Best Husqvarna Chainsaw 2021: Top Reviews & Buying Guide

Husqvarna is one of the best brands out there for chainsaws, and you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking to buy one of them. However, it may be hard to find the best Husqvarna chainsaw, and that’s why we’re here. We’ve done our research to help find the 5 best ones out there with proper comparisons along with a buyer’s guide! You can save yourself the effort and learn all about them!

Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Comparison Table

Product Picture

Product Name




Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Bar length: 20 Inches
Power Source Type: Gas Powered Chainsaws
Weight: 12.79 Pounds


Husqvarna 135 Mark II Gas Chainsaw, Orange

Bar length: 16 Inches
Power Source Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw
Weight: 4.70 Pounds


Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Bar length: 20 Inches
Power Source Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw
Weight: 12.80 Pounds


Husqvarna 14 Inch 120i Cordless Battery Powered Chainsaw (Battery Included),Orange

Bar length: 14 Inches
Power Source Type: Cordless Electric Chainsaw
Weight: 10.80 Pounds


Husqvarna 952802154 240 Model Chainsaw, 16" Maximum Bar Length, Orange

Bar length: 16 Inches
Power Source Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw
Weight: 10.30 Pounds


These are our 5 top Husqvarna chainsaws, and we think any of these could be a great addition for you. However, we’ll talk much more in-depth about each and every product, so that you can find the best chainsaw from all the Husqvarna chainsaw reviews. You’ll also have a buyer’s guide to help you find out more on them by yourself!

5 Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews

Husqvarna 460 Rancher, Best 20 Inch Gas Powered Husqvarna Chainsaw

Our first Husqvarna chainsaw review is on the Husqvarna 460 Rancher. This chainsaw is popular among first timers as well as long time chainsaw users as well. With a 20 inch bar and chain, it can easily cut almost any wood you have lying around the house, and it has the motor power to back it up as well! 

Apart from its raw power and size, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher is also very convenient for its users. It comes with an automatic oiling system which allows it to work at an optimal level, without you having to bother oiling the bar constantly. As for the chain tensioning mechanism, you’ll find a handy side mounted chain tensioning system, allowing you to make quick and easy adjustments while working. All of this with a heavy duty build, with undeniable quality is what makes this the best! It also comes with great safety features, one being the chain brake. It isn’t a manual system on the Husqvarna 460 Rancher, rather an inertia activated one.

Overall, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher is definitely our top pick for Husqvarna chainsaws, and we think you’ll feel the same as well! Unfortunately, it does have a couple of drawbacks. One is the fact that it is slightly heavier than your ideal choice, but you can definitely manage that. The other problem is that it is more expensive than other chainsaws, but you wouldn’t mind paying for the best!

  • Powerful saw
  • Automatic oiling
  • Side mounted chain tensioning system
  • Great air cleaning system
  • Good safety features
  • Slightly heavy
  • Slightly expensive

Husqvarna 135 Mark II, 16 Inch Gas Powered Husqvarna Chainsaw

If you’re specifically looking to buy a chainsaw for doing small or medium tasks around the house, the Husqvarna 134 Mark II is definitely the best husqvarna chainsaw for homeowners! It’s not the biggest husqvarna chainsaw, but it has the potential and mechanism to accomplish any task you’ll have. 

The Husqvarna 134 Mark II has the power to accomplish your tasks, but it also comes with many ergonomic facilities. It has a low vibration mechanism to help you feel less fatigued over prolonged periods of usage, along with the X torque making it more efficient. You’ll also have a great air cleaning system to help the chainsaw maintain itself. All of these work to keep the chainsaw healthier for longer and have better lifespan. Of course, the very convenient automatic oiler is also present for an efficient experience while working. You’ll also have a side mounted chain tensioning system to help make your work feel seamless.

The Husqvarna 134 Mark II definitely is one of the go-to chainsaws for people working around their homes. As for small Husqvarna chainsaws, it also tops the list with its compact build. The only real issue with the Husqvarna 134 Mark II is that it isn’t going to be up to the mark when it comes to larger jobs due to its power and size.

