare to get a sliding miter saw, then you should definitely go for it. Not only does it allow you to cut easily in tighter spaces, the added movement of the blade will allow you to cut larger pieces of wood than your saw would normally be able to.

The Takeaway

We hope you’ve got all the information you need from this article! Our top pick for the best Dewalt miter saw would have to be the Dewalt DWS780 compound miter saw. This miter saw has all the perks and abilities to provide you with a lot of versatility when it comes to making clean and accurate cuts. Since it is a sliding miter saw, you’ll be able to move your blade forward, and make cuts on larger pieces when needed. You also will be able to swing your blade either side of the saw, with its dual bevel feature. It also has an ergonomic design, where the handle helps you fight fatigue during long periods of work. You’ll also be able to easily carry it thanks to the handle. Overall, this miter saw has everything you could want, and will definitely be the best choice for you!

Best Budget Miter Saws Reviewed For You! (2021)

Best Budget Miter Saws

When it comes to woodworking, there are numerous tools out there that can get the job done. However, no one can argue that the miter saw is one of the best tools to use when you need to get a job done! That is why we’re going to be looking into the 5 best budget miter saws for you today! After that, you’ll be sure that this is the tool you were looking for!

Best Budget Miter Saw Comparison Chart

Miter Saw


Size (inch)



DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw (Discontinued)

12 inch


Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10" Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

10 inch


SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser

12 inch


Homecraft H26-260L 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw by Delta Power Tools

10 inch


Makita 10" Compound Miter Saw, Makita LS1040 10" Compound Miter Saw

10 inch


Now you know that these are our handpicked top 5 best budget miter saws. Let’s get into why and how they’ve made it there!

5 Best Budget Miter Saw Reviews

Dewalt DW715, Best Budget 12 inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

The first and best value miter saw we have to show you is the Dewalt DW715 miter saw. Now we know what you may be thinking; Dewalt and cheap? Yes, that’s right. Compared to how efficient and functional this miter saw is, Dewalt have done a good job to keep it within budget. 

Now the obvious lacking here is that this miter saw is single bevel. So, you’ll be missing out on some versatility, however, as you go on you’ll see that double bevel miter saws don’t usually come at a price like this. Especially if they’re of good quality. On the plus side though, this miter saw can make 11 positive stops with its blade with the stainless steel adjustable miter detent plate it has. So you’ll be getting a greater range of cuts, and make your repeated cuts precise and accurate. The bevel angle you’ll get with this saw is 0 to 48 degree angles to the left and 0 to 3 degree angles to the right. In case of miter angles, you’ll get 0 to 50 degrees on both sides of the blade.

Overall this miter saw can really come in handy for you if you’re on a budget. Not to mention, with the precise repetitive cuts, you’ll find it very handy when it comes to crown molding as well! This is helped by the tall sliding fence also available on the miter saw. All of this alongside the fact that this miter saw is very lightweight, only helps to sell it. However, it is sad that it doesn’t come along with a cutting guide. This is definitely our best miter saw for the money!

  • Very lightweight
  • Stainless steel miter detent plate
  • Great for repeatable cuts
  • Good brand value
  • No cutting guide available with it

Hitachi C10FCG, best budget 10 inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Our second product is the Hitachi C10FCG, and it is one of the cheapest miter saw we have on show here. Why? Well, in terms of performance it performs the same as the Dewalt DW715, but is 10 inches. That to be fair is the main reason why this lacks behind the Dewalt blade.

This poses no problem for any woodworker however, if they do not care for the extra versatility provided by the 12 inch parameter. Not to mention, this is also a compound miter saw, and the Hitachi C10FCG miter saw also has the same bevel angles as the Dewalt DW715 (0 to 48 degree angles on each side). On top of this, you get benefits on the miter angles with each side ranging from 0 to 52 degrees on each side. You’ll definitely get more flexibility with your blade in that sense.

With the way the Hitachi C10FCG miter saw is built, once you find your angles and get to cutting, you’ll be sure to have straight clean cuts all the way through. It also comes equipped with a dust cleaning system, ensuring you are efficient with cleaning your miter saw. You’ll also love using it when you realize how lightweight this miter saw is, making it extremely portable.

  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Flexible miter and bevel angles.
  • Cheaper than most
  • Provides clean cuts
  • Laser isn’t very powerful

Skil 3821-01, 12 inch Compound Miter Saw

Our third product on show is the Skil 3821-01 compound miter saw, and this comes very close to competing with the Dewalt DW715. In terms of price, it is considerably higher than the Hitachi C10FCG and also higher than the Dewalt DW715. However, there is a reason for that. The laser on this compound miter saw ensures that once you start making a cut, you’ll be sure to have it done perfectly.

Along with the laser perks of the Skil 3821-01 miter saw, you also have 9 positive miter stops on it, to ensure you feel ease and comfort when using this miter saw. You’ll always be in control of the saw and make the perfect cuts at desired angles. You can also notice a glaring similarity this miter saw has with the Dewalt DW715, is that they are both 12 inch miter saws. This does inherently mean both of these miter saws will be more versatile when cutting larger pieces of wood. 

Unfortunately this miter saw does come with the added liability of being very heavy at around 45 pounds and being twice the weight of the Hitachi C10FCG. However, it is similar to the Dewalt miter saw, and if you don’t mind adding a bit more cash to splash, then this miter saw’s laser cutting might just give it the edge!

  • Laser cutting is extremely accurate
  • Included positive stops
  • Durable miter saw
  • Has a quick mount system
  • Quite heavy
  • Little expensive

Homecraft H26-260L, 10 inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

The Homecraft H26-260L is the next option on our list, and is one of the cheapest options you’ll come across. This is another 10 inch single bevel compound miter saw like the Hitachi C10FCG miter saw, with only a few variations to it.

Unfortunately the Homecrafft H26-260L falls lower on the list due to its lack of available stops. You can only move the blade to 5 different stops. While this may lower your versatility in terms of cuts, the blade is powerful enough to make cuts through pieces of wood in one swift movement. Not to mention, it will stay true to its cut. This saw is built for the comfort of its owner and is considered very ergonomic. You have an electronic brake that helps you when you start working, and also a firm and sturdy grip on the saw that helps provide you comfort during long stretches of cutting.

