9 Best Chainsaw Bar Oil in 2021- Expert’s Guide & Reviews

If you own and use a chainsaw, then you know that you have to maintain and use it properly. Part of your responsibilities as a chainsaw owner and user is to regularly use the best chainsaw bar oil you can get for your tool.

As you certainly would have noticed, a chainsaw comes with lots of moving parts. The chainsaw bar oil lubricates these moving parts to let them move more smoothly. Consequently, this lessens the wear and tear on the tool.

In addition, the chainsaw bar oil helps the metal parts of the chainsaw resist corrosion. Even if you don’t use the chainsaw in the rain, tree sap can still cause your chainsaw metal parts to rust.

Best Chainsaw Bar Oil Comparison Table

Product Picture

Chainsaw Bar Oil

Size and Quantity


Husqvarna 610000023

1-quart, 2-pack

Echo 6450002

6-pack, 2 gallons

Poulan Pro 952030203

1 quart

Oregon 54-059

1 gallon

Stihl 0781 516 5003

1 quart

Maxpower 337045

1 gallon

Makita 181116-A

1 gallon

Chain-Guard Chainsaw Chain & Bar Oil

1 quart

Arnold Bar and Chain Oil Lubricant

20 ounces

Top 9 Best Chainsaw Bar Oil Reviews

Instead of just picking any random chainsaw bar oil (or worse, just any type of oil), start with any of the options on our list of the best chainsaw bar oils.

Husqvarna 610000023 Bar & Chain Oil, Quart (2 Pack)

Just about every chainsaw owner who has tried this chainsaw bar and chain oil inly has good things to say about it. This isn’t just for the chainsaws that come from the Husqvarna factories. The Husqvarna chainsaw bar oil is for all chainsaws, regardless of the brand. It works well for all types of chainsaws, whether they’re powered by electricity or gas.

This is a chainsaw bar oil that you can use the entire year, regardless of the season or the weather. It maintains its viscosity even in the height of summer, so that it still minimizes the wear and tear on your chainsaw parts. It’s nice and tacky, so it sticks to the chainsaw parts instead of flinging off too easily when you’re using the chainsaw.

Sure, this may be a bit more expensive than your standard chainsaw bar oil. But unlike cheaper (and inferior) chainsaw bar oils, this doesn’t become gritty and gummy.

For all these reasons, we recommend the 2-pack of the Husqvarna bar and chain oil. We’re pretty sure that when you’re done with the first quart, you’ll be happy enough to get to the second one. You won’t really think about switching to another chainsaw bar oil, even if the season changes.

  • Works for all seasons
  • Works for all brands and types of chainsaws
  • Flows smoothly
  • Nicely tacky
  • A bot more expensive
  • A handful of buyers have complained about the broken lids during the delivery

Echo 6450002 PK6 2 Gallon Power Blend Oil Mix (50:1)

Okay, this is a surprising addition to this list, because it’s not really designed for your chainsaw bar. It’s meant to be used for a 2-stroke engine. More specifically, it’s designed for use in Echo chainsaws, which use 2-stroke engines.

Actually, it works for a lot of Echo machines, such as Echo leaf blowers. It’s probably the best option for your Echo engine, as it prevents expensive engine failures that may result from using cheaper alternative engine oils. In fact, some dealers insist that the warranty on the Echo chainsaws only works if you use this particular oil.

It’s a bother to use, though, since you have to mix this yourself. You get 5.2 ounces per bottle, which you’ll need to mix with gas (50:1 mix) so you end up with gallons of the oil and gas mixture.

Sure, you can use this for other chainsaws, but only if there’s no other recourse. But this is best for your Echo chainsaws and other motorized tools.

  • Works terrifically with Echo chainsaws
  • Actually, it works well with any Echo tool with a 2-stroke engine
  • Extremely affordable
  • Only good for Echo machines
  • Has to be mixed before use

Poulan Pro 952030203 Bar and Chain Oil - 1 Quart

Okay, we’re back to our regular programming, with a proper bar and chain oil. This is also specifically designed to work for the bar and chain like the Husqvarna oil. However, this is much more affordable compared to the Husqvarna oil.

Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean the quality is cheap as well. It’s actually quite effective, especially in the summer. It offers terrific viscosity right out of the bottle. It’s also very tacky, which minimizes the throw-off for the oil. It really sticks to the chainsaw bar and chain. You won’t have to keep putting in more oil to keep your chainsaw happy.

However, this may not be the best option when winter comes. Sure, it still works. But during the winter, you may want to switch to thinner oil.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Just as effective as more expensive chainsaw bar oils
  • Works nicely during the summer
  • Enough tackiness to minimize throw-off
  • Not the best choice when winter comes

Oregon 54-059 Bar and Chain Lube, Black, 1 Gallon

This is another universal chainsaw bar oil. That’s to say, it’s meant for use for all brands of chainsaws, and you can use it for any season.

However, when we tried it out, we found that it’s noticeably thinner than many of the other chainsaw bar oils. This isn’t always a bad thing, though this may not be your best option for your high-powered gas chainsaws. This is just too thin for those types of chainsaws.

