5 Best Hybrid Table Saws (2021 Reviews)

Are you looking for a hybrid table saw? That often happens when you’re not really sure when picking between an affordable contractor saw and a professional-grade cabinet saw.

For many DIY woodworking enthusiasts, a good cabinet saw may be too much of an overkill. Sure, its professional quality is undeniably terrific. The pulleys and bearings are much stronger. You get flatter tables. It features heavy-duty trunnions attached to the cabinet base instead of the table, so you find it easier to align the saw blade with the miter slot and fence. The cabinet saw motors are typically more powerful.

These cabinet saws are expensive, and they’re not exactly easy to bring along. A lot of these cabinet saws weigh more than 600 pounds. In addition, they also use up much more electrical power.

For all these reasons, the contractor saw has become the standard table saw option for amateur DIYers. The main problem with a contractor saw for some home woodworkers is that it may be too basic and underpowered.

This is where the hybrid saw comes in. It’s a category that bridges the considerable gulf between the more basic contractor saw and the expensive cabinet saw. As a hybrid, it combines features from both the contractor and the cabinet saw so that you get the best of both worlds.

Of course, that depends on the particular hybrid table you get. To make sure you pick the ideal hybrid table saw for your needs, we’ve already made up a list of the top 5 hybrid table saws you can pick from right now.

Best Hybrid Table Saw Comparison Table

Product Picture

Product Name

Motor HP

Rip Capacity


Shop Fox W1819

3 hp

29.5 inches

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V

1.75 hp

36 inches

Shop Fox W1837

2 hp

30 inches

Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw

1.75 hp

50 inches


3.8 hp

30 inches

Top 5 Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

Let’s check out what makes these hybrid table saws such great options for your workshop:

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

Okay, so this is a huge and heavy machine. With the extension, the table measures 27 by 53⅝ inches, and it weighs 457 pounds. The good news is that it you can still get the optional mobile base for this (Shop Fox Model D2057A) so it’s easier to move around.

Even at first glance, it’s easy enough to realize just how well-built this thing is. It’s meant to last for a lifetime, basically. It offers ample power with the 3hp motor, it features a huge cast iron table with wings, and it comes with heavy cast iron trunnions.

We went with the 29.5-inch rip capacity, since we’re looking for a hybrid table saw. It offers plenty of convenient features, with a lot of working space. There’s a version of this with a 49-inch rip capacity, but it’s also heavier and more expensive. With the 3hp motor here, we were able to cut everything we needed to cut for our DIY projects.

Admittedly, we didn’t find it super-easy to assemble this thing at first. We ended up redoing things to get it right. We found the instructional pictures and guides rather unclear and difficult to understand, but maybe it’s just us.

Once we finished with the assembly, we got ourselves an excellent hybrid table saw that really delivers. It really is solidly built. It’s not hard to imagine that it will last long enough that even our grandkids may end up using this model. And it probably won’t be obsolete even after many years.

We especially liked the ability to tilt the blade to the left anywhere from zero to 45 degrees. Not that many hybrid table saws have this feature. This is done by just loosening the blade tilt lock, which then allowed us to turn the adjustment handwheel to put the blade at the angle we wanted. It’s convenient for cutting bevels, chamfers, and compound miters.

The safety features are also very reassuring. You’re able to see what you’re doing clearly, thanks to the clear polycarbonate shield. There’s also a 4-inch dust port. You also get anti-kickback sprawls on the sides of the spreader. It also features a magnetic switch with thermal overload protection.

Yes, this is quite heavy. That’s great for stability, but it’s not so good for mobility and portability. Still, you can get the optional mobile base to get it easier to moved around.

  • Solid and extremely durable
  • Lots of convenient features
  • Terrific safety features
  • Great value for money
  • The assembly directions should be improved
  • It’s not exactly easy to move around, though the optional mobile base helps a great deal

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V

If you have a small shop, you can’t really go with a huge table saw. Instead, you can go with this more compact model. With the extension wing, you still get a table size of 44 by 27 inches. It’s also lightweight (comparatively speaking) at 240 pounds, and it’s great that your purchase also comes with a built-in mobility kit.

A lot of things here are relatively easier, starting with the assembly. It was a no-fuss task, thanks to the clear directions in the manual. There’s no need for extensive online research for the assembly, and you won’t have to contact customer support for assistance. But in the off chance you encounter any issues with the assembly or the adjustments, you can always visit the Laguna website, where there are instructional videos that show you what you need to do.

The blades here are also very easy to change. That means it’s no hassle to constantly work on different materials, which usually means you have to change the blades. The blade change system here is so convenient that you won’t really mind.