Overall this is a very worthwhile compound miter saw if you’re looking to reduce the amount of money you end up spending. Not to mention, the Homecraft H26-260L is quite lightweight and will be very portable in case you need to move around.

  • Safe and ergonomic design
  • Very cheap
  • Makes clean, precise and accurate cuts
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Only 5 positive stops
  • Not the most powerful motor

Makita LS1040, 10 inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Our last product is the Makita LS1040 compound miter saw. This miter saw comes in at around the price of the Dewalt DW715 and Skil 3821-01. However, it’s only a 10 inch miter saw; so where’s that extra increase in price coming from? Well, this miter saw is built with an aluminium base alongside other features such as its rails, making it one of the best built miter saws out there. You can rely on this machine to last ages.

Does that mean the others aren’t that durable? On the contrary, that just means that this miter saw is much more reliable than the already durable machines we have talked about in this article. The saw goes up till 45 degree angles to the left for you to make your bevel cuts, and 0 to 45 degree angles to the left for miter cuts and 0 to 52 degree angles to the right. 

All in all the Makita LS1040 miter saw is a clean and precise miter saw allowing you to get your desired cuts. You can also use the 9 positive stops within the mechanism to help you get the exact angles you need. It helps further knowing that this durable machine loses its aesthetics to help its functionality, along with the fact that it is very lightweight and portable!

  • Lightweight and portable
  • 9 positive stops
  • Very durable and long lasting
  • Not as versatile as other saws

Considerations to Make When Buying A Miter Saw

10 inch or 12 inch Miter Saw?

What is the difference when it comes to these sizes? Well, the 10 and 12 inch determine the type of blades you’ll be able to use with your miter saw. How does that differ normally? Well, with 12 inch blades, they’ll be more expensive. That’s mostly based on the fact that they will have more teeth on them, which allows for cleaner cuts on your pieces of wood. However, that mostly comes into play for very intricate woodworking needs. 

If you’re new to woodworking or are involved with simple tasks around the house, a 10 inch miter saw should do the trick for you. Professionals however, should always opt for a 12 inch miter saw! That’s why we have made available a few different choices, between 10 and 12 inch miter saws; where some are more expensive and others less.

Best Inexpensive Miter Saw Requirements

When it comes to buying your saw on a budget, you’ll need to have a few things in mind. Maybe you want to engage in crown molding, but don’t want to splash your money into it. We’ll tell you what these factors are that you need to keep in check!

Laser Guide

A laser guide does what it says. It is a laser built within your miter saw that helps you keep track of your cuts, and make them as precise and accurate as possible. No matter how cheap you want to go on your miter saw, make sure it has a sufficiently working laser guide.


When it comes to your saw, a motor is a very key component of it. Without a powerful motor, you won’t be able to fully appreciate a miter saw. A 15-amp motor is pretty much the advisable motor to be going for when you are searching for your saw. This will allow your blade to easily slice through the piece of wood you’re cutting. It’ll also allow you to have cleaner cuts, and make tasks such as crown molding easier.

Blade Guard

One of the most important features of a miter saw. Never ever use your saw without having a blade guard attached to it. Blade guards work in the sense of covering your blade whenever it is not in use, and slowly moving out of the way when you bring your blade down to make a cut. With how powerful a 15 amp motor or any motor can be, you don’t want to take any risks.

Standard or Compound Miter Saws?

A standard miter saw is one that will only come fitted with a miter gauge and allow you to make either crosscuts or miter cuts. While they are useful, we always advise you to get a compound miter saw. These come with bevel gauges and allow you to make bevel cuts. However, in addition to bevel cuts, you can mix both of these cuts together to create compound cuts. Your blade will have both a bevel angle and a miter angle. In the case you ever want to branch out into further work, a standard miter saw will disallow you from doing so. However, a compound miter saw is always handy to have, and it is handy to learn more about compound miter saws.

There are also a few differences in compound miter saws as well, as we will discuss below.

Single or Dual Bevel?

Bevel cuts are very much required in many forms of wood cutting. If you’re doing any sort of complicated work, you’ll need to make bevel cuts. A single bevel miter saw allows you that luxury. However, you can only swing your blade to one side with it. When it comes to a dual bevel miter saw, you can swing it both ways and allow yourself a lot of increased flexibility and comfortability when it comes to making cuts. Not to mention, crown molding or any work becomes a lot easier; even working in tight spaces!

When it comes to selecting the best affordable miter saw, you will find it hard to manage a double bevel compound miter saw. That’s why the ones we have displayed are single bevel miter saws which get the job done very well. They only hinder you a little bit, so it isn’t the biggest worry.

Miter Saw Stand

Saw stands are a relatively handy thing to have whenever you’re working with heavy machinery, such as these. However, it’s not completely necessary you have one. These do help you out tons though. If you’re working in a different area and not your ordinary set up, then you could use a miter saw stand to help you keep your saw up at a comfortable height. You can definitely do with learning all about miter saw stands, if you ever feel the need to acquire one! Help keep yourself safe from the blade!


  • What is a miter saw?

    A miter saw is a woodworking tool that allows you to cut wood pieces with different types of cuts. You can make cross cuts, miter cuts, bevel cuts and compound cuts. You can only make bevel and compound cuts if your miter saw has a bevel gauge on it. Miter saws are one of the most useful tools in someone’s arsenal.

  • Is a sliding miter saw worth it?

    A sliding miter saw is definitely an upgrade from a standard one. However, the most important thing about a miter saw is its ability to cut with accuracy, and also its durability. If a sliding miter saw can offer longevity and precise cuts, then it is definitely an upgrade you should get.

  • Do I need a miter saw stand?

    Miter saw stands are very useful to woodworkers, especially if they do it on a regular basis. Besides the ergonomic usefulness it provides, it also allows the users to have better accuracy and more stability when working. So if you can afford it and have the space, you should definitely look into it.

