5 Best Table Saw Under 500 Dollars 2021 – Home or Jobsite

If you’re thinking about upgrading your DIY woodworking tools, then you’re probably thinking about replacing your handheld saws. The good news is that you won’t have to spend a fortune for this upgrade. The best table saws under $500 will get the job done, while you still have a tool you can easily bring along to a worksite.

You need a table saw when you’ve become a lot more serious with your DIY woodworking. With the right table saw, you get smoother cuts and straighter lines that what you’d get with a regular handheld saw. You’re able to work with harder wood pieces and you can complete your project more quickly with fewer mistakes.

Best Table Saw Under $500 Comparison Table

Product Picture

Product Name


Motor Amp

Motor RPM

Cut depth 45°

Cut depth 90°

Rip Capacity


Dewalt DWE7480XA

48 pounds


4800 rpm

2¼ inches

3⅛ inches

24 inches

Hitachi C10RJ

96 pounds


4500 rpm

2¼ inches

3⅛ inches

35 inches

SKIL 3410-02

67 pounds


5000 rpm

2½ inches

3½ inches

24¼ inches

Bosch GTS1031

52 pounds


5000 rpm

2¼ inches

3⅛ inches

18 inches

ShopSeries RK7240.1

35 pounds


4500 rpm

2½ inches

3 inches

12 inches

Top 5 Best Table Saw under $300 Reviews

Of course, you only maximize the benefits of your table saw if you get a good one. To make sure you get full value for your money, try to pick one from among these fantastic options.

DEWALT 10-Inch Portable Table Saw with Stand (DWE7480XA)

If you’re looking for a nifty table saw for small woodworking projects at home, then you can go with this Dewalt DWE7480XA. It’s quite compact, and you can move it around easily enough as it only weighs 48 pounds. It’s a corded model, so place it near a power outlet.

This comes with a 15amp, 4800rpm motor that works with the preset 24T carbide blades. You’re able to get 24 inches of rip capacity, with 12 inches of maximum rip to the left of the blade. You can cut up to 3⅛ inches at 90 degrees, and up to 2¼ inches at 45 degrees.

The table coating here minimizes the friction so you’re able to cut more smoothly, while the rear feet are adjustable so that the saw is always level even if you’re working on an uneven work space. Instead of a plastic base, you have a metal roll cage base for greater stability and durability.

You’re able to make fast and accurate adjustments, thanks to the rack and pinion telescoping fence rails. You don’t need tools to adjust the guarding components, due to the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. These components are easily accessible, thanks to the onboard storage.

Cleanup doesn’t have to be tedious once you’re done, due to the dust port. The 2.5-inch dust port collects the dust and debris, which also minimizes the risk of a clogged blade.

  • No problem to assemble
  • Effective anti-kick-back mechanism
  • Great anti-kick-back mechanism
  • Durable and stable stand
  • Terrific rip fence gauge
  • You can’t use dado blades on this
  • Miter gauge is a bit flimsy

Hitachi C10RJ 10" 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw with 35" Rip Capacity and Fold and Roll Stand

If you’re confused about the Metabo HPT branding in some ads, that’s just the new name for Hitachi Power Tools. You still get the expected features here, despite the new name. These include the 15-amp motor that gives you up to 4,500 rpm, along with the 10-inch blade with the 40 carbide-tipped teeth.

This is quite easy to use, starting with the soft start function. This function minimizes the noise along with the recoil, so you can start more smoothly. The power switch is larger than usual, and it also features an emergency off safety cover.

The mild start seems surprising at first, since this thing is comparatively huge. It weighs 96 pounds, but then you also get a 35-inch rip capacity. The feed support starts up to 28¾ inches (by 2 inches), but the telescoping table extension offers more, with a ripping capacity of 22 inches to the left.

You get your standard bevel range up to 45 degrees, with a cutting depth of 3⅛ inches at zero degrees and 2¼ inches at 45 degrees. The bevel scale and bevel height adjustment knobs for the blade are on the cabinet front so you’re able to get to them more easily.

For even greater safety, you have a truly effective electric brake that stops the blade rotation almost instantaneously. There aren’t really all that many safety features here, though. But at least it folds for easier storage and transport. When you do open it up for use, it’s stable enough for accurate cuts.

  • Huge rip capacity
  • Soft start with large power switch
  • Electric brake stops the blade immediately
  • Onboard storage for tools
  • Stable when folded out
  • No dado blades
  • Not that many safety features

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

This one is extremely popular, and it’s often out of stock. That’s usually because it’s compact and affordable, but it offers a nice set of useful features that satisfies the needs of so many DIY enthusiasts.

This isn’t all that heavy, since the 20-inch by 26-inch work table is made from aluminum. If you’re working in a rather cramped area, this works out nicely/

This can still extend to 32 inches long when you need more space. The bevel range is from 2 to 47 degrees, and you’re able to get accurate cuts due to the EZ View measurement system and the self-aligning rip fence.