  • Compact and portable
  • Efficient motor
  • Great ergonomic features
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Not good for large tasks

Husqvarna 455 Rancher, 20 Inch Gas Powered Husqvarna Chainsaw

Our third Husqvarna product is another heavy duty, high powered chainsaw, and it is the Husqvarna 455 Rancher. This chainsaw can take on small to heavy duty tasks with ease and is definitely a contender for the best Husqvarna chainsaw.

It comes with an automatic oiling system as well, and a side mounted chain tensioning system on the rear of the chainsaw. The chainsaw also features a very efficient and well produced air filtration system which cleans the entire chainsaw. All of these features allow you to use your chainsaw with ease while also maintaining an optimal level of use. Not to mention, the entire lifespan of the chainsaw increases with proper maintenance from both you and the machine itself. You’ll also find yourself protected from any harm while using the chainsaw, thanks to the addition of the inertia activated chain brake built-in to the chainsaw.

Overall, the Husqvarna 455 Rancher is a powerful gas powered chainsaw that allows you to accomplish any task around the house. The 20 inch bar and chain also allows you to reach heights and make cuts that wouldn’t be possible with shorter chainsaws. Unfortunately it does have a couple of drawbacks. It is slightly heavy like the 460 Rancher, but it’s also louder and can be a bit of a nuisance when using it.

  • Powerful saw
  • Automatic oiler
  • Side mounted chain tensioning system
  • Great air cleaning system
  • Slightly heavy
  • Quite loud when in use

Husqvarna 120i, 14 Inch Cordless Electric Husqvarna Chainsaw

Next up, we have a cordless electric chainsaw to allow people who want a light battery powered chainsaw to have a choice. The Husqvarna 120i chainsaw has numerous features to warrant its purchase along with the fact that it is ideal for small tasks around the house, such as trimming bushes and cutting small trees. 

Apart from its compactness, the Husqvarna 120i has a 14 inch bar and chain, which might make people hesitate. However, you won’t need anything longer than this to help accomplish small and medium tasks around the house. On top of that, this chainsaw has a dual mode feature that allows you to either use it at its maximum power for the best cuts or at a power saving mode that will allow it to run for the most amount of time. This can be controlled with the help of a control pad on the chainsaw. You’ll also have safety with the help of the chain brake, and the optimal features of the automatic oiler and a simple chain tensioning system on the chainsaw. 

The Husqvarna 120i is definitely much more different than any gas powered chainsaws, and this battery powered chainsaw can be exactly what you’re looking for! The extreme lightness of this chainsaw accompanied by the elegant features and dual mode might just help you find an easier way of working than any other chainsaw! Unfortunately, you can only use this chainsaw to do small to medium tasks.

  • Compact and portable
  • Automatic oiler
  • Dual mode, for optimal use
  • Has safety features
  • Not usable for heavy duty tasks

Husqvarna 952802154 240, 16 Inch Gas Powered Husqvarna Chainsaw

Our last product in the list of Husqvarna chainsaw models is the Husqvarna 952802154 240. This chainsaw is another powerful model that can easily take care of light jobs around your house. It has a unique feature for starting the chainsaw up, as the mechanism allows for it to start up faster and with less risk of flooding the engine.

The Husqvarna 952802154 240 is quite an ergonomic chainsaw with raw power as well. You can find an automatic oiler to help optimize the usage of the chainsaw, along with a side mounted chain tensioning system to help you adjust it according to your needs! However, it also has a centrifugal air cleaning system which removes all the debris from within the machine, allowing it to last longer. It also sustains itself even more with the help of the X torque motor that optimizes the usage of fuel within the chainsaw. 

The Husqvarna 952802154 240 will definitely be an ideal gas chainsaw for smaller to medium sized tasks for you. It is also quite compact and lightweight, making your job much less exhausting as well. However, this compactness also means that it comes with a small guide bar and motor, which makes it hard to accomplish any large tasks with it. 

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great ergonomic features
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Great air filtration system
  • Can not do heavy duty tasks

Buyer’s Guide for Husqvarna Chainsaws

When it comes to buying Husqvarna chainsaws, you need to first be sure that they are the company that you ought to be buying from. We definitely recommend Husqvarna chainsaws. Why? Well, they’ve been in the business for ages, and have built up quite a reputation for themselves. Not only do they provide you chainsaws that are durable, they also provide you with satisfying output, all the while adding in features that help the customer feel relaxed and comfortable while working. However, if you’re settled on Husqvarna, let’s delve into the necessary factors to consider when you’re buying a Husqvarna chainsaw. 