The Takeaway

We hope you could come to a conclusion on what the best budget miter saw is for you! For us? We’d have to pick the Dewalt DW715 miter saw. This provides all of the necessary perks you’re going to need along with a reasonable price. If you’re familiar with Dewalt, you’d know that their prices can be a little jacked up when it comes to products. However, the quality is always there regardless. So to get such an affordable piece of hardware with their reassured quality? Great deal. Not to mention, the clean and sophisticated cuts available with this miter saw, you won’t have any problems! The Hitachi C10FCG also has a great deal of these benefits, but the Dewalt DW715 being a 12 inch miter saw, beats the Hitachi with ease. Hopefully you feel right about one of the saws we’ve showcased, and manage to get the best budget miter saw for you!

Best 12 inch Miter Saws 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best 12 inch Miter Saw

With how much technology has progressed in the world till today, competition for brands have risen to a higher standard in every sector. Thus, when it comes to miter saws, you’ll find that even in the niche of 12 inch miter saws, there is a ton of competition! Thus, we’ve gone through various different ones, and found the best 12 inch miter saws for you! These have been compared amongst various miter saws for many different factors, as you’ll see us discuss thoroughly!

Best 12 Inch Miter Saws Comparison Chart

Product Picture

Product Name




DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780)

Type: Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM: 15 amp, 3800


Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD - 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade

Type: Dual Bevel Sliding Glide Compound Miter Saw
Motor and RPM: 15 amp, 3800


Makita LS1221 12" Compound Miter Saw

Type: Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM:
15 amp, 4000


Makita LS1219 12" Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser

Type: Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM: 15 amp, 3200


DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw (Discontinued)

Type: Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM: 15 amp, 4000


Now that we’ve gotten the gist of the 5 best 12” miter saws, let’s dive deeper and find out what puts them up there shall we?

5 Best 12 Inch Miter Saws Reviews

Dewalt DWS780, Best 12 inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Our first product is the Dewalt DWS780, and in our opinion it is the best 12 inch miter saw out there, along with being the best 12 inch compound miter saw! First off, what assures of the quality and durability of this product is that it is a Dewalt product. They’ve acquired a name for making some quality woodworking tools, and the Dewalt DWS780 definitely lives up to the brand value!

Apart from the just the face value of the Dewalt DWS780, the entirety of the miter saw is made up of a stainless steel base, and the build of the entire miter saw is designed to be durable throughout tons of tough work. With the positive detent plate installed in the miter saw, you have positive stops for your blade at angles of 0, 22.5, 33.9, 45 and 49 degrees. Yes, the bevel angle goes from 0-49 degree angles. On top of that, the miter gauge will allow you to swing 60 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right. So, you’ll never lack versatility when it comes to the best 12 inch saw! 

You can also rest assured that the Dewalt DWS780 will be extremely capable of handling crown molding, with a great tall fence, that will accommodate large pieces of wood easily. One of the few things that this miter saw falters on, is the fact that its dust collection system sometimes clogs up too fast. However, you won’t be worried about it too much; whereas the high powered 15 amp motor will run through your pieces fast and accurately!

  • High powered saw with precise cuts
  • Very durable
  • Motor remains cool with dual copper windings
  • Easy to use
  • Dust collection system falters occasionally

Bosch GCM12SD, 12 inch Dual Bevel Sliding Glide Compound Miter Saw

Our second product today is the Bosch GCM12SD miter saw, and it’s another one with great brand value behind it! What separates this from the rest of the competition is the unique patented sliding glide mechanism that Bosch have implemented on it. What does it do? Well, when you’re using this miter saw, you’ll feel like this is the smoothest miter saw you’ll ever use. And for some, it still lives up that reputation. The ease at which you can guide the blade on this miter saw is on another level.

The Bosch GCM12SD also comes with the exclusive axial glide mechanism, that allows for it to make compact cuts with ease. Not to mention, you’ll maintain the utmost accuracy and precision when making your cuts. Since it’s also a dual-bevel miter saw like the Dewalt DWS780, you’ll have the versatility to make various types of cuts. The miter gauge detents are stainless steel as well, making you comfortable about how durable this saw will be. 

You’ll also be able to make easy adjustments with the square lock fences, on both sides of the rails. However, seeing as the Bosch GCM12SD doesn’t falter, you could be wondering why it falls behind the Dewalt miter saw. Well, it is just a matter of comfortability with us and how seamlessly the Dewalt DWS780 cut through wood pieces. The Bosch GCM12SD is still a perfectly good choice as well.

  • Patented Sliding Glide system
  • Exclusive Axial Glide system
  • Can accommodate for larger crown molding
  • Has a soft-grip ambidextrous handle for comfort
  • Quite heavy
  • Slightly expensive

Makita LS1219L, Best Portable 12 inch Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw with Laser

Our next product is a Makita miter saw, and it is the Makita LS1219L. What’s best about this miter saw is that this is another lightweight miter saw for you, and this one is our top pick for the best 12” miter saw for portability! It also has a 15 amp motor with 3200 RPM that allows it to easily make cuts through your material.

With its dual bevel ability, you can shift the blade on the Makita LS1219L miter saw within the range of 0 to 48 degree angles either side, for bevel cuts. When it comes to the miter gauge, you can make miter cuts by tilting the blade 60 degrees to the either side, with positive stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45 and 60 degrees on both the left and right side. Extremely versatile right? 

Among its features, it also has an electric brake added to ensure you are able to quickly stop your blade from moving, if needed. The Makita LS1219L miter saw also has a dust collection system, but you only get the dust bag upon purchase. The dust vacuum is sold separately. A couple of things that could make you shy away from this miter saw, is that it is quite hefty in price, and the manual isn’t really clear on how to use this miter saw (even if you’re well acquainted with miter saws).