But this may be ideal if you use a cordless chainsaw. As you probably may have noticed, cordless chainsaws tend to have reduced power. So, you don’t really want oil that’s too thick for these chainsaws. Instead, the thinner oil from Oregon is a much better option. The thinner oil works out nicely with the reduced power of the cordless chainsaws.

Though the oil is thinner, it also adheres to the bar nicely. That means you won’t have as much throw-off as you might have expected. You won’t have to keep putting in more oil just because the chainsaw keeps slinging off the oil.

  • Great price
  • Ideal match for cordless chainsaw
  • Sticky for minimal throw-off
  • May be too thin for gas-powered chainsaws

Stihl 0781 516 5003 Platinum Bar and Chain Lubricant, 1 Quart

There’s really no such thing as a perfect chainsaw bar oil, though you can say that for just about any consumer item. Even the excellent Stihl Platinum bar and chain lubricant has garnered a lot of complaints.

However, these complaints aren’t about the performance of the product at all. Instead, they’re virtually all about the exorbitant price. A lot of people say that they’d rather go with another chainsaw bar oil, which may be only slightly inferior but a lot more affordable. Just like platinum wristwatches tend to be more expensive (even more expensive than gold), this Platinum oil from Stihl is simply astronomically priced.

But there’s really no denying the fact that you may find it impossible to find another chainsaw bar oil that performs better than the Stihl Platinum. It’s simply magnificent for its purpose. It’s extremely effective, and you may notice that your chainsaw works a lot better once you’ve put in this oil.

What’s more, it’s a very sturdy oil. The summer heat may thin your oil out (which is why you generally want thicker oil during the summer), but you won’t notice it with the Stihl Platinum. It simply works, and it makes your chainsaw work a lot better too.

It’s also very sticky, which minimizes the throw-off nicely. However, you may want to keep from applying too much of the oil to your chainsaw bar and chain. If you put in more oil than necessary, the sticky oil may just attract sawdust and even dust particles that may gum up the works.

  • Makes your chainsaw work a lot better
  • You don’t need to apply it too frequently
  • It doesn’t thin out even during the summer
  • Extremely expensive
  • You have to be careful you don’t put in too much of it

Maxpower 337045 1-Gallon Bar and Chain Oil, Black

In this day and age, a lot of people are suspicious of synthetic materials for one reason or another. This makes the Maxpower 337045 a fantastic option if you think this way, because it’s made from 100% virgin oil.

However, the popularity of the Maxpower 337045 is due to a much simpler reason: it’s just so effective. This oil flows nicely to keep your chainsaw running smoothly. In fact, its blend even contains additives that somehow improves the chainsaw’s resistance to wear and tear. That means your chain and the blade can last longer because of the oil.

This also sticks to the chain nicely, instead of just flinging off easily. This tacky nature means you won’t have to keep putting in new oil to replace the dislodged oil.

You may notice, however, that the Maxpower 337045 seems a bit thinner than your usual chainsaw bar oil. That’s not really a big deal, especially when you notice how well your chainsaw performs with this oil. Everything runs smoothly, and chain stutter won’t be a problem anymore.

It’s just that you may find that you’re lubricating a bit more frequently than what you’d expect with other chainsaw bar oils. This is the reason we opted for the 1-gallon container instead of the usual 1-quart. That gallon should last you a good long while, and it’s not as if it’s too expensive!

  • Available in larger gallon container
  • The price is right
  • Keeps the chainsaw running nice and smooth
  • Contains additives for greater resistance to wear and tear
  • May be a bit too thin, leading to more frequent oil refills
  • May be too thin for powerful gas-powered chainsaws

Makita 181116-A Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Gallon

The Makita bar and chain oil is also available in 1-quart containers. But we went with the 1-gallon option, because we found it a bargain. You need the best bargain you can get, because this is the main problem with the Makita oil—it’s expensive.

Sure, the price is really not all that huge, compared to your expenses if you use oil that doesn’t actually work. But it all adds up over the months and years.

Still, you can’t really complain at all about the performance of the oil. Some people pay the price because the quality and effectiveness of his bar and chain oil will really set your mind at ease. It lubricates everything properly, and your chainsaw works smoothly as a result.

The oil also sticks very well to the chain bar, so that you don’t fling a lot of it while you’re using the chainsaw. However, some may find the viscosity a bit too thick. This may be a problem for low-powered cordless chainsaws that don’t have enough rpm.

You can still solve that problem easily enough by putting in some thinning agent into the mix, though. All in all, this works—except it may not be the best for those who are on a more limited budget.

  • Doesn’t thin out during the summer
  • Keeps the chainsaw running perfectly
  • Sticks to the chainsaw nicely
  • Expensive
  • May be too thick for underpowered chainsaws

Chain-Guard Chainsaw Chain & Bar Oil

If you have an expensive chainsaw (assuming there’s such a thing as a “cheap” chainsaw, of course), then you don’t want to waste your money by not taking care of it properly. That means spending a bit more money for your chainsaw bar and chain oil. That’s especially true when you use your expensive, high-powered chainsaw on an almost daily basis.