Whether you’re purchasing a gas powered chainsaw or an electric one, the power of its motor is one of the most important factors. Not only does that determine how smoothly a chainsaw can cut, but it determines the level of work it can accomplish. If you have a powerful gas powered chainsaw, then it can probably cut down an entire tree for you, whereas a weaker gas chainsaw will only help you trim the bushes and cut branches of a tree down. Thus, make the choice for your ideal chainsaw based on the work you’ll be engaging in. 

Power Source Type

Do you want a gas chainsaw or an electric chainsaw? Well, if you’re looking to engage in heavy duty work that involves cutting down trees and having to make large (in diameter) cuts, then a gas chainsaw might be the one for you. However, if you’re just a DIYer or a hobbyist, you can acquire an electric chainsaw (corded or cordless), to help you save time and easily make cuts. Each type of chainsaw has their own perks. A gas powered chainsaw might be more powerful in general, but will definitely cost more money and time in terms of the fuel and the gas mixtures altogether. However, a corded chainsaw can just be plugged in, whereas a cordless chainsaw can use batteries that can be recharged multiple times. 

You need to come to a decision on these products based on which product would provide you the best outcome and would be the easiest to use.

Ease of Use

Using such a powerful woodworking tool can be exhausting. However, chainsaws have been developed over the years to ensure they become easier to use. You can find these helpful features on both gas and electric chainsaws. They include automatic oilers, tool free chain tensioning systems, rubberized grip handles, etc. However, it’s not really viable to hope for everything in one chainsaw, so it is best to opt for one that has the most helpful features for you, and make the decision based on that. However, this increase in ease of use can help you work better and happier!


When you’re considering purchasing a chainsaw, the portability of that chainsaw is something that is extremely important. Are you going to be cutting trees or just spending some time trimming your bushes? If you’re going to be cutting trees, you’ll need to buy a durable and powerful chainsaw but you can’t opt for one that is excessively heavy, otherwise you’ll only slow down your work. The same goes for purchasing a lighter chainsaw. If it’s too light, that means it might be too small to accomplish the heavy duty tasks you have. Thus, to find the best chainsaw for yourself, you need to find the perfect blend of build and weight. 


Husqvarna is a quite well renowned brand as we’ve already mentioned. However, what does this offer? You can rest assured that their chainsaws or products in general are trustworthy. Not to mention, you’re more likely to receive a year warranty or more on various products. These are just the perks, but you can also rely on them to produce their chainsaws with quality products, and if you ever have any questions or complaints, their customer service is more likely to be reliable compared to other companies and brands.


  • What is the best professional chainsaw?

    From the list of products we have, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher would have to be the best Husqvarna professional chainsaw. Not only does it have the power to do the work, but the perks it has will benefit the output and the user’s experience working with it.

  • Are Husqvarna chainsaws any good?

    Husqvarna are one of the leading brands in terms of making chainsaws. They continuously strive towards making their chainsaws better all the time. Not only to produce better output, but also to help the user to feel less fatigue while using them. From optimizing the machine to use less fuel, to providing minimalistic features that help the chainsaws cut better, Husqvarna aims to achieve the best in everything!

  • What is the best between Husqvarna vs Stihl Chainsaw?

    Husqvarna have been in the business longer, but Stihl have been making chainsaws for a while as well. Experts have a tough time deciding between which is better, but ultimately we feel like Husqvarna currently has the upper hand. However, if you’re not sure about any Husqvarna chainsaw, then Stihl is the next best option for you! 

The Takeaway

We hope this article helped you come away with at least one or two choices for your best Husqvarna chainsaw. For us, the best one would have to be the Husqvarna 460 Rancher. Not only does it easily take care of any job we may have, it also has an automatic oiling system which just takes care of a worry. The side mounted chain tensioning makes any adjustment quite easy to make, while the reduced vibrations are just a bonus and helpful for working longer. The air cleaning system just ensures we have less to deal with once we are done with our work, and makes the task much easier. While it may be a little on the heavy side, it’s not much of a task for woodworkers, and we feel like it can easily top anyone’s list! 

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