  • Includes a good laser for better and cleaner cuts
  • 15 amp motor makes it a strong miter saw
  • Best portable miter saw
  • Durable
  • Hefty price
  • Confusing instruction manual
  • Dust vacuum sold separately

Makita LS1221, 12 inch Compound Miter Saw

Our fourth product we have on for show is the Makita LS1221 compound miter saw. One thing that lets it down compared to the other saws, is the fact that this is a single bevel saw. However, despite only being able to use it on the left side of the blade, you can make 9 positive bevel stops! This miter saw also has a great advantage of being a very durable miter saw with the least amount of plastic bits in it. 

You can easily accommodate the Makita LS1221 miter saw to make great crown molding cuts as well. This miter saw is also fitted to be more powerful than most other miter saws, with 5000 RPM with a 15 amp motor. This will allow you to cut through your materials faster than most other saws. 

Some more great features of this miter saw allow it to be one of the more ergonomic in designs. It has a great ‘D’ shaped handle that allows you to grasp the miter saw easily and with comfort. This added on with the electric brake makes it really easy to use the miter saw. You can use the electric brake to bring the miter saw to a complete stop really easily.

  • Extremely portable, low weight
  • Very powerful with 15 amp motor and 5000 RPM
  • Ergonomic design
  • Electric brake makes it easier to use
  • Single bevel compound miter saw

Dewalt DW715, 12 Inch SIngle Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Our last product we have on the list is another Dewalt miter saw! The Dewalt DW715 is falls behind the rest with a few features that aren’t on par with the rest of the miter saws. One being the fact that it is a single bevel miter saw, hence you lack the versatility of being able to tilt your blade both sides. Another one is that it is considerably noisy when in use, and can be a bit inconvenient. 

However, the Dewalt DW715 miter saw does have its merits. It does have a detent plate for miter cuts, and is impeccably accurate when it comes to making cuts. You’ll find changing angles while making numerous cuts to be very easy. This is helped by the stainless steel detent plate providing you with 11 positive stops. Even though the miter saw is single bevel, you can tilt your blade from 0 to 48 degree angles to the left. On top of that, there are positive stops on your bevel gauge at 0, 33.9 and 45 degree angles, to assist you with crown molding!

While this miter saw may be at the bottom of this list due to some features, the Dewalt DW715 has a very powerful 15 amp motor with 4000 RPM, which is able to cut through its materials with ease! So despite the drawbacks, you can definitely find this to be a very handy tool!

  • Powerful motor
  • Durable miter saw
  • Is a sliding compound miter saw
  • Single bevel saw
  • Noisy

A Buyer’s Guide for Miter Saws

Now that you know our choices in the 5 best 12 inch miter saws for you, it’s time to know what features and traits these miter saws have, that you should look out for! While there is an ideal setting to every factor, it is key for you to remember that there will be trade offs between each perk when you’re trying to select one of yourself.


Durability is something you always have to keep in mind, especially if you want the best out of your miter saw. Or any tool for that matter. The factor of durability becomes more prominent based on how often you’re going to be using it. 

If you’re a professional woodworker, this is something you can not skim out on. You’ll always have to look for the top pick in terms of durability as well as functionality. However, if you’re just a hobbyist who occasionally does some small work, you don’t really have to be fussed about the best in terms of durability.

It is always wise to pick the best one out regardless.


We’ll move onto functionality next, as it goes hand in hand with durability. One of the biggest trade offs that you’ll have to make. Some miter saws might provide better functionality based on the features and perks they have. However, this causes them to lack in terms of durability.

Now, it isn’t the case all the time, but most times you’ll be in a dilemma of choosing between the longest running miter saw versus the most efficient miter saw. However, be sure to make a proper choice, as functionality determines the ease of use of a miter saw, along with how optimized it is.

Cutting Capacity

Considering you’re already on the hunt for 12 miter saws, you’re expecting to be cutting things that most other miter saws can’t handle. In that case, you’ll also need to focus on the cutting capacity of your miter saw.

The cutting capacity will not only make it easier for you to work because of the miter saw’s capability, but you’ll also gain tons of flexibility in the cuts you make. You’ll also have a much easier time in making crown molding cuts, if your miter saw has a high cutting capacity.


Since we’re speaking of versatility and flexibility, we need to look at the bevel of a miter saw. As you’ve seen from our list (and your experience probably), you can get single bevel miter saws, and double bevel miter saws. What’s the difference?

Well, a single bevel only allows your miter saw’s blade to be tilted to one side, whereas a double bevel allows the blade to tilt to both sides. You can also find sliding compound miter saws, that allow for you to move the blade’s position forward, allowing you to cut bigger pieces of material. 

A sliding miter saw is definitely the best among the three, but that’s where the price comes in. Let’s not get off topic though. If you want the best flexibility and versatility in your woodwork, then you should definitely look towards getting a sliding miter saw. However, if you’re not that keen on it, double bevel miter saws should work just fine for your bevel cuts and there are a lot of these saws on the market. 

A single bevel also works fine, but it limits you from doing more complex jobs in the future without having to spend on another miter saw.


This is the most obvious one that comes with any power tool you’re looking for. Your top pick for a miter saw should definitely make accurate cuts. From bevel cuts to miter cuts, you’ll need to know the blade on your miter saw is good, along with the other features it has built in it (such as a laser). 

This is a factor which you cannot make any trade offs in if you want smooth and clean cuts on your materials. However, if you’re dealing with lumber or materials which don’t require clean cuts, then you don’t have much to worry about.

Fences and Gauges

Accuracy of your miter saw can also depend on the fences and gauges of your saw. The fences are in-built parallel devices that help keep your materials straight, to help make true cuts. 

Gauges on the other hand help to make precise angles for you to help get the perfect cut (for example: miter gauge). It’s best to ensure your choice for miter saw has the best of both!

Motor and RPM

The motor on a miter saw helps determine how much power the entire tool has. For a power tool such as a 12 inch saw, you’ll want to make sure you have high powered motors, such as 15-amp motors. Most of the miter saws you’ll see nowadays have 13-amp motors at least, but 15-amp motors provide the best work. 

RPM also helps determine how well your saw will work. How easily a 12 inch miter saw will be able cut through thicker and harder materials, depends on the RPM. The higher the better.

