How to Cut Granite

When you’re looking into the possibilities of making your home decor stunningly beautiful, you want to also make sure you keep the cost as low as possible. Adding granite to your cart for granite countertops or a backsplash is a great idea for that, but we can help you keep your cost low by teaching you how to cut granite!

Gathering Necessary Tools

One of the most important things about any type of manual labor work, is knowing that you have the perfect tools for the job. This ensures you get the job done with the least hassle, and of course with no injuries! Let’s get the layout for our equipment for granite cutting then, shall we?


Now that you know what you’re going to require for this whole process, let’s get into how we’re going to go about it, shall we?

Understanding Your Equipment


  • Granite is one of the hardest stones you’ll find yourself cutting for your house decor. So, it is essential you get all the right tools. For example, we’ve mentioned either a wet saw or dry saw for the circular saw. Why is that? It’s because both of these saws will cut the granite how you need it, but a wet circular saw will ensure that there is less debris in terms of dust, via a small tube that releases water while you’re working. Now that doesn’t mean there will be no dust when you make your cut, however, it helps to ensure you’ve minimized your clean up for the future right?

  • We also want to elaborate on why the workstation is stationed outside in the picture. While your workstation may be indoors (say a garage), cutting granite can get messy, and you’ll thank us later if you start your work outside instead!

  • The Painter’s Tape is also a very helpful asset here. This tape will act as a marker to help you make a cut when you’re cutting granite. Using painter’s tape will ensure you minimized any chipping when you cut granite.

  • The Diamond Blade Saw will be essential in helping you achieve the maximum efficiency when cutting granite.

  • The Clamps will be there to hold your granite slab in position, when you make any cut.

Now, let’s dive right into learning how to cut granite!

How to Cut Granite Slabs

Prepare Workstation

Prepare Workstation

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s best to install a workstation outdoors for this job, but that’s only to help you clean in the future. To prepare your workstation, ensure all of the necessary tools are within your reach. You would also do well to place rags all around your work station, and have that vacuum nearby as well! These are all just to maintain finesse in the project, so it’s up to you how you proceed.

Assemble Granite Slab

Grab whatever granite slab you want to cut, and place it on your workstation. Make sure to clamp it down tight on both sides to ensure your slab stays in place when you’re working! It’s also best to assume safety and wear all of your safety gear now.

Marking your Granite

Marking your Granite

Once you’ve clamped your granite slab down tight, make your measurements for how you want it, and then mark it down with your painter’s tape! This painter’s tape will help you avoid chipping the granite as you’re cutting along.

When you get your measurements, make sure to apply at least 3 layers of the tape, to also ensure you protect the surface of your granite. After placing it, use your marker to mark where you want to cut through the granite.

Cutting your Granite

Now that you’ve made all your markings, you’re ready to proceed to cutting your granite. Take your circular saw and attach the diamond blade you’ve acquired to it. Before you start the saw, make sure you line up the mark with your blade, and follow through once. After you’ve done this, turn on the saw and gently push the blade into the granite. 

It’s key to remember that this process can take up to 15 minutes or longer depending on your piece of granite. It’s best to have someone alongside you while doing this, to help apply some water on the blade during this process, because it can heat up a lot. However, you can avoid this just by getting a wet saw in the first place! 

Once you’ve started cutting, don’t push the blade anymore. Let it do the work itself, and you just guide it along. However, it’s important that you’re always using two

Check and Polish

Once you’ve made your cut, you’ll want to inspect it. Make sure there aren’t any chips and that the surface hasn’t been damaged in the process. Neither of these should be a problem if you’ve layered your painter’s tape enough and on the right spots! Make sure to clean up any debris with a rag (in case of wet saw being used), or with a vacuum.

Once you’re sure you’ve made a nice and neat cut, fit an angle grinder with a diamond grinding wheel. Make sure to polish it properly to get the finishing touch you want, and also to ensure you get it looking how you want!

How To Cut Granite Tile

Granite Tiles can be cut awfully in the same way as granite slabs. Shocking, right? Jokes aside, since the materials are the same, the cutting process will be similar, but require different tools. 

Instead of a circular saw, you’ll have to get a tile saw to cut your tiles. The difference is that for cutting tiles, you’ll have a plethora of choices when it comes to the saws. From handheld saws, to saws hooked in place, to provide the best cut, you’ll be free to make the best choice for yourself! So, why not find the correct tile saw for you?

The Takeaway

While the task of dealing with granite may look hard and overwhelming, you don’t have much to worry about! Once you come to grips with all these terms and machinery, you’ll find this once professional job to be a DIY project for you! However, always maintain the safety measures provided to you, to make sure you avoid injuries. You can now make your own granite countertops, and add that appeal to your home!

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