Even the setup is quick and easy thanks to the Quick-Mount system, which uses a heavy-duty steel stand for reliable stability and durability. This won’t wobble at all, so you can get accurate cuts all day long.

This gives you a lot of power, maxing at 5,000 rpm with ample cutting depth and a bevel range of zero to 47 degrees. You’re able to cut down to 3.5 inches at 90 degrees, and to 2.5 inches at 45 degrees. The maximum dado width is 13/15 of an inch.

Perhaps the only notable drawback here is the lack of a dust extraction system. This lack can be annoying for longer projects, since the need to clean up in the middle of the job adds to the time.

  • Fast blade speed
  • Steel stand offers reliable stability
  • Compact
  • Nice rip capacity and cutting depth
  • No dust extraction system

Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031 with One-Handed Carry Handle

Even for experienced DIY enthusiasts, the simplicity of the Bosch GTS1031 design is always great. It’s lightweight at just 52 pounds, and even the setup is simple. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to set everything up.

This comes with the 10-inch carbide blade with 24 teeth, but you can always replace the blade with something better without any trouble. With the Smart Guard System, putting in a new blade takes only a few moments. This also comes with a reliable dado insert capability.

The purchase includes the anti-kickback device, riving knife, and barrier guard, and all of these are easy to put in. The standard blade itself offers an 18-inch rip capacity, with a 2¼-inch cutting depth at 45 degrees. At 90 degrees, that goes up to 3⅛ inches.

It’s easy to move this around, with the handle and the set of wheels underneath. Once you’re done, you can just fold up this table saw and store it easily.

This isn’t really for larger projects, if that 18-inch ripping capacity didn’t clue you in. But this is great for smaller projects, and you can move it around without issue. You also have lots of safety features here, which is great for newbies.

  • Simple setup
  • Easy to move around
  • Dado insert capability
  • Quick blade changes
  • Lots of safety features
  • It’s a bit noisy
  • The clamping lever can be tricky

ShopSeries RK7240.1 13-Amp 10" Table Saw with Stand

With the 13-amp motor, you shouldn’t really rely on this for larger projects. But this works nicely for smaller projects, and also saves you a ton of money along the way. It’s easy to move around, since it weighs less than 35 pounds.

It’s compact, but you still get more than 400 square inches of work space with the cast-aluminum table. You still get the push stick, miter gauge, quick-release rip fence, and blade wrench.

This features a 10-inch adjustable-depth tungsten carbide blade, which bevels up to 45 degrees. It can cut up to 2.5 inches at 45 degrees, and up to 3 inches at 90 degrees.

Your purchase also comes with the sturdy metal leg stand, along with the nifty integrated dust collection port for easier cleanup.

All in all, this is a light-duty table saw for hobbyists, and not for pros. That’s why it’s so affordable, and also quite compact. If you’re not really going to use your table saw too frequently, then you won’t have to shell out the big bucks for a more expensive unit. This one will do, since it works nicely with materials including trim and siding.

  • Very affordable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Plenty of workspace
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a dust port
  • Lacks power for heavy duty use

Safety Tips

Since you’re working with a power tool with sharp teeth that rotates more than 4,500 times per minute, you really must be careful. Here are some tips that can minimize the risk.

  • Never wear any loose clothing that may end up getting caught in the blade.
  • Visibility is always a crucial factor. Make sure you have a bright enough light to work with. Keep your working area clear of all the debris.
  • Put in all the safety accessories that come with the table saw. Make sure they all work even before you power the table saw.
  • Where’s the emergency power switch button? Make sure you know where it is, so you can quickly power off the table saw if anything goes wrong.
  • If you have to make any adjustments while you’re working, make sure that the blade isn’t moving at all. In fact, disconnect the table saw from the power outlet first, just to be on the safe side.
  • Check your work pieces before you feed them to the blade. You’ll want to make sure that there aren’t any foreign objects that can get in contact with the spinning blade.
  • Don’t stand right in front of the blade when you’re cutting wood. Always stand to the side, in case of any kickbacks.
  • Minimize kickbacks by keeping your table saw blade sharp.
  • Don’t work with wet wood pieces. The wet wood may slide and lead to accidents.


Just because you have a $500 budget for a table saw doesn’t mean that you have to go with any table saw with the right price. You also need to make sure that the table saw comes with all the right features.

Perhaps the most crucial feature is that the table saw must give you accurate cuts. That’s what matters the most. Without accurate cuts, you’ll mess up your projects and all your work can look absolutely rubbish.

If you’re a newbie, then it matters greatly that you’re able to use the table saw without too much trouble. If you’re moving the table saw around, then go for a more compact model that you can move from one location to another without any hassle.

Safety features also matter, though you need to take all the safety precautions into account. That’s always up to you, so you better be careful.

All in all, a table saw offers a lot of use for your woodworking project, and you won’t have to spend a lot for a good one. The best table saws under $500 can really give you a lot of help!

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