Using A Miter Saw

If you’re going to just acquire one of these tools, then it is best if you learn about them, and how you go about using a miter saw!

The Takeaway

Now that we have gone through the whole list, we can reiterate that the best 12 inch miter saw is the Dewalt DWS780 in our opinion. This miter saw gives you the whole package in terms of a great motor that can cut easily through your materials. Not to mention, you’ll get very accurate cuts all the way through, without any rough edges left. The Dewalt DWS780 did get rivalled by the Bosch GCM12SD, and just edged it out. When it comes to these power tools, we’ve gone through a lot of testing and research to ensure you get the best tool to help you out based on features and performance!

Best 10 Inch Miter Saws 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best 10 inch Miter Saw

When you think about power tools for woodworking, miter saws are one of the most useful tools available nowadays. They offer you so much in terms of easy work, that without one, you’d be at a disadvantage nowadays. Thus, we have gone ahead and compiled a list of the 5 Best 10 inch miter saws for you! We’ll go through each tool thoroughly and discuss what gets them onto the list!

Best 10 Inch Miter Saws Comparison Chart

Product Picture

Product Name




Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw - 15 Amp Corded 10 in. Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60-Tooth Carbide Saw Blade

Type: Dual Bevel Sliding Glide Compact Miter Saw

Motor and RPM
: 15 amp, 4800


Makita LS1018 10-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw

Type: Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM
:13 amp, 4300


DEWALT Miter Saw, Single Bevel, Compound, 10-Inch, 15-Amp (DWS713)

Type: Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM: 15 amp, 5000


Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Type: Dual Bevel SLiding Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM: 13 amps, 1400-3400


Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10" Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Type: Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Motor and RPM:15 amp, 5000


Let’s dive deep into each of these products and see what makes them good enough to be the top 5, shall we?

5 Best 10 Inch Miter Saws Reviews

Bosch CM10GD, best 10 Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Glide Compact Miter Saw

Our first and top product we have on for show today is the Bosch CM10GD miter saw. There is a lot that is right with this miter saw, and that’s why it is the best choice for 10 inch miter saws in our opinion. One interesting thing that makes this the best 10 inch miter saw, is the fact that it has an exclusive feature, which is the Bosch Axial-Glide system, that enhances the accuracy of this miter saw. It provides you with better alignment of the saw’s blade, and provides the best crosscuts!

Among the many great features the Bosch CM10GD miter saw has, you also receive a very compact saw, that reduces upto 10 inches in terms of working space. Knowing the brand value of Bosch, you’re also granted the luxury of receiving a very good product in terms of durability. You can rest assured this product will last you for ages! With the double bevel system, you’ll be easily able to shift your blade towards both sides. Both sides also come with positive stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45 degree angles, and an added 60 degree stop on the right side. 

Among these extensive features, the Bosch CM10GD also has the necessities of a dust cleaning system, along with a chop-lock feature that will help you if you’re looking to make crown molding cuts. However, all of these features do come with a fairly expensive price tag, which is the only primary concern with this miter saw.

  • Patented Axial-Glide system
  • Compact, so reduces required work space
  • Powerful saw, and makes cuts easily
  • Dust bag and vacuum comes along with the saw
  • Fairly expensive for a 10 in miter saw

Makita LS1018, Best 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Our second best product we have for you today is the Makita LS1018 sliding compound miter saw. In our opinion, this is the best 10” sliding miter saw for you. The sliding feature itself makes this saw to be one of the better options out there. With this ability, you can ensure your saw will be capable of cutting larger pieces of wood with ease. Your blade can easily run forward to make jobs like crown molding much easier. 

The Makita LS1018 is also a dual bevel miter saw, which makes it very versatile in its ability to make cuts. For the bevel cuts, you can tilt your blade to both the left and right side upto 45 degree angles, and the miter gauge achieves 60 degrees to the right and 47 degrees to the left. It may have a lower motor than the Bosch CM10GD at 13 amps, but it can still provide a blistering 4300 RPMs, which will allow it to easily slice through most materials.

The Makita LS1018 also gains more positive points with the fact that it is very lightweight and thus, very portable. While this is the best 10 inch sliding miter saw, sometimes the sliding mechanism can be rough to use, but otherwise the overall mechanism of the tool is outstanding, especially for the price!

  • Quite cheap
  • Very portable
  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • Sliding miter saw
  • Sliding mechanism can be a bit rough

Dewalt DWS713, 10 Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Our third product on show today is from Dewalt, and it is the Dewalt DWS713 compound miter saw. Now, this miter saw had the potential to be the best 10 inch compound miter saw, however, it fell down to third based on the fact that it is a single bevel miter saw. This means that it lacks a certain versatility, especially when compared to the Bosch CM10GD which has its own patented features in the mix. It also lacks behind any sliding compound miter saws, due to the versatility they get (such as the Makita LS1018).

However, this is a Dewalt product, and they are known to make some of the best miter saws out there, and this is a great saw overall. With the added brand value, you can be sure that this miter saw will be very durable, and you can count on it to last you a while. On top of that, you’ll definitely get precise and straight cuts whenever you use it. You’ll easily make changes to any angles you need with the stainless steel detent plates. The Dewalt DWS713 is also equipped with a 15 amp motor that goes up till 5000 RPMs, and can effortlessly cut through materials.

However, one drawback of this miter saw is the fact that at such high RPMs, the machine can get a little too noisy and have increased vibrations. Overall though, this machine does live up to the Dewalt name, and the Dewalt DWS713 is one of the best 10 inch miter saws out there.

  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • Powerful saw
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Single bevel miter saw
  • Excessive noise and vibrations at high RPM

Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120, 10 Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Our next product is the Kapex KS 120, and it is another sliding miter saw. This saw has quite a few good features that place it in good ranking. One is very helpful that you don’t find in all miter saws; forward rails. The rails help you in the process of using the miter saw, as with all of them. However, with forward rails, you can line this miter saw up against the wall and save yourself a lot of space in tight workshops.

