Best Featherboard For Table Saw 2021: Top Picks & Reviews

When it comes to woodworking, you want the best for yourself. That means great quality of work, but also to maintain safety. This is where the featherboard comes in, and we’ve done our research. This article is based on the 4 best featherboard for table saws out there for your use! We’ve compiled a lot of data on this topic, and we’re here to dish it all out to you. We’ve also made a buyer’s guide so you know what to look out for when you’re considering purchasing featherboards!

Best Featherboard For Table Saw Comparison Table

Product Picture

Product Name




Magswitch - 8110015 Table Featherboard Universal Model, Yellow

Universal: Yes
Weight: 1.15 pounds


Kreg PRS3020 True-FLEX Featherboard, Pack of 2

Universal: No
Weight: 1.28 pounds


Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard for Router Tables, Table Saws and

Universal: No
Weight: 12.8 ounces


Premium Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard for Quicker, Easier, and Safer Workflow | Featherboard for Table Saws, Router Tables, and Band Saws

Universal: No
Weight: 9.6 ounces


Now that you know our top 4 choices, let’s delve into the specifics of each and every product! You’ll find out all you need to know by the end of this article!

4 Best Featherboards for Table Saws Reviews

Magswitch 8110015, Best Table Saw Featherboard

Our first product on the list is the Magswitch 8110015 featherboard. When it comes to finding the best featherboard out there, Magswitch will provide you with tons of options with their variety of products. This one however, is the best in our opinion. 

The Magswitch 8110015 is a universal table saw featherboard, as it works on both sides of the fence and blade. Alongside this wonderful feature, you’ll also find that this product has no miter slot limitation, adding even more versatility to its capability. It’ll allow you to easily optimize the usage of your table saw by providing versatility on both sides. It even features ergonomic features to help it be more user-friendly, such as having two power buttons to switch it on and off.

Overall, the Magswitch 8110015 is the best featherboard out there for your table saw, and will last you for a long time due to its great durability. Another great feature is that it uses magnets to hold itself down and keep in place, which works great with most table saws that are cast iron. However, that brings us to the one downside, which is that it won’t be as stable when being used on a table saw without a cast iron table.

  • Very durable
  • Has ergonomic features
  • Great versatility
  • Has magnets for better stability
  • Is universal
  • Easy to install
  • Not the best stability with non-cast iron tables

Kreg PRS3020, Table Saw Featherboard

Here to protect you on your woodworking jobs, we have the Kreg PRS 3020 at the second spot. Kreg is another very well known brand, and you can surely trust their products for quality! This product meets that level of quality, and its unique feature is that it comes with 2 featherboards as a twin set.

This twin set of the Kreg PRS 3020 allows you to place both of them on your table saw at the same time and apply equal amounts of pressure throughout your work piece. Ultimately, this even distribution of pressure will allow you to achieve completely straight and accurate cuts. On top of that, the Kreg PRS 3020 also lives up to the Magswitch 8110015’s level of durability with its plastic composite build. 

Overall, the Kreg PRS 3020 is definitely one of the best choices for featherboards in terms of quality and how easy to use it is. It will easily fit on table saws with T-slot and standard miter slots. However, one drawback this featherboard possesses is the fact that you can’t use it beyond the T-slot, due to it not being magnetic, but fitted with knobs. However, the use of knobs also ensures stability on tables with non-cast iron tables, unlike the Magswitch 8110015.

  • Comes with 2 pieces
  • Great durability
  • Innovative Wedge-lock system
  • Can fit both T-slot and standard miter slot
  • Won’t work on the plane slot since its not magnetic

Milescraft 1406, Table Saw Featherboard

Our next product is the Milescraft 1406 featherboard, and it has a very unique feature! This featherboard comes with a design of split rail miter board, which helps provide it and hold the optimum tension when making your cuts. This will allow you to get the best and smoothest cuts without leaving any rough edges on your pieces.

The Milescraft 1406 can also be calibrated beforehand, so that you can get the exact levels of pressure you need. It may not be a universal featherboard, but it will fit most miter slots and T-slots on different table saws. However, you get the benefit of being able to place it on either side of the blade on your table saw, giving it a lot of versatility. You’ll also face no trouble in setting it up, as it is very easy to set up, and very easy to use!

Overall, the Milescraft 1406 is very deserving to be on this list, and on your list of choices! You’ll have no trouble using it, rather you’ll find that it is very ergonomic. One ergonomic feature is that the knobs on this featherboard are very easy to maneuver and won’t cause you any problems during long term use. However, it might be a little hard to adjust due to the design within the featherboard. Fortunately, that isn’t a big issue to us or most users, so we still highly recommend this product.

