Best Table Saw Fence: Reviewed With A Buyer’s Guide (2021)

When it comes to using your table saw, you’ll want your output materials to have straight and clean cuts. While a lot of that depends on the blade and saw you use, it also depends heavily on the fence system you’re using. That’s why we’ve gone through some meticulous research to help find 10 of the best table saw fences for you! Not only that, we also have an in-depth buyer’s guide to help you understand what factors are the most important when it comes to purchasing fences!

Best Table Saw Fence Comparison Table

Product Picture

Product Name




Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence Bar, 26-Inch to Right

Fence Length: 36 inches
Weight: 34 pounds


Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails

Fence Length: Fits only 27 inch tables 
Weight: 37.6 pounds


Delta Power Equipment Corporation BC50T2 50-Inch T-Square Fence and Rail System

Fence Length:  50 inches
Weight: 65.2 pounds


Vega U50 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence Bar, 50-Inch to Right

Fence Length:
36 inches
Weight: 38.4 pounds


Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence with Standard Rails, 57-Inch

Fence Length: 57 inches
Weight: 53.3 pounds


Delta, 36-T30T3, 30 in. DELTA T3 Fence System

Fence Length: 30 inches
Weight: 38 pounds


Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence with Long Rails

Fence Length: 79 inches
Weight: 21.2


Delta Power Equipment Corporation BC30T2 30-Inch T-Square Fence and Rail System

Fence Length: 42 inches
Weight: 48.8 pounds


Delta Power Tools 78-919BT2 Biesemeyer Fence, Black

Fence Length: 45 inches
Weight: 31 pounds


WDEAHK 4 in 1 Earphone Cable Converter Compatible

Fence Length: 42 inches
Weight: 45.6 pounds


10 Best Table Saw Fences Review

Vega U26, Best Table Saw Fence System

Our first table saw fence we have for you is the Vega U26, and for us; this is the best aftermarket table saw fence system out there! This table saw fence is very stable and sturdy. When you get this fence, you can tell by a glance, that it is made in a high quality industrial system. Thus, you’ll also be assured of its durability and quality! It also comes in at 34 pounds, but you won’t have to worry about it leaving scratches on your table.

The Vega U26 can easily accommodate most brands of table saws, but in some cases you may need to drill in a few extra holes to make sure it is perfect. When it comes to rip size, you get 26 inches to the right and 8 inches to the left side of the blade, ensuring you get a lot of versatility for your desired rip sizes. You’ll also see that the fence has a very accurate system for making measurements, and this along with the sturdiness of the fence allows you to obtain precise and accurate cuts throughout your work!

As with all tools, the Vega U26 does have some drawback, however, nothing too bad. While it may fit with most models of table saws, it doesn’t work with all of them. Not to mention, the industrial build of the fence system shouldn’t leave any traces of marks. However, we did seem to find a couple of marks on the aluminium build of our fence system.

  • Very stable and sturdy fence
  • Has clamps that help secure it
  • Rails can roll extremely smoothly
  • Allows to make precise and accurate cuts
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t accommodate all table saws
  • Had industrial markings on the build

Shop Fox W1410, Best Budget Table Saw Fence

Our second table saw we’re reviewing is the Shop Fox W1410, and it is the best value table saw fence in our opinion. There are fence systems out there (and in this article), that you’ll find are worth more than many table saws themselves. If you’re trying to avoid getting an accessory more expensive than the tool itself, the Shop Fox W1410 is definitely the one for you. 

It comes in at a weight of 37.6 pounds, so you don’t really have to worry about it scratching up your table when working. It also has a ball bearing system that allows for you to smoothly move along the rails. You will feel the smoothness and have comfort when working with this fence system. The Shop Fox W1410 has a rip size of 25 inches, and that will allow you versatility with various types of cuts!

The W1410 definitely has its downsides too however. It can only work with table saws that have a table of up to 27 inches, which unfortunately rules out you using any large table saws. The Shop Fox W1410 also might require you to drill in extra holes for mounting it. However, with the beautiful measurement system it comes with, you will definitely have a sturdy table saw fence, and one that will always make the right cuts!

  • Excellent value table saw fence
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Rip size of 25 inches
  • Ball bearing system makes the rails smooth
  • Only works with tables up to 27 inches
  • Mounting holes need to be drilled in

Delta Power Equipment Corporation BC50T2, Best Top-end Table Saw Fence

Coming off of the best budget fence, we have for you the best expensive fence system. This is a Delta table saw fence, known as the Delta BC50T2. The rail is 50 inches long, and allows for a rip size of 34 inches to the right and 16 inches to the left. As impressive as it is, you’re definitely going to have to splash the cash for this fence!