A feature that is highly unique however, is the fact that you can change the speed on this miter saw, and it ranges from 1400 RPM to 3400 RPM. You can also rest assured that the Kapex KS 120 will make some of the cleanest and accurate cuts out there. You can also gain a lot of versatility as it is a dual bevel saw, and has four detents built in it. 

The Kapex KS 120 has many unique features, another one being the trenching capability. You can simply just use a button on the saw to make trenches in your materials for different kinds of cuts. As a user, you’ll definitely be happy with this machine, but the one drawback could be the lifespan of the motor. 

  • Forward rails, helps in tight spaces
  • Trenching capability
  • Motor speed can be varied
  • Very clean and accurate cuts
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Lifespan of motor

Hitachi C10FCG, 10 Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Our last product for show today is the Hitachi C10FCG, which is a single bevel compound miter saw. You can still make your miter and bevel cuts, but with it being a single bevel miter saw, you lose some versatility that you have with other saws. However, this is still a very capable saw.

The most crucial thing to remember about the Hitachi C10FCG is that it isn’t for a professional setting. It is a great investment in terms of money, because of how cheap it is. However, that comes with the drawbacks in durability. With the removal of certain metal parts, plastic parts were used. This definitely helps you save money by investing in this miter saw, but you it’s only suitable for DIY people. This miter saw is definitely great for making cuts, and you can be sure of that.

For bevel cuts, you can tilt your blade to the left from 0 to 45 degree angles. As for the miter gauge, you can go from 0 to 52 degree angles on either side. With the removal of the metal parts, the Hitachi C10FCG also has a lightweight design that helps when it comes to portability. Of course you also have the dust removal mechanism with the dust bag, to help you that extra bit when you’re working.

  • Very cheap
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • 15 amp motor with 5000 RPM
  • Single bevel miter saw
  • Plastic parts reduce durability
  • Not for professional worksites

A Buyer’s Guide for Miter Saws

In our entire breakdown of all of these miter saws, we’ve focused on a few aspects and perks that these miter saws have. However, some things are just necessary in any miter saw, and we’ll now be discussing what those are!

Cutting Capacity

When it comes to being able to make cuts with your saws easily, cutting capacity is a very important factor. The more free rein you have in this territory, the more versatile your miter saw will feel.

Miter and Bevel Gauges

When it comes to being able to get the perfect angles for your cuts, you’ll need to rely on your gauges. The miter gauge will allow you to get the perfect angle for your miter cuts, and the bevel gauge does the same for bevel cuts. When it comes to the best miter saw, you’ll need to know that your saw can provide the perfect angles to get the best cuts.

Motor and RPM

The motor and RPM of your miter saw basically determine how powerful your miter saw will end up being. The higher the amps on your motor, the more capable it will be of running efficiently through the hard work. The RPM determines how fast your blade will be working, and how easily it can cut through your materials.

Positive Stops

When you’re dealing with numerous measurements and angles in your work, you’ll want to ensure you get the most optimized sequence of working. That’s where positive stops come in. They are built in stops on your miter saw on popular angles, that allow you to save time when you’re working.


Whether you’re a professional worker, or a DIY hobbyist, portability of a miter saw will be key. Depending on whether your work is smaller or larger, you might have to move your tools. This is an easy transition to make if your miter saw is light and can be transported easily.

Dust Clearing Systems

When it comes to being clean while using your miter saw, it would be very tough to do so without clearing your sawdust. That is where the dust clearing system comes in. Not to mention, sawdust has a lot of uses that can help you out! It’s always wise to make sure your preferred miter saw has at least a dust bag and a vacuum that comes along with it.

Using A Miter Saw

It is key to know that you’re clued in on the basics of a miter saw before you acquire one. It can be quite tricky to get to know specific miter saws if you’re not knowledgeable on how standard miter saws work. Definitely learn how to use a miter saw!


While most of the work falls on the saw, a blade is also key in making sure you get all your preferred cuts the way you want them. Depending on how many teeth a blade has, and how you want your wood cut, you’ll need to have the perfect blade. So it can come in handy to know how to change a miter saw blade, and what the best miter saw blade is!

The Takeaway

Now that we have gone through the whole list, and told you all of our recommendations, let us reiterate our choice for the best 10 inch miter saw! It would definitely have to be the Bosch CM10GD. This miter saw has the most benefits on it. The only drawback we could find was that it’s a bit expensive, but you’ve got to pay for something this good! It’s durable enough to last you ages, along with the fact that it will provide you clean and smooth cuts all the time. It may not be a sliding miter saw like the Makita LS1018, but its patented axial glide system allows you to have more versatility anyway. Thus, based on all of our 10 inch miter saw reviews, we have to say that the best 10 miter saw is the Bosch CM10GD! We hope you find your pick, and get your work done effortlessly!

Best Miter Saw Stands For You (2021 Buying Guide)

Best Miter Saw Stand

When it comes to using your miter saw, sometimes you want or need to work in different places. Not everyone is comfortable working with their miter saw on the ground. In that instance comes the miter saw stand, and we’re going to go through our 5 top choices and tell you about the best miter saw stands for you! So sit back and learn all there is to know about miter saw stands.

Best Miter Saw Stand Comparison Chart

Miter Saw Stand




BOSCH Portable Gravity-Rise Wheeled Miter Saw Stand T4B


DEWALT Miter Saw Stand With Wheels (DWX726), Yellow


DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty (DWX723)


BORA Portamate PM-4000 - Heavy Duty Folding Miter Saw Stand with Quick Attach Tool Mounting Bars


ToughBuilt - Roller Stand/Support Stand - Adjustable Miter Saw Extension, Folds Flat for Easy Storage, Galvanized Steel Roller, Heavy Duty Roller (TB-S200)


5 Best Miter Saw Stands Reviews

Bosch T4B Gravity Rise, Best Miter Saw Stand with Wheels

Our first product and the best miter saw stand in our opinion is the Bosch T4B. There are a few different positives to this saw stand. One of the most important being it comes with a warranty. That only implies that Bosch knows that this miter saw stand is built to last a while.