Even the height and angle adjustment wheels move very smoothly. They’re all pre-lubricated, and Laguna machined the trunnions precisely. In fact, everything here seems over-engineered. You can even wire it for 220v yourself, without needing an electrician.

If you don’t boost it to 220v, then you may have to deal with the natural consequences of using a smaller 1.75hp motor. The blade speed here isn’t exactly professional-grade, as it’s a bit too slow for efficient work. But if you’re not a professional, that’s okay. If it’s not okay, then you can wire it for 220v instead.

  • Simple assembly
  • Highly efficient design
  • Relatively lightweight and easier to move around
  • Easy to change blades
  • May not have the power you need for faster work
  • You may have wire this for 220v

Shop Fox W1837 10" 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

If you’re a relative newcomer to woodcutting, then you don’t really want to start out with an expensive and complicated model. A hybrid table saw is a good option in general. More specifically, you can start out with this affordable hybrid table saw.

Many of its features and benefits seem to have newbies in mind in particular. This starts off with the easy assembly. The instructions are clear, and you don’t even need extra tools to get everything put together properly.

It’s also comparatively lightweight at 260 pounds. We found that it wasn’t a problem when we have to move this table saw to a different spot. Once you find the right spot for this, you’re also able to level the feet so you can make sure the work table is absolutely flat. This feature is great, if you often find yourself moving the table saw to uneven ground.

You do have to check that the table remains flat when you engage the extension. Sometimes this is a problem.

The blade here also tilts to the left at different angles, up to 45 degrees. Just loosen the lock so you’re able to turn the handwheel for the blade tilt, then lock it again. This is most convenient for compound miters, bevels, and chamfers.

The durable cast iron for the trunnions also absorb the vibrations nicely, and it makes sure you get proper miter lot and blade to fence alignment. Making the height and angle adjustments is also quite easy.

For safety features, you get the metal riving knife/spreader that minimizes kickback, by preventing the newly cut material from pinching the saw blade. The transparent guard lets you see what you’re doing when the blade is cutting your workpieces.

This also comes with a dustless cabinet design, while it features a 4-inch dust port. The dust port helps with the maintenance, and also boosts your safety by not hindering visibility.

  • Affordable
  • Great for beginners
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Feet can be leveled
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Dustless design with dust port
  • Table extensions may not be perfectly even

Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw, 1.75 Hp 115/230V, 50-inch Fence with Riving Knife

With the 50-inch fence, some people consider this a contractor saw. It’s also considerably heavy at 470 pounds, and larger with its dimensions of 70 by 32 inches.

But then again, it does have only a 1.75 hp motor, which qualifies this as a hybrid. But it comes in dual voltage and the power isn’t actually as underwhelming as it may seem as first. If you’re dealing mostly with softwoods and plywood, then this is more than adequate. In fact, you can still work with 1.5-inch hardwoods without too much trouble.

This is especially true if you bother to replace the stock blade here with a thin kerf blade itself. It’s not that it’s truly bad, as it’s actually comparable with other stock blades in other table saws out there. It’s just that with the less powerful motor here, you need a better blade for better results.

At least you get a very spacious work table here, along with a 50-inch ripping capacity. The whole table is quite flat as well. The fence also holds true for terrific accuracy.

The bevel and height adjustment handles are also very easy to operate. They’re actually a pleasure to use, in contrast with other handles that seem a lot more annoying to operate. Just adjust them to get the angle or height you need, and then you can lock them in place.

This also comes with an arbor lock that you can access from above the table, so you won’t need dual blade wrenches. Your accessories are also easily accessible, thanks to the storage hooks on the stand.

The blade guard is conveniently transparent, letting you see the cutting work quickly. Also, you get minimal kickback due to the quick-release riving knife. Even the dust port here works nicely, with the built-in dust collection hose doing its job like it’s supposed to.

  • Great for softwoods and plywood
  • Large workspace with 50-inch ripping capacity
  • Terrific accuracy
  • Excellent quality all-around
  • Plenty of convenient features
  • Safe to use
  • The power may not be enough for extensive hardwood use

RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw

Admittedly, this is not something you get for continuous heavy-duty work. To be fair, it’s not meant for that purpose. It was designed to fit the needs of enthusiastic DIY hobbyists instead.

That’s why its comparatively affordable, and it’s also nicely lightweight at 260 pounds. It even comes with a wheeled base, which means it’s very easy to move around in your workshop. You have 2 wheels that work with the 2 feet. You just step on the foot pedal to raise the table on its wheels to move it around.

This does come with a powerful motor. It’s prewired for 110v, but the manual gives you instructions on rewiring this for optimum speed. The assembly can be a bit tricky, though, so be prepared to watch YouTube videos on how to do it right.