But what if you only have a comparatively affordable chainsaw, without too much power? You may have bought it for some odd jobs here and there. You may not use it often, and only for cutting very thin branches every now and then. In that case, it doesn’t really make sense to spend too much on your oil.

That’s when the Chain-Guard oil comes in. This is extremely affordable. Everyone can afford this.

That’s mainly because it’s a bit too thin. It’s not really meant for the summer season when the heat thins it out even more.

It’s not also the best option for high-powered chainsaws, since you’ll just have to keep putting new oil on the chainsaw. That doesn’t save you money at all.

But if you have a cheap chainsaw, then this is the cheap chain and bar oil for you. It’s thin, but then you don’t really need thick oil for your underpowered chainsaw. You won’t even have to oil the chainsaw anyway, if you rarely use it. This is the most cost-effective option for the owners of cheap chainsaws that rarely get used.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Nice and thin for underpowered chainsaws
  • Easy to apply
  • May not be right for chainsaws that are used regularly
  • Not ideal for powerful chainsaws

Arnold 20 oz. Bar and Chain Oil Lubricant

This is another extremely affordable chainsaw bar oil. It’s great if you don’t use your chainsaw that often, since this is cheap for a reason.

That reason is that this oil is noticeably thin. In fact, if it didn’t specify that this is a bar and chain lubricant, we’d have thought that this was motor oil. The throw-off factor is huge, so you’ll have to keep putting in more oil to keep the chainsaw lubricated.

What this really means is that this is ideal only for those who don’t really use their chainsaws often. If you only use your chainsaw every now and then, and only for a few thin tree limbs at a time, this will suffice. For those instances, you don’t need to spend a lot more.

  • Super-cheap
  • Oil flows freely
  • Great for occasional chainsaw use
  • Very thin
  • Chainsaw doesn’t stay lubricated for long


Q: My grandfather used motor oil as his chainsaw bar oil. Why can’t I do the same?

A: That’s because today, you have better options. Motor oil doesn’t really stick, so it gets flung around. The chainsaw doesn’t stay lubricated at all.

Q: How do I put in the chainsaw bar oil?

  1. Turn the chainsaw off, and unplug it if it’s a corded model.
  2. Place the tank on a flat surface.
  3. Take off the tank cap, and pour in the oil.
  4. Don’t put in too much that you overfill the tank.
  5. Screw in the cover securely.
  6. If you spill some oil, wipe it down.

Q: Can I put in oil while the chainsaw is running?

A: Technically, you can. But you shouldn’t, because it’s just too darn dangerous. Why take the risk?

Q: Can I use vegetable oil?

A: You can, for emergencies. But a real chainsaw bar oil is much better. Vegetable oil also doesn’t seem to work well in some types of seasons.

Q: Can I use brake fluid?

A: Some people have found that this works, in a pinch. It’s just that the brake fluid dries up a lot more quickly, so you’ll have to put in more brake fluid more often.

Q: How often should I refill the oil?

A: That depends on a lot of factors—how often you use the chainsaw, what types of cutting jobs you do, and the overall quality of the chainsaw bar oil. Use the oil as often as you need it.

Q: How long does the oil last?

A: Again, that depends on how you use the chainsaw. If you’re talking about the oil on the chainsaw after you’re done using it, you can expect it to last for a month. After that, the oil may no longer be as consistent so it’s a better idea to just put in new oil.

As for the oil you have in storage, that can last a good long while if you have a secure container. Just give it a nice shake before you use it.

Q: How come the chainsaw doesn’t perform better when I put in new oil?

That’s because the oil isn’t magic. It’s not the only thing that’s affecting the performance of your chainsaw.

Q: Are you using an underpowered chainsaw?

If you are, then the oil won’t make it more powerful.

Q: Are you using a battery-powered chainsaw?

The battery power may be running out, and you may need a recharge.

Or perhaps you’ve been using the blades for too long without sharpening them. You may find that sharpening the blades may give you the performance boost you were looking for.


It’s not really true that you can use any oil (such as motor oil) as your chainsaw bar oil. That’s because they may not have the right viscosity. Oil that’s too thick may simply impair the ability of the chainsaw parts to move. On the other hand, if the oil is too thin then you’ll have to put in more oil more frequently.

You also have to take the tackiness of the oil into account. If the oil doesn’t stick to the chainsaw properly, then you’ll just sling off the oil. Then you’d have to put in more oil again.

It’s best if you stick to a true chainsaw bar oil, which has been designed for this very purpose. Better yet, stick to any of the chainsaw bar oil on our list. Feel free to try them all out, and see for yourself which one will work best for your chainsaw.

Keep in mind that your chainsaw is just like any machine—it requires proper maintenance. If you don’t want your chainsaw to wear out too quickly, then you absolutely need the best chainsaw bar oil you can get.

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