Apart from that, the Bosch T4B has a universal miter saw mount, so you won’t have any trouble finding a miter saw to fit into it. One of the key problems with most miter saw stands. As for your working material, you’ll be able to fit 18 feet of material on the stand whenever you need to make a cut. 

One of the biggest positives with Bosch is that they usually have some patented concepts applied to their products; in this case being the Gravity Rise system. This makes the Bosch T4B saw stand very easy to assemble and carry around. This portability is increasingly helped by the fact that it can be folded up. Not to mention you’ll also find the stand to be extremely sturdy whenever you’re doing work!

Unfortunately the Bosch T4B miter saw stand does have certain parts made of plastic, which isn’t the best material to have when you’re working with heavy duty materials. However, this definitely qualifies as the best rolling miter saw stand!

  • Wheeled Stand
  • Assembles easily
  • Mounting system is universal
  • Can support 18 feet of material
  • Certain parts are plastic

Dewalt DWX726 Miter Saw Stand with Wheels

Following up we have the Dewalt DWX726 miter saw stand, and this is the best Dewalt saw table you’ll get. Everyone knows Dewalt and their reliability as a brand in terms of tools. This one lives up to that mark as well, being a very sturdy miter saw stand and being able to hold a whopping 300 pounds of material on it. Also keep in mind that Dewalt provides a 3 year limited warranty on their product, ensuring its quality!

While the DWX726 does have a great ability to work with heavy objects, why is it behind the Bosch T4B? Well, its inability to be folded up has placed it behind the Bosch saw stand. However, the DWX726 is easy to set up and once you’ve set it up; you don’t have to worry about it again! Let’s also keep in mind that this saw stand also has a universal mounting system, making your life easier for a choice in miter saws. 

The Dewalt DWX726 does not fold, but you can move it around on its wheels. One side has a typical two leg system to hold it up with the other side having two wheels. It also has pneumatic locks that allow you to easily set the height of the saw stand fast. Unfortunately, customer reviews have tended to mention that the assembly is quite hard to understand on the instruction manual.

  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Wheels for portability
  • 300 pounds material capacity
  • Pneumatic locks for easy height adjustment
  • Needs to be set up once
  • Expensive
  • Confusing instructions

Dewalt DWX723 Miter Saw Stand (Heavy Duty)

Yes, our next product is again a Dewalt saw table. This one is the Dewalt DWX723 miter saw stand. With this being a Dewalt product, you can rest assured on the warranty and the quality of this product being top notch. 

However, we do have to point out that unlike the Dewalt DWX726 this miter saw stand does lack wheels. On the contrary to that negative point though, the Dewalt DWX723 is very lightweight, which sort of makes up for the lack of wheels. Not to mention, despite it being so lightweight, it can still hold up to 500 pounds of material. In addition to being able to hold 500 pounds worth of stuff, it can also contain 16 feet of material. If you thought the 16 feet was also it, you’d be wrong. This saw stand has levers that allow you to extend your table further in case you need it!

Knowing you have extended space available is great, but what helps it more is knowing that the ends of your saw stand are non-marring. This means that your miter saw stand can hold your material in, without you having to worry about it being scratched. One thing the Dewalt DWX723 has in common with the Bosch T4B is that it can also fold up. The ability to fold really helps to alleviate the tension of this miter saw stand not having wheels, and makes it one of the best!

  • Very lightweight
  • Can be folded
  • Has non-marring edges
  • Table can be extended
  • Capacity of 500 pounds
  • Holds 16 feet of material
  • No wheels
  • Expensive

Bora Portamate PM-4000, Folding Miter Stand (Heavy Duty)

Next on our list is the Portamate PM-4000, and this is the best value for money miter saw stands out there! If you think you’ll have lackings in terms of quality because of the price, then fear not! This miter saw delivers just like the others.

While this miter saw delivers on the quality like the others, it does miss out on some other factors. One of the more obvious ones is that it has no wheels. The PM-4000 however, does make it up by being completely foldable and lightweight. So you can definitely rest assured of its portability. 

As for its capability, it can hold up to 500 pounds and 10 feet of material. It is impressive for such a cheap saw stand to have a weight capacity of 500 pounds, but only being able to hold 10 feet of material is kind of poor. A lot of people might shy away from this saw stand just for that. 

While this may lack in some places, for the price; this miter saw stand will deliver for your heavy duty needs easily all the while allowing you to carry it wherever needed! Just like the other saw stands as well, this one has a universal miter saw mount.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Very affordable
  • Completely foldable
  • Universal mounting system
  • No wheels
  • Fits only 10 feet of material

ToughBuilt TB-S200 Miter Saw Roller Stand/ Support Stand (Heavy Duty)

Our last miter saw stand comes is the ToughBuilt TB-S200 and this will also impress you with its build and affordability.

It is pretty obvious that this is unlike the other miter saw stands in that it has a different outlook. However, it comes with an adjustable miter saw extension that allows you to change the height very smoothly and efficiently. From the picture you can see the custom feet that this stand possesses. Well, these are built to keep the stand secure and stable, which is key when you’re doing work with your saw.

The stand itself is a custom TB product, and is built with a roller to help secure your miter saw on top easily and with safety. Not to mention the TB-S200 is made completely of galvanised steel, making it extremely durable. While you’d be put off with the lack of wheels it has, you should know that this is a very lightweight stand and can be folded completely. So that will definitely help when you need to move it from one place to another. For the price that the TB-S200 comes at, this is a great choice for miter saw stands. Unfortunately it can only sustain 10 feet of material for the miter saw work.

  • Very durable
  • Very lightweight
  • Can be folded completely
  • Is compatible with most brands of saws
  • Very affordable
  • No wheels
  • Contains 10 feet of material

Considerations to Make Before Buying A Miter Saw Stand

Types of Miter Saws

Going to buy the best miter saw stand definitely stands as a good idea, but it is also best if you educate yourself on the different types of miter saw stands available to your discretion.