  • Unique design of split rail miter board
  • Will provide very smooth cuts
  • Fits most miter slots and T-slots
  • Can be used on either side of your blade
  • Design of the product sometimes makes it hard to adjust

The HedgeHog Spiral Table Saw Featherboard

Our last product on the list is the Hedgehog Spiral featherboard. You’ll find from its name that it has a unique feature compared to all the other featherboards we have discussed. Yes, it has a spiral design! This spiral design brings about a great concept of requiring only one knob for adjustments. Not only does that make adjustments easy, but it is especially better for people who are just starting out with woodworking.

The Hedgehog Spiral featherboard is a great tool for woodworking beginners, since it only requires one hand to use. On top of that, it does a great job of providing you both safety and clean, accurate and smooth cuts on your wood pieces. It also provides great versatility. You can use this featherboard with multiple pieces with different widths, and you’ll only need to just flip it for a smooth adjustment. 

Overall, you will not have many complaints with the Hedgehog Spiral featherboard. You can even use it on either side of your blade, to further help that versatility point. Unfortunately, the issue with this featherboard lies in its compatibility. You can only use it with standard (3/4 inch) miter slots, since it doesn’t have a T-slot. However, you can contact the company for a clamp to help you with that. It is pretty cheap to get, but might not be worth the trouble.

  • Unique spiral design
  • Very easy to adjust and is smooth
  • Great for beginner woodworkers
  • Can be used with multiple pieces with different widths
  • Can be used on either side of your blade
  • Lacks compatibility

A Buyer’s Guide for Featherboards

When it comes to featherboards, you’ll need to know certain things about them. We’re going to provide information about featherboards down below that can help everyone from beginners to people already slightly familiar with featherboards! If you’re new to woodworking, you might still be on the fence about what table saw to acquire. Definitely do proper research, and get the best table saw for beginners

First, let’s look into what factors are important on a table saw featherboard!


Featherboards are going to be required whenever you use your table saw, so durability is of utmost importance. You’ll find that they are usually made of plastic, however, that won’t be an issue, due to the intensity of their work. You do always need to make sure you’re getting the best quality of featherboard, and a good brand name goes a long way!


You’ll want to get a featherboard that is easily accessible with the most types of slots. The best choice when it comes to compatibility is to get a universal featherboard. It will also help to know that they aren’t the most expensive, so you should definitely chip in to get the best deal. It is definitely better than having to buy a new one in case you change your table saw. 

Controlling Tension

Ensuring your featherboard has the capability of maintaining the tension on your piece of wood is a very important matter. The tension on your piece created by the feather board is what determines how clean and smooth your cuts will be. Thus, we recommend getting a product that does a good job of tension control.

Installation Process

Some tools on the market can be very tricky and confusing to set up. You don’t want that out of any tool, especially your featherboard. Getting confused will make you irritated, which will only harm your work. Thus, make sure to check if your product is easy to set up. It will also help to check out your  product manual for further help!

What is a Featherboard?

Featherboards are a very important tool to have when you’re working with table saws. Actually, they’re very handy with multiple tools, but we’re just sticking to table saws for this article. 

Featherboards help you with both safety and stability when it comes to using table saws. You can use a featherboard to help ensure your piece of wood stays straight and in place when you’re making cuts. On top of that, you’ll also find that it works great as a safety tool. 

It’s a win-win when you get this tool, and we definitely recommend having one. They’re usually comparatively cheap, and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. 

How to Use a Featherboard on a Table Saw


  • Does the plastic on the featherboard make it fragile?

    Featherboards are actually better off with the plastic builds that they have. You need them to be lightweight (as is obvious from the name), but you also need them to stay secure once they are placed in position. Good quality plastic is the perfect material for you to ensure both of these.

  • What is a featherboard?

    A featherboard is a small tool piece that works with stationary saws. In this case, table saws. They hold the piece of wood you want to cut against a flat surface, and this helps you ensure you get a straight cut through your piece. Advanced featherboards are built to be secured in various places and on different sides of a table saw.

  • Should I make a featherboard or buy one?

    While it is recommended that you make whatever tools you can, featherboards have a good advantage if they are bought. If you make one for yourself, you can definitely tailor it to your needs, but you miss out on some professional aspects. You get great quality materials, and industrial accuracy for the store bought ones.

The Takeaway

We hope you’ve managed to come to a decision on your favorite choice for a featherboard. Our choice for the best featherboard for table saws would definitely have to be the Magswitch 8110015 featherboard! This product simply does the best in all departments. Not to mention, its universal feature will allow you to work various saws whenever you need to change your tools. It also provides exquisite control over your piece and ensures you get the smoothest and straightest cuts. Overall, you’re bound to be happy with this product, especially since it is also so light and easy to use. You can even set it up very easily. Hopefully, you’ll find something as satisfactory as the Magswitch 8110015 featherboard was for us. 

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