Even right out of the box, however, you still get 3,450 rpm. It works through a wide range of work pieces without too much fuss already. At 90 degrees, you get a cutting depth of 3.25 inches. At the 45-degree bevel, you also get a cutting depth of 2.25 inches. The rip capacity is 30 inches, with 15 inches to the left of the blade. With the extensions, you’re able to get up to 49×27 inches of workspace.

This does come with a rather ho-hum 10-inch 40-tooth blade with carbide tips. The standard ⅝-inch arbor will let you put in a better blade without any hassle. This can also accept a dado blade up to 13/16 of an inch wide.

This does let you make rather accurate cuts, thanks to the fine fence system and the positive stops on the miter gauge. You also get the standard 4-inch dust port, so you can just attach your vacuum cleaner. There’s also onboard storage for your accessories.

The safety features include the clear blade guard, which you can easily attach or detach without using tools. There’s also the plastic push stick and the riving knife. It also offers an anti-kickback feature.

  • Ideal for smaller workshops
  • Wheels allow for easier portability
  • Nice set of safety features
  • Accurate cuts
  • Somewhat tricky assembly
  • Best to replace the stock blade
  • The electrical cord could be longer

Factors to Consider

The best hybrid table saw for one hobbyist may not be the best option for another. It all depends on your particular needs, the size of your woodshop, and your budget limitations. Here are some factors you should keep in mind when you make your final choice.

Brand Name

This isn’t really about brand name snobbery. It’s just that you’re more likely to enjoy reliable performance and durability when you stick to the more famous brands. These brands are generally famous for good reasons—i.e., they tend to offer excellent products.


If you’re a newbie, it doesn’t really make sense that you invest on a high-priced, professional-grade hybrid table saw designed for heavy-duty use. Go with a more affordable model at first.

However, if you’re a dedicated hobbyist already then you may find the smaller hybrid table saws not quite powerful enough for your more advanced projects. In that case, you may want to save up to get the bigger and more powerful hybrid table saws.


If you only work with softwoods and plywood, then you can go with a smaller 1.75hp motor at 110v. But you may want to upgrade to a more powerful motor if you generally work with hardwoods. At least the motor in a hybrid still doesn’t add to the expense compared to the cost of a full-fledged cabinet table saw motor.

Table Size and Ripping Capacity

The ripping capacity ensures that you’re able to get consistent cuts up to certain lengths. If you generally work with larger pieces, you want greater ripping capacity with deeper cutting depths.

The table size must also be factored in. A huge table may not fit comfortably in a modestly sized woodshop. A smaller table may be better for you, as you still get the extensions when you’re working with larger pieces. Also, a smaller table is easier to move around.

A larger table does offer certain advantages. It allows to work comfortably on larger pieces, and you get the stability you need for consistently even cuts. Larger work tables also tend to last longer, though some of the smaller hybrid tables can still last a very long time.

Convenience Features

These include features that are easy to use and allow you to make reliably accurate cuts. If you’re a newbie, it’s best if the assembly isn’t all that complicated. The finished product should be easy to use. Even experienced woodcutters would rather deal with easy-to-use hybrid table saws, as the small things can add to your sense of frustration.

Try to get a blade that lets you make easy adjustments, as that makes everything work out nicely. And it’s great if you’re able to tilt the blade at various angles. That way, you’re able to make a wider variety of cuts. That makes your hybrid table saw a lot more versatile and useful.

Safety Features

Make sure you get the basic set of safety features, such as a transparent blade guard. The blade guard protects against accidental cuts, while the transparency still lets you see where you’re cutting. Then you also need the riving knife, which reduces the risk of kickback.

Even the dust collection system contributes to your safety, as it lets you see what you’re doing more clearly. Of course, it also makes the job easier and faster, as you’re not forced to clean up while cutting your workpieces.

Keep in mind that these safety factors don’t mean you can ignore the basic safety rules of operating a table saw. Adhere to those safety rules religiously.


There’s really no need for you to just make do with a cheap contractor saw when the features aren’t enough for the kind of work you do in your woodshop. At the same time, you also don’t have to spend a fortune on a cabinet saw when you’re just a hobbyist (or a beginner) and not an actual woodworking professional.

The hybrid table saw is a great compromise, because it’s not a compromise at all. Instead, it can take the best features you want from both the contractor and cabinet saws to give you the precise set of features you need.

Try a hybrid table saw, even if you’re just a newbie. Take your pick—you can go with a lightweight model or a heavier one with more advanced cutting abilities. The best hybrid table saws are all easy to operate and safe to use, especially if you pick from among our top 5 options!

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