What’s better about the Delta BC50T2 is that it can accommodate both left and right handed people, making it very versatile added on with its rip sizes! Along with its versatility and impressive preference guidance, it also has a three point locking system. This makes the fence very accurate, and can easily slide along the rail, without any hindrance! You’ll definitely get the best cuts with precision.

Other than the obvious drawback of this being a very expensive fence system, it also lacks adjustment knobs. However, this is a very minor inconvenience as the other perks of this system will easily compensate for it. You may be paying a lot, but this fence will definitely provide durability, and give the best work performances once you get it!

  • 50 inch rail, provides great rip sizes
  • Very durable with heavy duty steel build
  • Very precise and accurate with cuts
  • Very consistent, and smooth rail performance
  • Can set to work for both left and right handed people
  • Very expensive
  • Very heavy at 65.2 pounds
  • May be shipped in multiple boxes separately

Vega U50, Table Saw Fence

Our next table saw up for show is the Vega U50, and you’ll already have seen a similar table saw fence already in our list at the top. The Vega U50 definitely has some better perks compared to the Vega U26. However, the U50 is much more expensive than various other models for perks that aren’t necessarily the most important for the general woodworker. 

You’ll find that this table saw fence has a quite simple installation process, and once it’s finished, it will remain perfectly in place. It has a great rip capacity of 50 inches to the right, and 8 inches to the left side of the blade, with a 36 inch fence bar. Definitely great for your rip cuts! It’s also a very durable table saw fence with a heavy duty steel construction, and will easily last you for a long time. The build adds to the sturdiness of the fence, along with the auxiliary support that comes along with the Vega U50. It’s also a very important factor that the rails operate smoothly, and the Vega U50 definitely does well in that aspect.

Overall, the Vega U50 is a great table saw fence, and would definitely rival the top fence systems here. However, it does have a considerably higher price tag, and comes with an instruction manual that makes its simple installation process and use, quite hard to understand.

  • 36 inch fence bar, rip capacity of 50 to the right and 8 to the left of the blade
  • Provides precise and accurate cuts
  • Rails operate smoothly
  • Strong steel construction
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Very confusing manual
  • Much more expensive than most models

Shop Fox W1716, Aluma-Classic Table Saw Fence

Moving on to our 5th product, we have another one from Shop Fox, and it is the Shop Fox W1716, which is overall a great fence system for your table saw. The Shop Fox W1716 comes with 57 inch rails that can give up to a 30 inch rip capacity for those rip cuts you’ll make. Not to mention, it is built with a steel and aluminium collaboration to make it extremely durable and sturdy to work with. 

Instead of using a rear locking system, the Shop Fox W1716 uses a cam-lever front locking system, along with a torsion box design, to allow you to attach it to numerous brands of table saws. It also has a wide right angle mechanism which will allow you to gain more support and stability when working with this fence. If you’re thinking table saw fences with so many features would be heavy, then you’d be pleasantly surprised. Due to the aluminium included in its build, you lose a lot of weight with this fence.

Definitely a great choice for your fencing needs; the Shop Fox W1716. You’ll receive smooth rails that provide you true cuts consistently! However, just as the Shop Fox W1410, you may need to drill in holes to help with the mounting system, and it also comes with instructions that make setting it up seem confusing.

  • Long and smooth rails
  • 30 inch rip capacity
  • Can be mounted to numerous brands of table saws
  • Provides precise and accurate cuts
  • Instruction manual is confusing
  • May need to drill in holes to meet needs

Delta 36-T30T3, Table Saw Fence

Our next product is the Delta 36-T30T3 fence for table saw, and it can definitely be a great one for you. This is a great fence in general, but it deals with the problem of being compatible only with a 27 inch table, which really devalues this fence. However, it is definitely useful and worth it, to have made it to this list.

The Delta 36T30T3 comes with a clamp mechanism that allows you to tightly fix in position. You won’t have to worry about it moving out of place and ruining your cuts. The fence rather helps you make straight cuts consistently. In the case you’re using jigs or feather boards, you’ll find that there is a rear mechanism to hold down in order to maintain stability even better! It holds a 3 point T-Square locking system that is very accurate (up to 1/64th of an inch), and will allow you to make the perfect measurements and alignments.

This is a great model fence with a 30 inch rip capacity. So, what pushes the Delta 36-T30T3 below the others? Well, this fence has a very confusing manual, like a few others. However, that’s not the worst part. It can only be used with 27 inch tables (as mentioned before), and also requires some tinkering to help use it with older models of some 27 inch tables. This brings down the overall functionality of the Delta 36-T30T3.

  • Provides precise and accurate cuts
  • Has a 3 point T square locking system
  • 30 inch rip capacity for rip cuts
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Can be used on either side of the table
  • Durable and portable
  • Has a plastic handle
  • Might not fit some older 27 inch tables
  • Only works with 27 inch tables
  • Instruction manual needs to be improved

Shop Fox W1720, Aluma-Classic Table Saw Fence

We have another Shop Fox product in the list, and it is the Shop Fox W1720! This table saw fence can offer you a great rip capacity of 50 inches for rip cuts, with its 79 inch rails. Yes, 79 inch rails! It also allows you to put great support on your rails for better measurements. It comes with leg stands and they will allow you to hold up your rails. However, it’s also a drawback knowing that these stands are a bit too short for a few types of table saws, rendering them useless. 

The Shop Fox 1720 can give you great cuts at a consistent rate however. Not to mention, it also comes equipped with a magnifying glass to allow you to be extra sure of the measurements and alignments you have and need. You don’t need any extra additions to help mount this fence, as it’ll be capable of being mounted to most known brands of table saws. It also helps to know that this fence comes at a very reasonable price compared to all the others out there. 

While the Shop Fox 1720 is affordable and can provide some great features, it still falls below par to many other fences out there. The rails may be great, but end up being a bit too thin, which can affect your work in the long run. And as we have already mentioned, the stands that are supposed to help hold them up, are not compatible with a few different types of table saws. While it is cheap, you can definitely find another fence out there.

  • 79 inch rails with 50 inch rip sizes
  • Comes with stands for rails
  • Provides precise and accurate cuts
  • Is very affordable
  • Has a magnifying glass for accurate measurements and alignments
  • Stands might be too short for some table saws
  • Magnifying lens is fragile
  • Rails are thin

Delta Power Equipment Corporation BC30T2, Table Saw Fence

We have another Delta product in our list, and it is the Delta BC30T2. It definitely isn’t as impressive as the BC50T2 fence, but it still has its perks. It will always be sure to provide you very clean and precise cuts consistently. That’s what the high price tag will be sure to get you. You can also remain sure that the quality and functionality of the fence is respectable.

However, how is the Delta BC30T2 not as good as the BC50T2? Well, for starters it only has a 30 inch rail, and thus, lacks a lot of versatility. On top of that, while you’re sure to get a great performance out of this fence system, it takes a lot of tinkering to get to that stage. The fence will require a bit of lubrication and guidance in several areas to ensure it is working absolutely smoothly. For a price tag so high, the Delta BC30T2 is a lot of work. 

Once you’ve made the adjustments though, the fence is very smooth and the rails will move along beautifully. You’ll get your precise cuts you expected. It also needs to be said that the Delta BC30T2 is a very durable and sturdy fence system, as with almost every Delta product!

  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Great precision and accuracy (once adjusted)
  • Rails are smooth (once lubricated)
  • Too much work for such a high price tag
  • Needs too much work
  • May be shipped in multiple boxes separately

Delta Power Tools 78-919BT2, Table Saw Fence

We have another Delta product in our list, and this is the Delta 78-919BT2. While this is a very usable table saw fence, it isn’t one we would recommend highly. Delta tools so far have had the capability of lasting you a long time, thanks to their great durability. However, this table saw does not have a great reputation of being a durable table saw fence.

The Delta 78-919BT2 may not be as long lasting as its counterparts, but it definitely does its job in terms of functionality. It has a 3 point locking mechanism, that will allow you to keep it firm and steady on your table. This locking mechanism does make up a bit for the lack of reliability on other parts. However, it is also good to know that once you’ve set up your fence, you can adjust the entire fence from any point, even if it’s already locked in. You’re always going to be guaranteed some versatility and precise and accurate cuts with this 45 inch long fence system. 

The Delta 78-919BT2 does have its perks. Another one being that it is only 31 pounds in terms of weight, which is much lighter than most fences. This will assure you don’t have any scratches on your table. However, this product has a very limited amount of tables that it can fit on to, including a few different Unisaw tables. This isn’t a fence we would recommend over some of the others you would have seen in this article.

  • 3 point locking mechanism
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be adjusted very easily
  • Provides very precise and accurate cuts consistently
  • Is lightweight and portable
  • Isn’t very durable
  • Limited tables it is compatible with

Vega Pro 40, Table Saw Fence

To round off our table saw fence reviews, we have the Vega Pro 40 table saw fence! Just like the previous Delta fence we’ve reviewed, this isn’t the most durable table saw fence out there, and that’s a very big issue for us. However, this does come with its perks that still keep it in the list!

You’ll have mounting holes on this fence that allow you to connect it to various types and brands of table saws, making this fence desirable in that sense. It has further increased versatility because of the fact that you can adjust whether you want to work on the left side of the blade or the right side of the blade. This definitely allows the Vega Pro 40 to rank, as many fences fail to provide such flexibility. The height of this fence is 2.5 inches and it weighs in at 45.6 pounds. You’ll easily be able to consistently make precise and accurate cuts, as the measurements on this fence are very accurate to each inch.

Overall this is quite a good table saw fence, but it does have its issues. As for the aesthetics, the color might wear off easily, and make it look dull and old. The more pressing issue is the one we have already mentioned; the low durability. Despite this being an accurate, and usable fence, the durability definitely lets it down.

  • Can be mounted to various table saws
  • Provides precise and accurate cuts
  • Can be used from right or left side of the blade
  • Easy installation
  • Low durability
  • Paint might wear off easily

Buyer’s Guide to the Perfect Table Saw Fence

When you want to buy the perfect table saw fence, there’s a lot of factors that need to be taken into account. Of course we’ve gone through the important bits in each fence review, but let’s delve a little deeper into the key aspects you always need to focus on!

Rip Capacity

When it comes to the best table saw fences for rip capacity, there isn’t really a general formula. You’ll need to decide based on the type of work you partake in. If the type of wood you deal with requires maximum rip, then you’re better off acquiring a fence that allows that. However, it’s always good to keep in mind that you should buy the table saw fence with the highest rip capacity that’s within your budget.

Build of the Fence

The build of the fence is integral when it comes to durability and how sturdy the fence is. Not to mention, it’ll also play a role in the portability based on how light the fence is. If you’re looking for a light yet sturdy fence, you’ll want one that is made of aluminium. If you’re not bothered about the weight of a fence, then a heavy duty steel construction shouldn’t bother you. Always make sure to keep the build in mind!

Setting Up the Fence

Finding yourself a table saw rip fence is hard enough, so you don’t want one that’s also difficult to set up once you’ve received it right? Not to mention, the trickier it is put one together, the more chances of mistakes happening. Therefore, you should always make sure the fence you get has an easy installation process, and a good instruction manual!

Size of the Table Saw

As you’ll see from the article, there are various table saws out there, and each have a different size for their tables. You’ll want to make sure the fence you get is compatible with the table and its size. Some fences are only compatible with 27 inch tables, so if you buy one of those and have a table that is larger in size, you’ll have just wasted your time and money. Always keep this in mind, and there are always great table saws for beginners, if you’re still looking for one!


  • Are table saw fences universal?

    When you’re looking for compatible fences, you’ll find some fences that can be compatible with very specific products, but nowadays you can find a lot of fences that have the feature of being “universal”, which means they can be compatible with various brands and their products. So, yes they are!

  • How much rip capacity do I need?

    When it comes to choosing fences, the rip capacity they provide is a very important factor in your final choice. For most woodworkers, a rip capacity of 24 to 26 inches is more than enough to easily accomplish most of your jobs.

  • What’s the best material for a fence?

    When you’re acquiring a fence, you want something that is durable but isn’t rigid. For this reason, aluminium is the best material for fences, as you can work with them much easier than you could with heavy duty fences.

The Takeaway

We hope you’ve managed to find what you wanted from this article, but we’ll definitely give you our opinion as well! In our opinion, the best table saw fence is the Vega U26 due to its various perks and amazing functionality. You can tell that it is a high quality industrial build, which guarantees that it will be durable and very sturdy when in use. It’ll allow you to make very precise and accurate cuts, and it has a good rip capacity. Not to mention that if need be, you can drill in holes to adjust to your exact needs. Despite the industrial build, it won’t be too heavy and won’t damage your table surface at all. Overall, this is definitely our top choice, and we hope you find one for yourself as well!

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