Best Chainsaw Gloves in 2021 (Reviews & Top Picks)

Chainsaws can be terrific for a lot of woodcutting projects. But they can be darn dangerous—you don’t really need to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to know that treating this as a toy is not a good idea at all.

Which leads us to the need to wear the best chainsaw gloves. It’s an utterly crucial part of your uniform if you ever use a chainsaw. If there’s a situation to heed the ancient saying that it’s better to be safe than sorry, then this is it.

Best Chainsaw Gloves Comparison Table

Product Picture

Product Name


Protective Materials


Husqvarna 579380210 Functional Saw Protection Gloves, Large

Medium, large, XL

Leather and spandex

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L General Utility Lined with KEVLAR Glove Large, Gray

Small, medium, large, XL, XXL, XXXL


Oregon Chainsaw Gloves - Extra Large, Size 11, Model Number 91305XL



Elvex CSGLV-LG Prolar Chainsaw Gloves - Large, Orange/Black



Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves- 385CS/XL

Medium, large, XL


Vgo 1-Pair Chainsaw Work Gloves Saw Protection on Left Hand Back (Size XL, Orange, GA8912)

Medium, large, XXL

Chainsaw stopper fabric

Echo 99988801601 Chainsaw Kevlar Reinforced Protective Gloves - Large



7 Best Chainsaws Gloves Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at our recommended chainsaw gloves:

Husqvarna 579380210 Functional Saw Protection Gloves, Large

We went with the Large size, though there are also options for Medium and X-Large. The sizing seems to run a bit large, so you may want to stick with the Medium size if your hand size is between Medium and Large.

Here the design is meant mainly for right-handed people, since the left glove is intentionally tougher and more resistant to cuts. After all, if you’re a rightie then your left hand is more vulnerable. It’s more out in the open, while your right-hand is pretty much covered by the chainsaw grip guard.

Still, you have the goatskin leather for your palm to dampen the vibrations. At the back of the hand, you also get the spandex fabric for protection.

You won’t have any trouble seeing your hands while at work, as the 2 color options both offer highly visible colors. Even the H logo at the back of the hand is reflective.

This works for lots of DIY jobs, and not just for rocking it with a chainsaw. If you want extra protection without the discomfort, then this ought to work.

  • Great for all DIY tasks
  • Comfy
  • Extra protection for left hand
  • Easy to see
  • Sized a bit large
  • Meant mainly for righties
  • May not offer enough protection for regular chainsaw work

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L General Utility Lined with KEVLAR Glove Large, Gray

This is another “general utility” glove, but this time you have Kevlar all over the gloves. The 360-degree protection makes sure that your hands are really protected.

Of course, the top of the hand (especially the non-dominant hand) may need more protection, and for that you need internal knuckle protection for that area. The palm area has tough non-slip reinforcement, which also covers the thumb and fingers.

However, there’s actually a part of the thumb area that’s made of terry cloth. This is super-convenient, as you can then use it to wipe away sweat that may get into your eyes.

The gloves also offer a convenient and effective Velcro enclosure for the cuff, so you can make sure the splinters can’t get inside.

With the terrific puncture resistance that the gloves offer, this is great for lots of DIY tasks. The pair of gloves is even machine-washable.

  • Total Kevlar protection
  • Extra protection for top of hand
  • Terry cloth thumb area for wiping sweat
  • Effective Velcro enclosure
  • Easy to wash
  • May not be all that effective against thorns

Oregon Chainsaw Gloves - Extra Large, Size 11, Model Number 91305XL

With the white and orange color scheme, visibility for your hands won’t really be an issue. In fact, the back is really fluorescent.

What’s more of an issue is that this particular set of gloves only offers the extra chainsaw protection for the left hand. That means it’s not for southpaws—it’s only great if you’re right-handed.

Still, you do get a waterproof kid leather palm area, while the back portion has tough polyester that keeps water out. The palm area is also shaped nicely and fits like, well, a glove. The exposed areas of the gloves are seamless, and have also been reinforced with leather.

The cuffs are knitted as well, so they don’t need adjustment to keep out the splinters.

  • Highly visible
  • Knitted cuffs work well at keeping out splinters
  • Soft and flexible palm area
  • Very comfy to wear
  • Cut resistant material for the back of the left hand
  • Works nicely against vibration
  • Not really for left-handed users

Elvex CSGLV-LG Prolar Chainsaw Gloves - Large, Orange/Black

Elvex uses Prolar, which is what they call the unique protective pad they use for these chainsaw gloves. These pads have been tested thoroughly, and through the years Elvex keeps on improving it.

The Prolar pad works by actually jamming the chain against the sprocket and bar in case of an accident. It’s not just a shield (or armor). Instead, having your chainsaw near the pad means the pad works like a spanner in the works.

What’s also notable is that Elvex offers this type of protection even while keeping the weight of the gloves down. It’s also nicely flexible, so you can still work your hands and fingers nicely even while wearing these gloves.

We did get the version for right-handed folks, so you may want another model if you’re left-handed. The critical protective layers concentrate on the most vulnerable area, which is the back of your non-dominant hand.

  • Special pad that stops the chainsaw from spinning (in case of accident)
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Not available in Medium size
  • Not for lefties

Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves- 385CS/XL

We tried out the extra-large version, though other size options include medium and large. These actually look quite nice (and not so goofy), and the bright yellow at the back of both hands really offer high visibility.

