Best Professional Chainsaw On The Market in 2021

For some hobbyists, any old chainsaw will get the job done. However, if you do any serious chainsaw work, you need a tool that goes above and beyond what others can offer. That is why we created this list to help you select the best professional chainsaw on the market today.

Best Professional Chainsaw Comparison Table

Before we proceed to a list of our favorite professional chainsaws, let’s look at a quick summary of those products. Below is a quick comparison chart that will explain what to expect when purchasing one of these chainsaws.

Product Picture

Product Name


Bar Length Options


Echo 20" Timber Wolf

13.2 lb.

18", 20", 24"

Husqvarna 455 Rancher

12.8 lb.


Mikata 61cc Chainsaw

13.2 lb.


Craftsman 46cc 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

17.7 lb.

16", 20"

WEMARS 62cc Gas Chainsaw


18", 20"

That table should give you a reasonable idea of what to expect from each of these chainsaw options. But there are many other details that you should consider before you make your final decision. Read on to see a comprehensive breakdown of each of these professional chainsaws.

Review of the Best Professional Chainsaws

Choosing the best chainsaw can be difficult. So, we decided to make life a bit easier for you. Below are a few of the best professional chainsaws on the market. For each item, you will find a list of the significant pros and cons and a general description. Read on to find the best chainsaw for you.

Echo 20" Timber Wolf

It is difficult to understate the benefits of using the Echo 20″ Timber Wolf. This chainsaw has a fantastic power output but manages to be comfortable to use as well. You’ll find that that comfort becomes essential when you are working with your chainsaw for long hours.

As the Echo 20″ Timber Wolf cuts through large logs, you’ll notice that the resultant vibration is minimal. The lack of shaking makes it possible to continue making intricate cuts without any discomfort.

You also won’t come away with an intense tingling feeling in your arms after running the Echo 20″ Timber Wolf. That alone can make your cutting experience that much more enjoyable. What’s more, the Echo 20″ Timber Wolf also comes with an impressive chain that will maintain its sharpness over the long-term.

While this saw is useful for professionals, it is somewhat beginner-friendly as well. This is because the Echo 20″ Timber Wolf comes with a manual that shares a few essential safety tips for proper use. That brief guide helps to ensure that you can use this chainsaw with ease and without the threat of injury.

The only downside is that this chainsaw can be difficult to start at times. But that issue usually occurs only after prolonged use. Otherwise, the Echo 20″ Timber Wolf is a top-of-the-line professional-grade chainsaw that can handle almost any job.

  • Includes safety tips
  • Great power output
  • Minimal vibration
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Limited warranty
  • Difficult to start at times

Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Ease of use is one of the most important aspects of any power tool. After all, even the most seasoned professionals desire chainsaws that are easy to adjust and maintain. In that regard, the Husqvarna 455 Rancher is one of the best options out there.

This chainsaw comes with an automatic chain oiler. That mechanism delivers a consistent supply of oil to your bar and chain. You can rest assured that the Husqvarna 455 Rancher will remain accessible and safe to use with such consistency.

On the other hand, some instances in which the Husqvarna 455 Rancher can be less reliable than other professional chainsaw options. Especially after enduring some wear and tear, the Husqvarna 455 Rancher can exhibit some starting malfunctions. Additionally, it can be hard to find a repair shop to service this model.

Occasionally, you will need to make adjustments to your chain while you are working. The Husqvarna 455 Rancher has you covered here as well with their side-mounted chain tension feature. This feature makes adjusting chain tension a breeze.

But the convenience of this chainsaw does not end there. As is the case with all gas-powered chainsaws, the Husqvarna 455 Rancher includes an air filter. When that filter is dirty, you can replace it easily with the quick release that comes with the filter.

  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Easy to clean and replace parts
  • Performs large jobs well
  • Chain is easy to adjust
  • Some starting issues
  • Finding repair shops to service this brand can be difficult

Mikata 61cc Chainsaw

If you want a chainsaw with excellent durability, the Mikata 61cc Chainsaw is one you should give some serious consideration. This saw has a magnesium housing that makes for a very resilient power tool. That same material also makes for a chainsaw that is comparatively light-weight at 13.2 total pounds.

When it is time to begin using the Mikata 61cc Chainsaw, you will have no struggle attempting to start it. The reason for that ease is that this chainsaw comes with a built-in spring-assisted starter. That feature eliminates the force you might need to use to start other chainsaws.

At times, you may find that the chain on this chainsaw is a bit more difficult to adjust than other options. But we believe that the positives of this product far outweigh that downside. That is why the relatively high price for the Mikata 61cc Chainsaw is still very reasonable. We are pretty confident that you’ll find that the performance of this tool outweighs the initial cost.

Along with all of its other impressive features, the Mikata 61cc Chainsaw has one of the best filters on the market. That heavy-duty filter has a long lifespan which contributes to the overall longevity of the chainsaw. With an admirable 13,800 RPM, you should have no issue cutting through large limbs with the Mikata 61cc Chainsaw.

  • Great durability
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Works well in all seasons
  • Reliable chain brake
  • Difficult to adjust chain tension
  • Relatively pricey

Craftsman 46cc 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

Part of what makes a professional chainsaw so advantageous is its ability to provide a smooth cutting experience. That is what you will get if you choose to go with the Craftsman 46cc 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw.

This chainsaw minimized kickback which makes it much easier to maintain control while cutting large pieces of wood. The Craftsman 46cc 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw also has an anti-vibration system that allows you to make cuts that are both precise and powerful.

Fortunately, this chainsaw is also very easy to clean, store, and transport. That’s because you can access the filter, spark plug, and other vital features without the use of any additional tools. With an automatic oiler, you can also be sure that your chain stays intact as long as possible.

One complaint you may have while using the Craftsman 46cc 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw is that it is on the heavier side. At just over 17 pounds, this chainsaw could be challenging to handle for some users.

Overall, this saw is an excellent option for professionals who want to feel comfortable and in control as they work. But don’t think that those luxuries come at the expense of the performance of this tool. Instead, the Craftsman 46cc 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw has a mighty engine that will work through even large-scale cutting projects.

  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Easy to store and maintain
  • Minimal kickback
  • Performs difficult cutting tasks
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Oil leaks can occur

WEMARS 62cc Gas Chainsaw

At times, you may be willing to pay high prices to get the right tools for your work. And while that willingness to pay more means you appreciate good quality, it is not always necessary to spend a lot for a great chainsaw. The WEMARS 62cc Gas Chainsaw is the perfect proof of that fact.

This chainsaw is suitable for professional use and has all of the powerful capabilities you would expect from such a tool. But the best part about this chainsaw is that it is highly affordable. While some agencies are sure to burn a hole in your pocket, that is not the case with the WEMARS 62cc Gas Chainsaw.

This chainsaw is not without its issues. Mainly, the chain tension can be challenging to get right. At times, you may also wish for a stronger bar. But that does not mean you should overlook this chainsaw option.

The WEMARS 62cc Gas Chainsaw maintains a low price while performing just as well as most other competitors. If you opt to go with this chainsaw, you will enjoy plenty of power output from a tool that is extremely easy to start.

  • Great value for the price
  • Great power output
  • Easy to start
  • Strong engine
  • Chain tension can be off
  • Bar strength could improve

Professional Chainsaw Buyer's Guide

The products we described above are sure to give you a fantastic chainsaw experience. However, we recognize that there is still a chance that you did not find one that suits you. For that reason, we have created  this professional chainsaw buyer’s guide. In the sections below, you can equip yourself with the knowledge you need to evaluate professional chainsaws.

Top Professional Chainsaw Brands

Sometimes, the best way to search for a high-quality product is to know some of the leading brands in that industry. This approach applies to shopping for chainsaws as well.

It is no surprise to find that some chainsaw companies manufacture better tools than others. Here are a few of the brands you can trust if you are looking for a great professional chainsaw:

  • Husqvarna
  • Stihl
  • Mikata
  • Meharbour
  • Echo
  • Dinmmgg
  • Timberpro
  • Benlet
  • Craftsman

Each of those companies will have several chainsaws for you to browse. Regardless of which you choose, you can have confidence that you are purchasing a chainsaw from a trusted brand.

What Are the Benefits of a Professional Chainsaw?

It is easy to see that chainsaws are excellent for making heavy-duty cuts. But what makes this tool so useful compared to other cutting tools?

Chainsaws are most useful in a few specific settings. Generally, cutting limbs from large trees and shrubs is one of the primary tasks that a chainsaw can complete with ease.

The high-powered nature of a gasoline chainsaw makes it capable of slicing through some surprisingly thick branches. That is why professional-level chainsaws are a tool of choice for most arborists. However, they are also helpful for homeowners who need to maintain a large property.

What to Look for in a Professional Chainsaw

The functionality of a chainsaw is straightforward. However, multiple chainsaw features allow for this simple operation. When you shop for one of these tools, you should know how to evaluate these key features. In the following few sections, we’ll help you do that by describing what to look for in a professional chainsaw. 

Power Supply

All power tools require some power supply. Differences in power supplies can make for a very different experience when using such a tool. When it comes to chainsaws, these are the most common types of power supplies you will see on the market:

  • Gas-powered chainsaws
  • Corded electric chainsaws
  • Battery-operated chainsaws

Corded and battery-operated chainsaws tend to have a lower power output and some other limitations. For instance, with a corded chainsaw, you will be less mobile as you work. With a battery-operated version, you may need to spend too much time waiting for the chainsaw to recharge.

For those reasons, corded electric chainsaws and battery-operated chainsaws are better for hobbyists. For a professional, gasoline chainsaws are the best option. Gas chainsaws are typically more powerful, which allows you to take on more demanding jobs. 

Bar Length

The bar of a chainsaw is a structural element that holds the chain in place while you cut. Bars can detach from the head and come in a few different lengths. The longer the bar is, the longer your cutting edge will be.

That added length can come in handy when you are removing substantial limbs. If you are looking for a chainsaw for professional use, you should try to find a bar that is at least 20″ long. Anything shorter than that may be too small to take on professional chainsaw work. 

Tension Adjustment

Chainsaw tension refers to how loose or tight the chain is against the bar. Tension affects both the effectiveness of the chainsaw as well as safety.

A chain that is too tight may not cut correctly and can wear out your motor. A chain that is too loose can detach from the bar can become a serious safety concern.

When you choose a chainsaw, you will want one that has an intuitive tension adjuster. That way, you can avoid those disadvantageous scenarios.

Safety Precautions When Using a Professional Chainsaw

Safety is one of the essential aspects of chainsaw use. Without a cautious approach, you risk injuring yourself and anyone who happens to be nearby.

There are many ways that you can increase the safety of your chainsaw operation. You should always wear safety equipment to protect your face and hands. Likewise, it would help if you also studied proper chainsaw techniques.

The final element of safe chainsaw use is ensuring that your chainsaw is fully operational. If you don’t attend maintenance, it is more likely that your chainsaw will malfunction and cause an injury. To prevent this, select a saw that is easy to clean and repair when necessary. Then follow a regular maintenance routine to make sure your chainsaw is in the best possible condition.


Choosing the best professional chainsaw can be challenging. And while it took some time for us to select, we have decided that the Craftsman 46cc 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw is our winner.

The Craftsman 46cc 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw does well to combine cutting power with comfort and ease of use. It also comes with some unique features that make maintenance a breeze.

In choosing this product or any other saws on our list, you will likely be satisfied with your purchase. But if you decide to go it alone, use our helpful buyer’s guide to find the professional chainsaw that is the best for you.

Regardless of the chainsaw you settle on, and you need to make sure that it is easy to use and maintain. You also can’t look past the fact that a professional chainsaw needs some serious power output to handle any cutting job you want to take on. Hopefully, this article has set you on the right track towards finding a chainsaw that will do just that.

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