Traditional Miter Stands

From the name, you can gather that this miter saw stand is the most basic design of them all. Not to mention, this type of miter saw stand is becoming increasingly hard to use for most woodworkers. Why? Well, this stand comes with no wheels. Being the traditional miter stand, it’s meant to stick to one place and allow you to do your work there. So, if you’re trying to move around with your stand, then these are not the ones for you.

However, considering how well-built and heavy these miter saw stands are, they allow you to be storing an impressive amount of materials and tools on top of them. Best part is, you won’t have to worry about them collapsing on you.

Rail Miter Stand

These are one of the most popular types of stands you’ll find on the market these days. They come with the distinct design of having four pull-out legs. However, if you’re assuming that these would fail to make the stand sturdy, then you’d be pleasantly surprised!

If you’re still not convinced on these, these legs come out of a horizontal rail on the stand, and you will find clamps to place on them.These clamps are not fixed to certain locations, but can be placed anywhere on the rail, giving you increased versatility with them. Most of these saw stands come with the ability to house various types of miter saws as well, leaving you with quite a few choices!

Table Top Stand

These are basically miter saw stands that are basically a flat table, with a saw on the top. These do tend to have negatives about them in the sense of their portability. Being very similar to the rail miter stand, these saw stands differ in the sense that you have to nail them down. So you’re going to be stuck in one place. Not to mention, you’ll also have to bolt down your miter saw on the top of the table as well. Not the best choice, if you’re going to need to move your saw around.

However, if you don’t have problems with mobility when it comes to miter saw stands, then you can definitely look into these, as they are also very versatile in the various types of miter saws they can house.

One Handed Folding Stands on Wheels

One of the more popular miter saw stands on the market these days, and with good reason! These provide you with the means to easily get your work done, and be mobile with them as well. How?

Well, from the name you can deduce the reasonings, but let’s dive into them. These types of stands are able to hold heavy amounts of materials, along with a good length as well (depending on the brand you’ve purchased). They also have the ability to be folded up completely, so you can carry them to and from different places. You’ll find simple instructions on the manuals that allow you to easily guide yourself. You’ll also find wheels on one side of the stand, to allow you to quickly and easily shift your stand from its place. 

They are also designed to be easily operated with one hand, based on how easily you’ll be able to use the mechanism of the miter saw stand. Great versatility and very functional!

Compound Stands

Compound stands are a mix of the old breed, with an addition of newer features; allowing them to do well on the market. However, they do come without the benefit of wheels. Instead, they have the old fashioned four legs with two on each side. They are very light and portable though, so you can make it work if you have to move around! Not to mention, they’re also very study, and a compound stand will get the job done for you!

Features of Miter Saw Stands

We’ve gone and listed pros and cons of all the miter saw stands we’ve seen here. Let’s now discuss a few of them, and why they’re so essential when you’re considering purchasing a miter saw stand!

Miter Saw Attachment

When you’re browsing through your potential miter saw stands, a key thing to keep in your mind is whether or not your current or future miter saw would be compatible with it. We would suggest you choose your miter saw before choosing your stand, because the saw at the end of the day, will be doing the work. However, as we’ve seen throughout our list, we’ve mentioned that there are universal miter saw stands that can have any miter saw attached to it. So make sure your preferred miter saw stand can do that too!

Saw Stand Weight

This is a point that requires you to have a cost-benefit analysis of your own. You can’t have a stand be completely weightless and expect it perform as well as a heavy duty miter saw stand. However, you don’t want to carry around another heavy item as well, along with your saw and other necessary tools. So, make your own calculations, and reach a verdict of what would be the best for you. Do keep in mind that a miter saw stand needs to be sturdy enough to hold whatever materials you’re working with (lumber or trims for example).

Weight Capacity

Speaking of the weight of the stand itself, you’ll also need to then focus on whether or not the stand can carry all the materials and tools you’ll be working with. As we’ve mentioned briefly in the last point, you’ll want to make the decision based on the weight of your miter saw and your materials. The best portable miter saw stand might not be the most ideal in terms of carrying lumber. So, understand your needs when making a decision.

Size when Folded

It’s very convenient being able to fold up your miter saw completely and store it away. However, you’re also going to have to keep in mind the size of your folding miter saw stand. If you have to carry it around and it doesn’t fit where you need it to when you’re done working with it, then what’s the point. So make sure the folded size of the stand meets the requirement of what you need.

Stability and Sturdiness

We’ve discussed 5 miter saw stands, and be it the Dewalt miter stands, or the Bosch one, you’ll need to make sure they are always sturdy. Of course the ones we have mentioned in our list have been ensured by us to be up to the mark. However, we still feel like it is necessary to mention that you’ll want to keep an eye on this factor!


Buying the best miter saw table will end up costing you quite a few bucks at the end of the day. However, depending on how often you’re going to use it, and the longevity of your use; the price will vary. Of course buying miter saw stands with increasing perks will drive up your price. However, if you’re serious about woodworking as a whole (be it professionally or as a hobby), you need to make sure you’ve thought about your expenditure correctly!

The Takeaway

We hope you’ve managed to come away with your preferred miter saw stand from the list we have made up for you. After thorough research and personal experience, we’ve come to the conclusion of the Bosch T4B being the best miter saw stand out there! In our opinion, the warranty on such heavy duty stands should be there normally. However, Bosch’s patented Gravity-Rise system gives it an edge, in how easy it is to set up. Not to mention, it beats out all the other competition in being able to contain 18 feet of material. You can fit any miter saw on to it with the universal mount, and to sweeten the deal, it’s got a high material capacity as well! So we definitely vouch for this being the best miter saw stand!

Best Miter Saw for Crown Molding (2021 Buying Guide)

Besr miter saw for crown molding

Miter saws are now essential for people who are interested in doing the best work. Whether it be professional work or just work you dabble with at home, you’ll need a miter saw for the complicated stuff; especially for crown molding. That’s why we have picked out the 5 best miter saws for crown molding for you! We have meticulously gone through different products and made sure they fulfil our criterias when it comes to crown molding!

Best Miter Saws For Crown Molding Comparison Chart

Miter Saw

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DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel (DWS780)

Motor: 15-Amp motor
Size: 12 inch
Type: Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw