Electric vs Gas Chainsaws: Reviewed for 2021

If you’ve come to this article, you’re most likely already set on getting yourself a chainsaw. However, should you get an electric chainsaw or a gas powered one? Even electric chainsaws have further breakdowns, so how do you choose? Well, with complete information. Some chainsaws are designed to cut down whole trees, whereas others are designed to help with smaller tasks. We’ll be delving into the breakdown of these chainsaws, and help you find out your perfect choice when it comes to electric vs gas chainsaws!

Electric Chainsaws

Electric Chainsaws

One of the first things you’ll need to know about electric chainsaws is that they are a much more efficient type of chainsaw than their gas counterpart. This not only applies in terms of your efficiency in handling them, but also in the aspect of electric chainsaws having a much more user friendly mechanism. First things first, there are two types of electric chainsaws out there, and it is best that you brush up your knowledge on them.

Corded Electric Chainsaw

A corded electric chainsaw is basically what it says in the name. These chainsaws are very efficient when it comes to both power and precision. The efficiency in power comes from the fact that you don’t end up worrying about your chainsaw getting weaker due to a lack of power based on fuel. Once you plug this chainsaw in the power plug , you’ll be able to work for the entire period of time at optimum capacity. 

When you compare this capability of a corded electric chainsaw, you’ll soon realize how much more convenient it is when compared to a gas powered chainsaw. You won’t have to bother carrying mixer fuel wherever you’re working, and you’ll save both time and won’t be fatigued due to it.

Corded electric chainsaws also have the ability to be built with various types of features that allow for your work to be made much easier. More on that later, as that applies to the other version of an electric chainsaw as well!

Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Cordless Electric Chainsaw

A cordless electric chainsaw is basically the same in principle when compared to the corded electric chainsaw, but with one prime difference, and that is the lack of wires. This difference in mechanics can prove to be both beneficial and problematic for users, based on their needs.

A cordless electric chainsaw or battery powered chainsaw will provide you with all the work you need at a great rate, but they run batteries. This helps out the user massively in one instance, and that is that you can easily carry the chainsaw around with you, without ever being burdened by the weight of mixer fuel or wires. This allows you to work for hours on end with no hindrances, allowing you to do your work with more precision and focus.

One thing that sets battery powered chainsaws in the grand scheme of things is the optimization and longevity of the power source. Sure, using a battery to power your chainsaw can help in a great way, but this also leaves you prone to not having your battery powered chainsaw working at full potential the whole time. As the battery loses power, so does the chainsaw. This might affect your work overall, and cause the work to be hampered.

Overall, a cordless electric chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws out there for people who take on small tasks and don’t require cutting large trees. They also come with features that can be found on corded electric chainsaws, and we’ll get into them now!

Electric Chainsaw Features

A lot of the features you find on electric chainsaws can now also be found on various gas powered chainsaws on the market. However, when it comes to an electric chainsaw, it is essential to remember that these two types of electric chainsaws are even more optimized to utilize these features. 

Some of these electric models come with an automatic lubrication system, and this allows for you to not have to bother with oiling the chain on your chainsaw from time to time. Rather, the chainsaw itself will take care of this for you, and ensure that the machine is running at full power with proper optimization. This comes in very handy when you’re taking care of long tasks, such as taking down large trees. 

Once you start browsing through various electric chainsaws, you’ll also see that they have the ability for a much more efficient chain tensioning system. Most ones you’ll find, will have a tool free mechanism, which enables you to very swiftly make the change you need, and ensure that your power tool is working at maximum potential. Some electric models have even taken a further step to ensure that they have an automatic chain tensioning system. This is much rarer, but is definitely worth taking a look at.

The safety features on electric chainsaws are also on the same level, meaning they are better optimized, not to mention that electric chainsaws are just easier and safer to work with in general, when compared to gas powered chainsaws. 

Another great thing about these electric chainsaws is that they have a lot more scope of being ergonomically friendly for the user. You can keep additional features that not only make the handling of the chainsaw easier, but also make it easier to use for a longer period of time without fatigue. This comes in especially handy when you’re having to cut down trees and small logs. 

Gas Chainsaw

Now that we have the necessary information on the electric chainsaw, let’s look at how it does vs gas chainsaw. Gas chainsaws are basically the most powerful type of chainsaw out there in general, and that goes without saying. They can easily chop down large trees, and come to be equally handy when it comes to cutting up small logs or small trees. 

Gas Chainsaw Features

Gas chainsaws don’t have multiple types like electric chainsaws do, since their basic function is carried out in the one type. However, you will find that the market is filled with various versions of these chainsaws, each an improvement of the older models.

With gas chainsaws being more powerful than electric chainsaws, they will allow you to easily take on tougher jobs, and that too with ease. However, this brings about the issue of your chainsaw being very loud. A gas chainsaw is just that; loud. If you’re a wood cutting enthusiast or just need it to be used in and around your home, a gas chainsaw is probably a tad bit too much for you. These are mostly used by professionals for taking on medium to large tasks. 

An issue with gas chainsaws as we have already mentioned, is the need for you to always carry fuel around. The fuel in itself is a mixture, so you’re always going to have to put in that extra bit of effort, when it comes to gas chainsaws. However, no other type of chainsaw can compete with it in terms of raw power. From branches to trees, you won’t have any problem dealing with tasks, given that the chainsaw is equipped to deal with the tasks. 

Electric Chainsaw vs Gas Chainsaw:

Pros and Cons

Now that you have an idea of both electric chainsaws and gas chainsaws, let’s look into an easy list, detailing the pros and cons of each of these types of chainsaws. 

Electric Chainsaws

Electric Chainsaws
  • Electric chainsaws are easy to use
  • Have good safety features in general
  • Have good ergonomics in the designs
  • Are easily portable
  • Include features that make using the chainsaw easier
  • Don’t require refueling too often/at all
  • Don’t have the same power vs gas chainsaw
  • Are often only equipped to deal with small tasks

Gas Chainsaws

  • Gas chainsaws are very powerful
  • Can easily take on small to large tasks
  • Are easily portable
  • Fuel lasts for a while
  • Gas chainsaws are usually very noisy
  • Often heavier and more expensive than electric chainsaws
  • Gas chainsaws create harmful gas when being used

Electric Chainsaw vs Gas Chainsaw:

Which to Choose?

With all the information now having been given to you about both electric chainsaws and gas chainsaws, which one do you choose? Well, there are a few different factors that come into play when you’re making your final decision on which one to get. Let’s look into those!

Types of Jobs

If you’re a homeowner who is more into taking care of small tasks for your home, electric chainsaws are definitely the perfect choice for you. These chainsaws are much more cleaner, since you don’t have any fuel to deal with, not to mention they are designed to do small and easy tasks swiftly. It also helps that they are usually quite small and can be easily carried around. 

If you’re looking to do more heavy duty tasks such as chopping down large trees or any trees, you’ll want a gas chainsaw. They are often built to deal with more pressure and can easily help you deal with these jobs without any hassle. While the fuels can produce harmful gas, they do last for a lot longer, and will not affect the power provided to your chainsaw overall. 

Bar Lengths

Electric chainsaws are often very rigid in their design, and don’t often come with the ability for changes in bar lengths. If you’ve bought a 12 inch chainsaw, chances are that you’re stuck with it. However, there are definitely electric chainsaws on the market that can offer you removable bars, if that’s what you need. 

Bar lengths are important to ensure you can cut whatever you want. Thus, if you’re looking to take on small tasks that don’t require a long bar length, you’ll be fine with electric chainsaws. However, a gas chainsaw will be really helpful for you if you’re looking for a long bar, because then you’ll have the option of taking care of both large and small tasks. Not to mention, most gas chainsaws come with this ability anyways.


A gas chainsaw as we have already mentioned, is quite loud and might be a hassle for occasional users to come to grips with. Electric chainsaws however, can easily avoid this problem since they don’t make much noise at all. 

Safety and Ergonomic Features

These features nowadays have been introduced to both electric and gas powered chainsaws, so you won’t have to worry too much. However, you should definitely look into the specifics of a chainsaw when you’re purchasing it, to make sure they have sufficient safety measures, and ergonomic features. Power tools definitely require them these days.


Gas chainsaws are often heavier than electric chainsaws. So, if someone wants to avoid the hassle and fatigue of lugging around a bulky gas chainsaw, then an electric one is the best choice for them among the two. 


Gas chainsaws tend to be more expensive than electric chainsaws, when it comes to these two. However, this also depends on the brand and model of the chainsaw you want to acquire. Whether you want the power tool to cut trees or branches, you can always look into the specific products. 

The Takeaway

In the argument of electric vs gas chainsaw, we hope you found your answer! Always make sure to factor in all of these things to ensure you get the best chainsaw for yourself, whether it be electric or gas. A gas powered chainsaw is the most efficient choice for people who will be undertaking large tasks. The gas chainsaw will run for a while on its fuel, and you can also ensure that the chainsaw will have the optimal power when running. You should also keep in mind that gas chainsaws are also quite heavy. Your preferred gas chainsaw may be portable, but might fatigue you in the long run. Electric chainsaws on the other hand, are quiet, efficient and much more cleaner to deal with. They can easily take care of small tasks and are great for the occasional user. When comparing these two types of power tools, the gas chainsaw wins in power. However, the electric chainsaw wins in being easier to use. So make the correct choice for yourself when it comes to the gas or electric chainsaw power tools!

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