For the palms, you have vibration dampeners thanks to the smooth grain goatskin leather. The leather here is also water-repellent.

If you’re worried about sweating inside the gloves, don’t worry either. The back of the hands also gives you a water-repellent nylon-Lycra fabric for greater breathability. The Velcro wrists also keep the splinters out.

But what about dangerous chainsaw problems? For that, the back of your left hand gets extra protection, in the form of 8 layers of Kevlar lining. This woven Kevlar material has been tested to protect your vulnerable left hand (that is, if you’re a rightie) against a chainsaw that’s running at 3,140 feet per minute. In fact, the material even stops the chain from spinning.

  • Highly visible yellow
  • Kevlar protection for right hand
  • Vibration-absorbing palm leather
  • Breathable material for the back of the hand
  • Keeps out the splinters
  • No Kevlar for the right hand
  • May be rather inflexible at first (needs breaking in)

Vgo 1-Pair Chainsaw Work Gloves Saw Protection on Left Hand Back (Size XL, Orange, GA8912)

This is among the most affordable gloves in the industry, but the quality isn’t cheap at all. It’s actually quite comfy to wear, even while you still get proper protection.

Your comfort all starts with the premium goat leather, which offers nice flexibility that works wonderfully with the pre-curved fingers section. The stretch spandex at the back also gives you both breathability and flexibility.

The genuine leather for the palm area is also reinforced by PVC patches, which boost the vibration dampening and the wear resistance. These PVC patches are even textured for a more secure grip. Then you get extra protection for the knuckles on the back.

The back of the left hand also features 12 layers of “stopper” fabric, so that if it ever gets in actual contact with the chainsaw, the fabric stops the chainsaw from working.

  • Flexible, with pre-curved fingers and genuine leather
  • Breathable spandex at the back of the hand
  • Effective vibration dampening with textured grip
  • Stopper fabric for the back of the left hand
  • It assumes you’re right-handed

Echo 99988801601 Chainsaw Kevlar Reinforced Protective Gloves – Large

The red and black color scheme is a favorite among many of us. Not just because its’ “cool” or “macho”, but because it’s highly visible, but the dirt on it isn’t highly visible as well. That means it doesn’t look dirty right away.

The front part features the usual goat skin leather, for vibration dampening and for a secure grip. You also get extra foam pads for the palm for extra vibration absorption.

This also features reinforced finger tips and knuckles to protect your fingers. What’s really nice about this is that, this time, both gloves feature the dual layers of Kevlar at the back of the hands to protect the hand from cuts. So, this works for both righties and lefties.

  • Ambidextrous protection
  • Uses Kevlar
  • Reinforced knuckles and fingertips
  • Goat leather with foam pads for vibration absorption
  • May not be the best option for non-chainsaw tasks

Top 4 Reasons to Wear Chainsaw Gloves

It doesn’t really matter if you’re just using a chainsaw for a single occasion. That’s enough for you to get serious and get some chainsaw gloves as well.

Here are some situations that may occur when you’re using a chainsaw:

Accidental Breakdowns

This is everyone’s potential nightmare. Something might go wrong with the chainsaw, and that’s not really something you want to imagine with sharp teeth spinning rapidly while you’re nearby.

The chain is particularly problematic, since it can break without any sort of warning. If that happens, you really want your hands to have as much protection as you can get them.

Flying Splinters

One of the main benefits of chainsaw gloves is that they keep out the wood splinters. While they can be rather annoying for your hands, splinters can still cause pain and delays for your work. The best chainsaw gloves make sure that your hands are covered thoroughly, so the splinters can’t get in.

These splinters can actually fly anywhere, which is why experts always preach that you also wear coveralls and safety goggles. It’s all fun and games with a chainsaw, until someone loses an eye.


The acronym stands for “hand-arm vibration syndrome” which is a condition you may get with constant use of vibrating tools like chainsaws. The best chainsaw gloves should be able to dampen and absorb the vibration so that you don’t punish your hands too much. With HAVS, you may end up with permanent fingers numbness and muscle weakness.

Friction and Heat

With the spinning components of the chainsaw, you naturally end up with heat due to friction. That’s also due to the contact between the chain and the wood piece you’re working on.

The chainsaw can get too hot, so gloves can protect your hands from potential burns.


It’s true that if you took some time and effort, you can end up buying a reliable chainsaw that’s pretty safe to use. A good chainsaw will be designed in such a way that the spinning blade is kept well away from your fragile hands. You probably have a guard on the grip to protect your hands and fingers as well.

But that doesn’t matter. That old adage hope for the best and expect the worst should always be kept in mind when you’re using a chainsaw, because the “worst” in this case can include losing your fingers. This is not the situation where you assume that Murphy’s Law won’t come into play.

The challenge here is to balance the need for protection with your desire for comfort. Those two factors are inversely proportional, unfortunately.

You may wear steel gloves like a medieval knight, but then you’re unable to flex your fingers properly to use the chainsaw effectively.

Conversely, an extremely comfortable glove may not offer sufficient protection at all.

You can do yourself a favor by starting off with any of the best chainsaw gloves on our list. These gloves offer a fine balance between protection and comfort. Then at least you can work efficiently with your chainsaw, knowing that if worse comes to worst, you still have some protection for your hands and fingers!

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